• Show Date: 23/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Deerhound

PD & JD (1,0)

1.Turner’s Aileymill Ethans Wood, 11 months old ,has made his height and needs time to gently fill out.Very immature in body development and thus has little width through his body.Standing and moving fairly narrow and uncoordinated.However,has a masculine,balanced head and his overall shape is flowing in profile.If he was mine I would leave him at home to develop at his own pace.


1.Taylor’s Ormanstar Dark Shadow, youngster that I really loved and pressed very hard in the challenge.Appealed very much for his masculinity,bone substance and conformation.Strong neck with well angulated front,good fill in of forechest.Well developed body,well ribbed back.Sweeping fallaway into strong,well muscled hindquarters.Soundest of movers.Res.CC

2.Quniton’s Kirjojax Harris,very type head and expression.Strongly made but not the upper arm angles of 1.Good epth of brisket and underline.Moved with good width.

3.Thom’s Flaxside A Will to Live.


1.Peach’s Kilbourne Merak,Really typy dog,stood over the ground with imposing presence.Well balanced head of different type,would like slightly darker eye but good expression.Strong reach of neck set well into shoulders.Good bone substance carried down to good working feet.Nicely arched topline flowing into typical broad,drooping hindquarters.Best mover here especially in front reach and carried his head correctly.CC.

2.Taylor’s Ormanstar Gabriel Norman,smaller frame and appealed again in type and body shape.Not as well developed in ribbing.Well set hindquarters with low hock,not moving as positively behind as 1.

3.Smith’s Kilbourne Valor at Julam.


1.Morton & Morgan’s Hyndsight Pilgrim,shapely male and the soundest mover in the class.Balanced head with good reach of neck,strong front and flowing topline.Broad hindquarters which he used well.Personally would like a shade more substance,but a nice hound to go over.

2.Peach’s Kilbourne Shrike,appealed in type and overall build.Would like a shade more upper arm angulation.Mature body with strong,well muscled topline.Not front reach of 1 and not as positive in hind action.

3.Faircloth & Helps’ Ch.Beardswood Uther.

PB(2,0) Two lovely girls.

1.Peach’s Kilbourne Flora Macdeva,one of my favourites of the day.Special baby of such quality.Typy head and expression,well collected both standing and moving.Super overall shape with well developed ribbing and loin.One of the few with a broad 1st thigh.Good jacket.Moved soundly with good width both front and back.Res.CC & BP.

2.Constantine’s Kaleginy Syon,very feminine and shapely.Well boned with good reach of neck and spring and depth of rib.Flowing topline into sweeping hindquarters.Just not as settled as 1 on the move but a very promising youngster.


1.Hyde’s Hyndsight Turner,extremely typy and feminine bitch.Lovely head with good expression,neat ears.Well set front of good width.Still needs to firm in topline and develop in body.Stands over the ground well,moved soundly.

2.Pounder’s Packway New York New York,not as strong intype as 1.Well shaped body with good depth of brisket.Better topline on the move than 1 but not as positive in width allthrough.


1.Peach’s Kilbourne Electra,Workmanlike bitch of good substance and shape.Lovely head planes.Well boned down,mature body and well set hindquarters.Soundest mover here.

2.Quinton’s Kirjojax Pancho,Liked this bitch’s type and overall qualities,slightly upright in shoulder placement.Well bodied and nice fallaway.Moved slightly closer behind than 1.

3.Thom & Hodgkiss’ Tiobraid Lady Morrigan.


1.Bailey’s Greyflax Talluah Lilac,won here on total soundess and deportment.Would prefer a little more definition between backskull and foreface despite your standard’s wording! Flowing lines and quality throughout covers the ground well both standing and moving.Correct droop to hindquarters.

2.Havercroft’s Kilbourne Vega at Dragonsisle,Very similar in make and shape but not expression of 1.Lovely head planes,strong reach of neck.Would like a shade more development over loin.Moved well.

3.Brodie & Owen’s Wolfcastle Soul Sister.


1.Bailey’s Ch.Greyflax Pearls A Singer,headed a lovely class of bitches.Completely appealed in her type and construction and great body development.Feminine,typy head with lovely outlook.Good reach of neck and strong,well muscled front.Mature body,with good spring of rib and depth of brisket.Lovely shape and utline.Deep,broad hindquarters,moved soundly.CC & BOB.

2.Helps’ Beardswood Ulyssa,Lovely typy bitch and so feminine.Higher set than 1 but has lovely style and lightness to her movement.Not quite the drive to hindquarters,but she pressed hard.

3.Constanine’s Cotherstone Serenade at Kaleginy.


1.Seymour-Jackson’s Cassacre Aelfrida of Ghiltan, nice to see her enjoying her day out and showing the longevity of the breed.

Pam Marston-Pollock