• Show Date: 06/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Greyhound


MPD (1,0)

1.Bogart’s Ina’s Fashion Flair At Incitatus (IMP),7 months,Upstanding red male with quality balanced head with chiselling to foreface.Neat ears,long reach of neck with correct layback and angulation of shoulder,corresponding length and return of upper arm.Well developed brisket for his age with plenty of forechest fill in.Smooth rise over his broad loin.Moved steadily.Pressed hard for CC as I preferred his type and substance but although correct for his age still very immature in sculpting and finishing.Res.CC,BPIB.


1.Howlett,Boggia & Koulermou’s Ch.Ina’s Fashion Dedicated to Boughton (IMP),Overall imposing male with lots of ground coverage both standing and moving.Finer type all through,would prefer stronger head.Long reach of neck with well developed forehand,deep brisket,well ribbed back.Well bent stifles,would like a shade less length of second thigh,but strong,well muscled hindquarters which he used to advantage on the move.Sound mover,CC.

2.Boggia’s DK Ch.Fionn Clann Lucullus for Boughton,classic colour with typy head and expression.Well boned with good outline.Tended to stand back on himself which detracted from his front angulation.Would like a shade more spring of rib but has good depth of brisket and ribbed well back.Broad thighs with good bend of stifle.Not quite as settled on move as 1.

3.Howden & Howlett’s Skyswift New Moon.


1.Sadler’s Huarache Mags,smaller type,feminine with balanced head length.Well angulated front with plenty of muscling.Strong pasterns and feet.Mature body with deep brisket and spring of rib.Broad,well muscled loin.Well collected on the move.


1.Cutter & Lubin’s Ina’s Fashion Finest of Chosovi(IMP)Attrctive,feminine brindle,balanced head proportions with nice shaped eye.Strong,long reach of neck into well developed front with good fill in of froechest for her age.Strong bone substance carried down to feet.Well arched loin.Steady movement with good reach and drive in profile,not as forward as Puppy Dog in challenge for BP but felt her qualities warranted her Res CC.


1.Harrison-Stratford’s Southpoint Lady Loki (IMP) different type but with lots to like about her.Nicely balanced overall.Typy,balanced head with good strength to her foreface.Braod,well muscled neck and layback of shoulder.Good bone substance and spring of pastern.Ribbing carried well back.Moved with good broad hindquarters.

2.Ayling’s Blueberry Saga Paeonia (IMP),preferred her type overall but fighting her handler which made it difficult to assess on initial handling.Feminine head of good type, would like a shade more strength of foreface.Long reach of neck and well angulated front.Shapely body.Moved erratically.


1.Sadler’s Huarache Mags.


1.McLaughlan’s Boughton Bulleta at Azrams,quality bitch of correct type.Lovely head profile and neat ears.Stands over the ground well without exaggeration.Long reach of neck into well laid shoulders.Mature body with ribbing well back.Would prefer a better underline and cleaner cut up.

Moved with plenty of width but not the flexibility in profile.


1.McLaughlan’s Ch.Boughton Bizzarrini at Azrams, have judged this bitch twice throughout her career and pleased to see the early promise I thought she showed has come to fruition.Well sized and with the right amount of bone substance.Correct head type and proportions.long,arched neck well let into well laid shoulders and balanced upper arm return.Strongly muscled back of good width and length.Sweeping into well muscled,broad hindquarters.Low hocks.Moved soundly with good purpose.CC & BOB.

2.Boggia’s Ch.Ina’s Fashion Design By Boughton,similar in type to my Dog CC winner but a little too fine for me.Very elegant stance and is very feminine.Lovely outline but not as positive in front as 1 and would like a shade more spring of rib to match the depth of brisket.Sweeping topline, not the flow of hind angulation of 1 and appears sharp in hock.

3.Cutter & Lubin’s Ch.Zoraden My Girl At Chosovi.

Pam Marston-Pollock.