• Show Date: 06/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

Norwegian Elkhounds


1.Jepson’s Laakso Esko,typy head with nice dark eye. Good overall shape and proportions.Strong front of good width,well boned down,strong through his pasterns.Well bodied,strong well balance hindquarters,when he settled down moved soundly.Best SpB.


1.Gold’s Graythor At The Venetian With Liassah,Quality head type with good strength of foreface and expression.Well shaped body with strong front,legs and feet.Well bent stifle with strong hocks.Moved with good width front and back.Could be a little more compact at times.

2.McMahon’s Seasara High Flyer,lighter frame and not quite the head properties of 1.Higher set but not quite the body depth to complete.Looked well balanced standing but on the move tended to pace.

Yearling D(2,0)

1.Clarke’s Graythor Cosmopolitan,Typy,compact male.Not as strong in head type of 2 but looked more balanced and together on the move and clearer colour.

2.Graythor The Venetian With Liassah.


1.Graythor Cosmopolitan

2.Graythor At The Venetian With Liassah.

3.Laakso Esko.


1.Middleton’s Graythor Rocky Mountain,another quality type.Good head porportions with dark eye.Good strength of muzzle.Strong,well muscled neck.Well ribbed with good spring to ribs.Not overly enthusiastic shower but liked his type and substance.

2.Gilbert’s Balsemasi Juztintyme,not quite the depth of type in head of 1 but more compact in body shape overall.Liked his proportions,not quite as positive on the move.


1.Cowper & Bingham’s Kestos Rex of Rothenborg, filled my eye for his overall shape,balance and proportions.Different makeup to 2 and I did prefer the head type of 2,I considered the whole package and felt he fulfilled what is described in the General Appearance in the standard,giving a more collected performance altogether.Compact and square in outline certainly, with not as much bend of stifle as 2,but still with definition of hock.Moving soundly with ease.CC & BOB,GP 2,Congratulations !!

2.Maun’s Ch.Bowerhinton Bassanio,gave 1 a run for his money,as I said above I preferred his type,but felt on this occasion he looked slightly longer in body.I liked his quality and bone substance.Shape of body and has slightly more bend of stifle.Moved soundly and gave me much to consider.Res CC.

3.Croxford & Callow’s Aus.Ch.Graabine Last Man Standing At Whittimere (IMP)


1.Tress’Grasilva Little Rock Avec Gilkaro,still showing his compact outline with good head carriage and reach of neck.Well muscled all through,strong hindquarters,moved soundly.


1.Jepson’s Bowerhinton Bombette,won this class on her overall type and shape.Movement not as positive as I would have liked but had better propotions than 2.

2.Odedra’s Crossridge Crystal Water,gave me a puzzle as she was presented extremely well and lots to like about her but was quite overweight which made her look small and unbalanced.In addition her jacket was quite plush and would have liked more outer flatter hair evident.Feminine head of good proportions and she moved well.

3.Saint’s Barbelka Call Me Cryptic For Ravenheim.


1.Saint’s Ravenheim’s Tor Vildenvaer,feminine baby of good height.Balanced head with nice expression and dark eye.Needs to develop in body and would like slightly more substance.Unfortunately in between coats and moved a little close behind.


1.Barganska’s Cealdstan Ancestral Voices of Barbelka,different type of feminine head with good backskull and expression,would like a shade more depth of muzzle. Well bodied with good front width and nicely boned down.Moved well with light action.BPIB.


1.Hamer’s Laakso Gunni for Ravensmoon,I liked her head type and expression to 2.Good reach of neck and strong front with good bone substance. Slightly longer cast in body,good coat texture .Moved with fair width.

2.Southall’s Seasara Hermione,looked well when stacked with a more compact shape but not as strong in head type and tail tended to be a bit loose.Movement similarly to 1.


1.Crossridge Crystal Water.


1.Bowerhinton Bombette.

2.Crossridge Crystal Water.


1.Maun’s Bowerhinton Bee Portia,appealed very much in type and quality.Feminine head with good backskull to foreface ratio and good depth of chin.Well balanced with well set front,well boned down and neat feet.Good spring of rib and short ,square loin.Strong hindquarters.In perfect body condition.Sound mover. Res CC.

2.McHugh’s,slightly longer cast and not the bone substance of 1.Typy head with correct expression.Not the construction of 1 throughout but well bodied and good bend of stifle.Moved soundly.

3.McMahon’s Seasara Fire Cracker.


1.Mortimer’s Ch.Laakso Dana,really liked this bitch on first look in the ring and going over her she filled my eye for type and construction.Balanced,quality head with good strength and depth of underjaw.Lovely expression with dark eye.Good reach of neck,set well into front.Well shaped ribbing,strong topline.Balanced both stacked and moving,just felt she had the edge on the limit winner in the challenge.CC.

2.Brown’s Laakso Cara,very similar in type and makeup and I see from the catalogue a half sister to 1,so not surprised at their similarity.They were well matched but I felt this bitch didn’t have the depth of type when she came in for the reserve.But a well proportioned bitch,with good body shape and balance throughout.

3.Maun’s Wld,Nld.Ch.Bowerhinton Bettina.


1.Gilbert’s Rothenborg Nanya For Balsemasi,Classic head type with good depth of muzzle and correct eyeshape and neat ears.Well bodied and holding a good shape for her 10 years.

 Pam Marston-Pollock