• Show Date: 16/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Marston-Pollock Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hound Association

Breed: Afghan Hound

MPB (2,1) & PB(2,1)

1.Gleed & McPherson’s Saviour and My Salvation at Ksiadz,attractive,well grown of good proportions.Feminine head with good reach of neck.Good layback of shoulder and length of upper arm.Good sized feet.Sweeping hindquarters with low hock.Just needs time to mature,moved very soundly with good width.Very promising.BPIB.


1.Hall’s Saxonmill Majic Mirror,Stylish black with lovely head type and eyeshape.good depth of chin.Long reach of neck flowing into well developed body for her age.Crisp outline,with good length of body to leg length. Good fallaway,strong,sweeping hindquarters.On the move she was so typical with spring and good ground coverage.She still has room for maturity,but I couldn’t deny her the CC and in agreement with my co-judge we had no hesitation in giving her BOB.


1.Milligan -Bott & Bott’s Medawlark Attitude Is Key The Wones Thendara(IMP)Stood out here for overall balance and soundness.Feminine head with good length and depth of foreface.Good reach of neck,well bodied,with depth of brisket.Strong topline with good fallaway into broad hindquarters with good bend of stifle.Most balanced on the move and looked very collected in profile.I thought she matched my CC winner well for type and overall shape.Res.CC

2.Tanner & Link’s Rhajikhan Athena of Aleyazar.Upstanding bitch with good overall balance and well defined outline.Good reach of neck and strong topline.Moved with width both front and back.Would prefer more depth of underjaw to balance her head.

3.Mitchell,Thornton,Smithson’s Absolute Afghan’s India at Karnak(IMP)


1.Smart’s Gezancol Kissed By An Angel, feminine head with good balance and depth of jaw.Long reach of neck set well into shoulders.Lacked a little width all through but but holds a strong outline and moved well enough to win the class.

2.Kirk-Vickers’ Calamus Dirty Dancing At Istani,different type of head with good expression and strength of foreface.Would like a shade more reach of neck and ribbing could be more oval.Prominent pinbones and good slope of croup.Strong hindquarters which showed in her movement but front could be broader.

3.Beavon’s Altside Hot Gossip.


1.Hughes & Luty’s Gezancol Fallen From Grace,At a slight disadvantage as her coat was distracting,but very much a type I like with a typy head and punishing jaw.Good reach of neck and well bodied with good topline.Not putting everything into showing but she did enough to win her place.

2.Gunn & Cannon’s Karagez Kartina Maslom at Zushkhan(IMP)Won this place on her sound movement,preferred the type and overall make up of 1.Good deportment and balance of outline.

3.Downes’ Super Star de Zorba Specially for You (IMP)


1.Moore’s Cloudside Flamenco (ai),Beautifully proportioned combining strength and elegance.Well balanced head with good length of foreface and depth of chin.Long reach of neck,set well into front.

Well proportioned with good length of back.Moved with good ground coverage.

2.Lancashire & O’Donnell’s Drishuan Consider The Lily JW,Really nice bitch to go over.Smaller mould to 1 but nicely balanced all through.Her colour distracted from her head at a distance but she has a balanced head with good eyeshape and expression.Moved with good width,would just like her a little higher on the leg.

3.Rhodes & Shaverna’s Shadowfax Threepenny Opera JW.


1.Gilbert’s Ch.Altside Hot As Hell At Affietar,not really my type but won here on her overall strength and width to movement. Balanced head with very strong foreface,well developed body with strong loin.Would have liked more definition to topline and pin bones evident.

2.James’ Ch.Gilari Vermillion Venus,Houndy type with good balanced head and eyeshape.Long reach of neck but lacked a little fill in of forechest.Flowing topline with well set hindquarters and fallaway. Not as positive on the move as 1.

3.Gunn & Cannon’s Int.Lux.Ch.Amal Salang Hey I’m The Star at Zush.


1.Link’s Int.Ch.Ned Popov’s Bora Bora at Orashan JW,Lovely head type and overall makeup.Long reach of neck with well laid shoulders.Good topline with fallaway.Long,sweeping hindquarters and good sized feet.Moved well especially in profile.Beautifully presented.BVIB

2.Downes’ Juwan El-Shariat von Zorba,Slighlty different in head type but overall a well collected and balanced bitch,moving soundly.

Pam Marston-Pollock