• Show Date: 18/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Welsh Kennel Club

Breed: Brittany



VD (1) 1 Stone’s Jayricnbrits Hobo avec Glenfeshie, o/r 10 year old in lovely coat & condition, well boned legs & feet, masculine head & expression with well set ears, when he settled he moved well, alone but a credit to the breed & could win still in company. PD (1) 1 Nicholls’ Bonapartist Trooper of Stonesview, tri baby with lots of potential, just 6 months & he tried hard, handler relax, he will lead you the right way! Masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, still loose in front but this will tighten. Lovely coat which was well presented & good topline & balanced, quality puppy with potential. RDCC. JD (2) 1 Anderson’s Rochus Scarlet Pimpernel, cobby masculine dog with a good head & expression, good fore & hind movement which was true with the correct Brittany action, good topline & good depth of body, showed well to win for here for he is a good size & balanced ; 2 Askey’s Bonapartist Sargent Pepper, taller lad who still needs to tighten up in front movement, balanced o/r with a masculine head & expression with well set ears, good neck & topline, well boned legs & feet. PGD (3) 1 Taylor & Gill’s Rennes de Pasmazgeng, tri, who again needs time to comlete the picture, in good coat & condition, correct topline & hindquarters, masculine head of the correct proportions, a good type; 2 Askey’s Bonapartist Private Ryan of Ambivarii, o/r who would benefit from losing some weight for it spoils his outline, good masculine head which is very typical good neck,topline & hindquarters, would again prefer a tighter front but if he loses a bit of weight, this might come right; 3 Cutler’s Rochus Serpentine with Jayricnbrits. LD (2) 1 Poole’s Sanbosier Naos at Laurremar, very typical Brittany with the correct outline, this quality boy has a masculine head & expression, would just prefer the muzzle to be slightly shorter, but that is nit-picking for he has good ear set, he is cobby & he moved so well, he is generally balanced, this o/r deserves his title. DCC; 2 Cutler’s Bonapartist Soldier Blue with Jayricnbrits, tri again from the same stud dog as quite a few, masculine head, good neck & shoulders, good topline when he decides to hold it which he does on the move quite easily! Good hindquarters, cobby & a good type. OD (6,1a) 1 Cook’s Sh Ch Highclare Only One avec Tailliside, might have guessed he is out of Nora, I am sure Gill would be pleased with his progress, an excellent type with good body proportions, in excellent coat & condition, good topline & hindquarters, good depth & width of ribcage; 2 Graham & Yarrow’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Pickpocket, quality dog of an excellent type, just a bit feminine in outlook on the day, fantastic mover who really used his well boned legs & feet to cover the ground in the typical Brittany movement, in excellent coat & condition, good head & expression; 3 Anderson’s Rochus Noble.

VB (2,1) 1 Cutler’s Tarward Laura with Jayricnbrits, such a feminine 8 year old o/r who reminds me of the early Jayricnbrits, put down in excellent correct coat & condition, such a pretty head & expression, she is well boned with lovely forequarters & hindquarters, she is balanced with a good ribcage. BV. PB (2) 1 Yarrow’s Bonapartist Truffle, yet another by Noble, she is cobby, quality & has such promise, just loved her type, she reminds me of so many of the Bonapartists I have liked in the past, for one so young, she moved well when she settled for one so young, very pretty head & expression, well made & I will follow her progress. BP; 2 Poole’s Bonapartist Temptress at Laurremar, litter sister who is just a stage behind in development, again has all the qualities we are looking for in the breed, she is still a lovely type & full of quality. Just needs to grow up & develop to challenge her sister. JB (0). PGB (2,1) 1 Finch’s Patouche Peiam am Cetgueli, this well made bitch is just lacking in body at present, she is only just 2 but still needs time to finish. She is balanced & showed & moved well, in good coat & condition, with feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulder, strong topline & loin & well muscled hindquarters, alone but could give others a run for their money. LB (1) 1 Yarrow’s Pesh di Val Grossa of Bonapartist, an interesting bitch from the top drawer & I can see why she has been brought in from abroad, very feminine in outlook with excellent body proportions, feminine head & expression, good neck, shoulders & topline, in excellent coat & condition, she moved correctly with the typical movement for the breed with a good front action. RBCC. O (2) 1 Yarrow’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Odile, o/r quality balanced bitch, I have never judged her before, lovely type of bitch who was put down in good coat & condition, cobby girl who is so well made, moved correctly & did her best to win here, she has such a correct head & expression with well set ears, good neck shoulders, topline & hindquarters, very pleased to give her the CC & BOB, & in the group she didn’t disappoint; 2 Cutler’s Tarward Precious Pearl with Jayricnbrits, again a quality bitch who moved correctly, very workmanlike, again that excellent head & expression. So very feminine & cobby & the correct size, showed well making the best of her attributes.