• Show Date: 13/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association

Breed: Stakes classes



FIRST DAY – YEARLING STAKES (25,13) 1 Beal’s Emsuart Rocketman, quality Bullmastiff dog of a lovely type, what a mover on well boned legs & feet, he is so balanced & in profile movement has correct head carriage, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, nice topline & well set tail, well handled; 2 Roberts’ Stanydale Rewrite The Stars for Malaroc, another quality b/m Shetland Sheepdog male, he caught my eye as soon as he came in with his correct shape & excellent ear carriage, put down in excellent coat & condition, what a showdog who moved a dream to win his place in this excellent class; 3 Atkinson’s Moortop Bobby’s Girl. GOOD CITIZEN DOG SCHEME (29,20): 1 Black’s Ch/Lux Ch Gunnersnewfs Black Desire for Blackcoast, I am not surprised to see that this excellent Newfoundland dog is a champion for he exudes quality & type, put down in excellent coat & condition, he moved with ease really using his correct stride to cover the ring, very masculine in outlook ; 2 Marett’s Gayteckels Sister Act, this Cesky Terrier bitch was looking a picture today to beat her kennel mater who I thought so highly of when I last judged him. In excellent, well presented coat & in lovely condition, very feminine head & expression & good body proportions holding the correct topline on the move; 3 Marett’s Idefix Day Break at Gayteckels. PD (19, 10) 1 Beckwith’s Ginstean Good Luck Charm, black Staffordshire Bull Terrier with a white chest, excellent head & expression, good mover & a lovely type & size for age, he is balanced & quality & showed well to win a lovely class; 2 Cranfield’s Zefather’s Ralph Lauren, fawn Great Dane who is well balanced, in lovely coat & condition, masculine head coming with good ear set, lovely neck & shoulders, excellent topline which he held set up & moving, well set & carried tail; 3 Craker’s Fostebrie Just Exquisite of Crakebrie. B (34,15) 1 Bartlett’s Cwnhapus Celestial Beauty, such a pretty Border Collie baby but what a mover particularly in profile where she kept the correct head carriage, topline & tail carriage, pretty head & expression, this quality youngster was put down in excellent coat & conditiion; 2 Cowley’s Sparkaway Magic, my BP at East of England in breed & I haven’t changed my opinion of this Australian Shepherd, she is growing at the right rate but still retains her balance & feminity, moved & showed well; 3 Rivers’ Orora’s French Silk at Merrimak.

SECOND DAY – YEARLING STAKES (37,21) 1 Sandiford & Lewis’ Hernwood Gin Fizz, a Gordon Setter bitch from the top drawer who I have judged before & can see no reason to change my opinion, she has improved since Bath & is now looking more to type, moved well on well boned legs & feet & put down in excellent coat & condition; 2 Sutherland’s Witchgait Show Us Ya Baps, Shar Pei bitch who is an excellent type, moved so well with good profile movement too, in lovely coat & condition, showed her socks off to win her place in this excellent class; 3 Allum’s Macarica Fair And Square. GOOD CITIZEN DOG SCHEME (40,28) 1 Chessell’s Araki Areu Ready For This at Stylaxian, now I can see her breeding, I can see why this g/w Tibetan Terrier appealed to me, such a good mover & on the table so correct from her lovely head & expression, to her balance, topline & tailset, in excellent coat & condition, belying her age & no mistaking her sex; 2 Lillicrap’s Mizani Sebio Iola, Lagotto Romagnolo bitch who was a good mover & a lovely type & size, in good coat & condition, correct head proportions & a good neck & shoulders; 3 Busby’s Sh Ch Stanegate Leading Role at Zakby. PD (31,15) 1 McLoughlin’s Jester The Chester Isle De Kaan, very well presented Standard Poodle who was in excellent coat, nice type with a masculine head & expression, what a hard breed to go into but I think with age will come some nice results for you, moved well with good head carriage in profile, I will keep my eye out for you in future; 2 Timms & Henderson’s Olijah Banana Split, well presented quality French Bulldog who was well schooled for his age, nice type, this brindle has good ear set & carriage, a good eye & mouth, lovely neck & shoulders, he is balanced & moved well; 3 Mennen & Sweeney’s Joneva Just Imagine. PB (38,23) 1 White’s Granrose Blue Topaz, b/r Cocker puppy I have judged before, she is coming along nicely & I was very pleased with her progress, in excellent coat & condition, she is cobby & has such a feminine head & expression with eyes that melt you; 2 Taylor’s Fabpoint Pagan Through Pointoak, one I judged earlier in the Imported Register classes, this is a very good Portuguese Pointer; 3 Challands & Whiting’s Annilann Miss Big Girl Spanx. INT CH/CH LONGDORHAM FOLLOW THE DREAM OPEN STAKES (19,12) 1 Riley’s Wylloh Lost In Translation, what a beautiful Golden Retriever male who is quality, he moved well & is a nice type, well made all through with a masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, in lovely coat & condition; 2 Roberts, Pearce & Francis’ Ch Longsdale Rebel Rouser at Cwrtafon, quality German Spitz (Mittel) dog who was in excellent coat & condition, he is very balanced with a lovely head & expression with well set & carried ears, moved well on well boned legs & feet, I can see why he is a champion for he is an excellent type; 3 Ward’s Danton Obsession with Tantaraviz.

THIRD DAY – YEARLING STAKES (25,10) 1 Hills & Thornton’s Absolute Afghans Djibouti at Karnak, cream Afghan dog I have judged before & haven’t changed my opinion, I think he is quality & put down in excellent coat & condition, masculine head & expression, moved with style & grace around the ring with correct head & tail carriage; 2 Dunsdon’s Ch Mawali Four Get Me Not, cracking Basenji bitch who certainly deserves her crown for she is an excellent type, balanced & so well made, of a good size with a pretty head & expression & lovely ear set & tail carriage, correct coat which was well presented; 3 Thrasivoulou & Brown’s Chrisford Rumour Has It with Skilaki. GOOD CITIZEN DOG SCHEME (22, 10) 1 Henshall’s Ch Gemolli Joie De Vivre, a quality Italian Greyhound bitch who doesn’t look or act all of her 12 years! Lovely type who is so laid back, good shape & balance with an excellent mouth for age, put down in lovely coat & condition, a bonus was that she moved well. She is a credit to her owner, thank you for letting me meet her, it was a privilege; 2 Hodge’s Colkeririn The Sun Runhr, feminine Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch from the top drawer, excellent head & expression with good eyes & well set ears framing her head, good neck & topline with the correct ridge, moved with ease covering the ground with style, loved her type; 3 Smith’s Welstar Airs And Grace at Cryhavoc. PD (13,9) 1 Reid’s Bubbapug Fat Rascal, lovely Pug baby who is definitely a showdog, he really used his head, neck & topline to get the correct picture, moved so well & in good coat & condtion, very attentive to handler & looking the part; 2 Matthews’ Chamwiik Magical Mystery, Havanese who caught my eye for his balance & type, she showed well & was in good coat & condition, good topline & tailset, correct head, neck & shoulders, he has potential; 3 Marshall’s Soufriere Paserelle Bateau. PB (25,17) 1 Beagrie’s Ellesophia Light The Way to Feldhund, what a pretty Wirehaired Dachshund bitch, she is quality & tried so hard for her handler to win the class, excellent coat coming but what she has was well presented, good body proportions with a lovely keel, feminine head & expression with a good neck & shoulders, ribcage great for age & she moved a treat; 2 Fabian’s Tumbril That’s The Ticket, pretty Bolognese puppy bitch who was in immaculate coat & condition, still a baby but she showed so well, very nice type & quality, moved well to take a good second here; 3 Jones’ ClanWillow Future Dreams.