• Show Date: 13/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bournemouth Canine Association




FIRST DAY – PASTORAL – SB (0). J (3,1a) 1 Dennis’ Shadowshack All Moons, 9 months old White Swiss Shepherd Dog, he is well made & a good type, he moved soundly for one so young with good footfall from well boned legs & feet & strong hocks, he is balanced & in good coat, good head & expression. Quality boy who went BP. 2 Ridgewell’s Brigam Snow Blanket, he is older at 18 months but not moving as well as 1, he still needs to tighten up & strengthen, interesting dog with a good neck & shoulders, well placed & carried ears, of a good size & outline. PGD (1) 1 B Snow Blanket. OD (3,1) 1 Piek’s Int Ch Undercover Vito vom Sutumer-Grund, quality White Swizz Shepherd Dog, put down in excellent coat & condition, excellent well muscled hindquarters & a strong forehand, lovely earset & masculine expression, he has a mature body, he moved well & looked the part both here & in the group. BD & BOB; 2 Halliday & Yu’s Pascale Enzotica, a typical Picardy Sheepdog who is balanced & very correct for the breed, put down in excellent coat & condition with a nice head & expression, lovely neck, good body proportions. RBD. PGB (2,1) 1 Dennison’s Colovaria The Winter Souls, another White Swiss Mountain Dog from the top drawer, a small but strong entry for the breed, she is very feminine in outlook & a good mover from well made forequarters & strong hindquarters, well boned legs & feet, feminine head & expression, held a good topline & tailset, in excellent coat & condition. RBB. OB (3,2) 1 Halliday & Yu’s Stardust Halo Dolce of Xanadu’s Aria for Enzotica, really taken with this Picardy Sheepdog bitch, has so much potential with her excellent profile movement, good head carriage, very feminine in outlook, good ear placement & a good eye, nice neck, shoulders, topline & tailset, she is well coated & a nice type & balance. BB.

SECOND DAY – UTILITY – SB (0). J (4) 1 Gray & Piper’s Local Hero’s Capotztic with Kamjero,what a cracking Xoloitzcuintle dog, he is an excellent showdog with such style & grace, he moved well on correct legs & feet, lovely type with a good head & well carried ears, good neck, topline & tailset, at only 8months,show much potential. RBD & BP; 2 Unwin & Winter’s Morningcalm Who’s The Daddy, this Korean Jindo dog is only 11 months but again from the top drawer, well made quality dog who moved so well looking really good in profile, in excellent coat & condition with a good tailset, masculine head & expression enhanced by lovely ear carriage, two excellent puppies; 3 Cowie’s Sangrereal China Girl. PGD (2) 1 Piper’s Kamora Nagual Del Zanjero, Xoloiitzcuintle dog who moved well, he is a nice type who showed well too, good topline & tailset, excellent hindquarters with the correct moderate angulation, correct movement, not over-exaggerated; 2 Cassidy’s Chinaskys God Of Mischief, another Xoloitzcuintle who was not moving at his best today, slightly wide behind which in profile gave him an incorrect topline, masculine head & expression. OD (3) 1 Unwin & Winter’s Morningcalm White Wizard at Snowtrekka, Korean Jindo, how lucky is this exhibitor to have such lovely well made quality dogs, giving them a good start in campaigning the breed. He moved so well from well boned legs & feet, in excellent coat which was put down to the minute, masculine head & expression, he is balanced & a good size with excellent body proportions, lovely type. BD & BOB; 2 Rymer’s Fame Factory’s Can’t Get Enough, another Xoloitzcuintle who was balanced & a nice type, very masculine in outlook, he moved well with the correct movement, nice head & expression with well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders, 3 Scott’s Natticus. PGB (2) 1 Cassidy’s Athena Goddess Of Wisdom Iz Kanekso at Chinaskys, standard Xoloitzcuintle, very pretty bitch who moved well, she is balanced & nice type, good ear carriage, feminine head & expression, excellent skin which was well presented, balanced & of a good size. BB; 2 Unwin & Winter’s Liubice Diamante at Snowtrekka, this lovely Korean Jindo baby is not quite 13 months but she can hold her own anywhere. Obviously now needs to mature up but she has a good coat put down in lovely condition, moved well with the correct action, very feminine in outlook, like her type. OB (3) 1 Gray’s Esp Ch Kamora’s Sukatro, pretty feminine Xoloitzcuintle, she was not happy set up & much preferred moving, thus making a hard job for her handler, well made with a feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, lovely topline & well set tail, skin in excellent condition. RBB; 2 Gray’s Kamora’s Ava Max, Xoloitzcuintle who was more mature than 1 but not the movement of 1, liked her head & expression & earset, balanced & a good type, she just needs to tighten up in movement to complete the picture; 3 Spry’s Roltamshe Skye. GUNDOGS – SB (0). J (4) 1 Theobald & Preston’s Novaforesta Nobodys Girl, junior black Barbet in excellent, correct coat put down in excellent condition, she is well made from her correct head & eye & well set ears, good neck & shoulders, moved so well particularly in profile, a nice type who is balanced, quality & of a good size; 2 McCullough’s Fidelix Special Edition at Kimmax, only 9 months old but so well made, this quality Korthals Griffon, is a good type who is still just a bit loose in front movement, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set & carried tail, coat correct for age but obviously his balance & type will ensure a good future, although still young I couldn’t resist him for RBD & BP; 3 James’ Novaforesta The Comeback. PGD (0). OD (5,1) 1 Preston’s Volcano Energy Sabio Perro at Novaforesta, mature Barbet, I think he is the sire of Nobodys Girl & you can see he is producing good quality dogs, he is an asset to the breed for he is very typy & what a mover, so correct with lovely footfalls, using his well muscled hindquarters to advantage, masculine head & expression, in good coat condition. BD; 2 Cooper’s Gameglow Playmaker, Braque D’auvergne, lovely tight feet on well boned legs, moved well for he has good body proportions, a nice type, a well proportioned head & expression, in lovely hard condition; 3 Khyannes Valence at Covarney. PGB (3,1) 1 Condron’s Coco Dianell Morava at Covarney, Braque D’auvergne, well made all through with a feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, correct topline & tailset, lovely body proportions, moved well using her correct hindquarters, good type. RBB. 2 Preston’s Novaforesta Lady-Fern, pretty Barbet bitch of over 7 years of age, not showing it at all, in good coat of the correct texture, good body proportions with a feminine head & expression, good neck, shoulders & topline, moved well on well boned legs & feet. OB (1) 1 Taylor’s Ch Port Eur Lat Pointoak Thief Of Hearts, quality Portuguese Pointer of an excellent tye, she is balanced & so very feminine in outlook, sound mover from well muscled quarters, pretty head & expression, in good coat & condition, very taken with her from her strong topline to well set tail. BB & BOB.

THIRD DAY – HOUNDS – SB (0). J (3) 1 Vaughan’s Rolenska No Doubt About It Odinschild, 7 months old black & tan Coonhound who needs to get out & be socialised but when she moves he is lovely, particularly in profile with correct head carriage & good footfall, she has good body proportions with a lovely feminine head & expression, well placed & carried ears, in good coat & condition & quite together for one so young, please perservere, she is worth it. RBB & BP. 2 Parker’s Kantilou Merriment, Basset Bleu De Gascogne bitch who is now well into junior but her front still needs to settle in movement. She has good body proportions with a lovely head expression, put down in a good coat & condition, lovely topline & well set tail, a nice size, litter brother was 3rd & same remarks apply; 3 Parker’s Kantilou Mischief, RBD. PGD (1) 1 Parker’s Kantilou Madness, yet another brother to the previous winner, the most mature of the 3, he has excellent movement from well boned legs & feet, good masculine head & expression, lovely neck & shoulder placement, correct topline & well set tail, good keel, in excellent coat & condition, he is quality & well deserved BD. OD (0). PGB (0). OB (2) 1 McDonald-Ulliott’s Hilbeck Erin, Griffon Fauve De Bretagne bitch from the top drawer, this mature bitch is quality, put down in excellent, correct coat & condition, she is balanced with such a feminine head & expression, good legs & feet & a correct topline & tailset. I appreciated that a lap of honour was taken in the group because of the owner’s friendship with the judge. Well done & thanks at least for staying for the audience to see the breed. BD & BOB; 2 R No Doubt About It O, RBB & BP. TOY – SB (2,1) 1 McKenzie’s Kiss Of Tender Good Life, a 3 year old Russian Toy who is very typical, she is very sweet with a lovely head & expression, good ear carriage, lovely neck & forequarters, moved typically on good legs & nice feet, in good coat which was well presented, nice tail & good body proportions & size. J (2) 1 McKenzie’s Laskovaya Rus’ Malinovka, such a shame for this Russian Terrier bitch is lovely but at only 11 months is still very unsure in the table, she moved well but was not happy with me going over her today, but I was able to see a feminine head & expression, good topline when she relaxed with a well set & carried tail, good body proportions & a good coat of the correct texture. RBB & BP. PGD (1) 1 Orchard’s Manatek Cushti Rye, this b/t Russsian Terrier is only young still but has potential, he is balanced & I admire his type, lovely head & expression with lovely expressive ears which were carried well, held a strong topline on the move. He is quality & has a lot of potential. RBD. OD (2) 1 Orchard & Holyland’s NL Ch/Lux Ch/Int Ch Fiesta Show Russian Pride, an excellent Russian Terrier in fantastic coat which was beautifully presented, masculine head & expression, he is balanced but needs to settle in movement, he is well made, so should be using his balance & masculinity to advantage. BD & BOB; 2 Orchard & Holland’s Nebesnyi Kolorit Supermen, yet another Russian Terrier import who moved with style & grace, looked a picture in profile, he is very masculine in outlook & showed well, masculine head & expression. PGB (2) 1 Holyland’s Ollarena Kleopatra, daughter of the BOB & the same type, very feminine Russian Terrier who moved well, lovely head & expression, put down in excellent coat & condition, feminine head & expression, she is balanced & quality. BB; 2 Mackenzie’s Kiss Of Tender Florentina Roa, smooth coated Russian Terrier who was not so happy on the table today, she is a good size & type, moved ok, very feminine in outlook with a pretty head & expression & well set & carried ears. OB (1) 1 Mackenzie’s Kiss Of Tender Cheek Alice, I felt sorry for this Russian Terrier but because she did not like the tannoy & this upset her particularly on the move. She is well bodied with correct body proportions, feminine head & expression with well set ears, good neck & shoulders, correct topline & tailset.