• Show Date: 12/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Three Counties Agricultural Society

Breed: Retriever (Flat Coated)


Flat Coated Retrievers

MPD (5,1a) 1 Shelley & Lutner’s Telurn Fame And Fortune, mature young man with a good forequarters which enables him to cover the ring with style & surprisingly steady for his age, he is well coated & a lovely type with potential, good head & expression. BPD; 2 Bellamy’s Bochilbarley Goblet Of Fire, excellent type who is just right for age, at present very exuberant which can only be expected for he is a real baby, enough coat & a balanced boy with an attractive head & expression; 3 Pingree’s Telurn Final Attraction. PD (4) 1 B Goblet Of Fire; 2 T Final Attraction, again a good type who just needs to settle on the move, still very loose but this will tighten, for he has excellent hindquarters, good topline & well set tail, well boned legs & feet; 3 Warrington’s Woodavens Water Valet. JD (5,2) 1 Kearton’s Braemist Bootlegger at Ravenhall, very mature for a junior, masculine head & expression with a good eye & well set ears leading into a good neck & shoulders, good topline & loin with a well set tail, moved & showed well; 2 Vandestegen-Drake’s Moity Havoc, just waiting for his coat to complete the picture for he is balanced & a good type, moved OK but still needs to tighten up & hold his topline both set up & moving, but has the potential; 3 Turner’s Torwood Galactic Flyer. YD (3,1) 1 M Havoc; 2 T Galactic Flyer, he is an absolute baby but he settled better here to show his potential, lovely type who just needs to body up & grow into himself to complete the picture. GD (4,1) 1 May’s Ronevorg Dark Angel at Lussac, mature masculine dog who, when he settled really showed his excellent forequarters & well made hindquarters, lovely type with a masculine head & expression good neck & shoulder placement, strong topline & a good loin, well boned legs & feet; 2 Brown & Campbell’s Ronevorg Angel Wiv Attitude, I can see now that they are litter brothers & of a similar type, 2 is more finished in head which now needs to refine down to match his balanced body which is very masculine in outlook, when he finishes I am sure these two will have many tussles as they both have so much to offer; 3 Stewart’s Candidacasa Final Encore at Eskside. PGD (7,2) 1 Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalle Morning Circus, not an overlarge dog & he is certainly racy & so sound & typy, he has so much to admire from his masculine head & expression, through his lovely neck & forequarters, excellent body proportions & when he moved with the correct head carriage, you couldn’t miss him; 2 Pingree’s Calzeat Gentleman’s Agreement to Heatheridge, slightly larger all through but still correct, masculine head & expression, good depth & length of ribcage, strong loin & he was able to hold his topline & well set tail on the moved & set up. Very masculine in outlook; 3 Millbank’s Skybrook Sandpiper of Larksdown. LD (7) 1 Armstrong’s Bitcon Magic Marker, mature dog of quality, he is well coated & put down to the minute, loved his head & expression, neck & forequarters, good neck & strong topline & correct loin, excellent hind quarters but where he comes alive is when he moves, he is sympathetically handled to get the best from him & he showed with style to win not only an excellent class but CC & BOB & marched on to take Group 3; 2 Lewin’s Rodsdream First Choice for Vynesbrook, surprised at this lovely dog who is an excellent type, again put down in excellent coat & condition, showed & moved steadily to take his place here, he is classic & well made all through, called back in & was pleased to be able to award him the RCC; 3 Walker’s Lizzlog Shotgun Harry. OD (9,2) 1 Holman’s SA Ch Trevena Master Chef, now I have seen the catalogue I realise that I had judged him before, no wonder he kept calling me back! This mature, masculine dog is of a lovely type who moved & showed well, put down in excellent coat & condition, well made all through with an excellent, well proportioned head with a good eye & well set & carried ears, won a strong class; 2 Strudwick’s Sh Ch Burpham Million Love Songs, slightly different in type but still an excellent quality dog who does not surprise me to see he is a Show Champion, masculine in outlook with a beautiful head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good depth & width of ribcage leading to a strong loin which give a strong topline & a well set tail, well muscled hindquarters used to power round the ring with style & purpose; 3 Nielsen’s Dk/Hun/Swed/Norw/Ger Starworkers You Keep Surprising Me. VD (1) Fox’s Black Mica’s Likes It Hot at Blacktoft, lovely 8 year old who was put down in excellent coat & condition, moved well on well boned legs & feet, masculine head & expression, good neck & forequarters, good topline leading to a good hindquarter. A credit to the breed for type & quality. BV.

MPB (2) 1 Scott’s Hightyne Blue River, an 8 month old well developed feminine young lady who is a lovely type, very feminine & in good coat & condition for age, such a pretty head which I am sure, when it finishes it will be classic, excellent fore & hind quarters, moved exactly as a baby should but she made me smile for she tried so hard to please; 2 Collins’ Telurn Falling In Love with Steeplehouse, an absolute baby of just 6 months who needs to fill out & mature, but she has a pretty head & expression, correct neck & shoulders, enough coat which was nicely presented, moved so steady & well for one so young but she is quality & has a lot of potential. PB (5,1) 1 Strudwick’s Burpham Lotties First Love, I saw her & just fell in love for she is beautiful, loved her type & attitude, nothing fazed her, beautiful head & expression, no mistaking her sex, so balanced for a baby who was put down in lovely coat & condition, good topline & well set tail, moved well & steadily. BP; 2 H Blue River; 3 Stevenson’s Feldkirk Rose N’Roses. JB (7,2) 1 Bellamy’s Moontorn Better Half Of Me, balanced bitch of a good type, well coated & put down in excellent condition, loved her profile movement with correct head carriage for she has an excellent shoulder placement & correct ribcage & topline, well set & carried tail, loved her body proportions; 2 Thurgood’s Thurwhitt Tamara, a good moving, feminine bitch, there is no mistaking her sex, pretty head & expression with a good eye & correct ear carriage, good neck & shoulders, showed & moved well to be placed in this lovely class; 3 Davies’ Kazval Tango In The Night with Fentop. YB (4) 1 M Better Half Of Me; 2 Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Wicked, well bodied feminine bitch who just needs time to finish for she is well coated with a pretty head & expression, feminine in outlook who moved well, just a bit hesitant on the day, perhaps coming into season; 3 Lane-Ridyard & Lane’s Kazval Thing Called Love with Kulawand. GB (10,1) 1 Anderson’s Kazval Angel In Your Sky over Feldkirk, in this large class, she came in & caught my eye immediately for she was everything I like in the breed, she is feminine, not over heavy, with excellent neck & shoulders, enough coat which was well presented, fabulous profile movement with a good head carriage, no mistaking her sex for she is balanced & showed her socks off to win here; 2 Richards’ Hopevalle Morning River through Kimberfield, put down to the minute with her immaculate condition & coat, she is balanced with a feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & tailset which were held on the move & set up, very close up to 1 as she too is quality & a typical Flatcoat; 3 Campbell’s Ronevorg Whispering Angel. PGB (6,1) 1 Walker’s Lizzlog Nun On The Run, this bitch was in fit, hard condition & I must compliment the owner for keeping her dogs in such lovely condition, so very feminine who was a good mover who showed well too, good body proportions, so very feminine in outlook & balanced; 2 Bowen’s Candiliz Funky Monkey at Clandrift, slightly different in type being heavier all through but still a lovely bitch who has a lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline held set up & moving with well boned legs & feet, in lovely coat & condition; 3 Hollindale & Whitaker’s Jetstarski If I Can Dream. LB (10,2) 1 Walker’s Lizzlog Fanny By Gaslight, beautiful bitch with enough coat which was well presented, moved so very well with a good forereach & strong, well muscled hindquarters & keeping a correct topline with a well set tail, loved her head & expression, so very feminine, in this strong class I could not resist her & she went on to take the RCC; 2 Warrington’s Bochilbarley Heaven Sent to Woodavens, another good bitch with just enough coat who is very feminine & gives an excellent profile movement, lovely feminine head & expression with a good neck & shoulders, showed well to advantage; 3 Moxey’s Lussac Xpress Yourself at Dymexe. OB (4,1) 1 Johnston’s Sh Ch Feldkirk Dior of Kazval, another who walked in & said I’m here who is standing 2nd? I just loved her & now I have seen her pedigree, I can see I gave her dam a CC too. Never had the chance to judge Dior but I just loved her, she is balanced & quality all through, when she moved she gave me goosebumps with her correct footfall & head carriage, I could wax lyrical about her but I think the fact she now has 9 CCs, all has been said before. Thanks for bringing her for me to see. Loved her enough to give her the CC; 2 Walker’s Lizzlog Brewing Bettie, again a very nice bitch who is a lovely type & quality all through, moved well on well boned legs & feet, she is balanced with enough coat which was well presented, feminine outlook with an excellent head & expression; 3 Romeo-Dieste’s Hopevalley Morning Rainbow. VB (1) 1 Staff’s Bonyhilbrae Ebony Silk, 9 year old lovely bitch in good coat & condition, looks really good for age, lovely head & expression & moved well, balanced & a nice type, good ribcage & nice hindquarters, held a good topline.