• Show Date: 28/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Gordon Setter


Gordon Setters

VD (4) 1 Boxall & Salamon’s Sh Ch Ludstar Frederick Frankenstein, a lovely class to start with & a chance to judge in the breed one of the greats of the last few years. Thrilled to have a chance to go over this well known dog & he did not disappoint. You would never guess that this dog is 10 years old, put down in such hard, fit condition & when he moves with his excellent head carriage & strong topline he just powered round the ring with such presence, drive & attention seeking movement. He is so balanced with excellent neck & shoulders, lovely hindquarters & tailset. He set the template for the day & at the end of it, I just could not deny him both the CC & BOB, beating a bitch who I have admired from a distance for a while. I couldn’t stay but I am told he was pulled out all the stops & at the end of the day, won group 4 and then took the veteran group – what a dog & what a chance I had to judge him in his own breed & not just in a group; 2 Gregg’s Laurelhach Yarra, another 10 year old & he proves the point that this breed is a stayer who only improves with age. Good balanced body & a masculine head & expression, he is well coated & masculine in outlook, moved so well on well boned legs & feet, a nice type who showed so well; 3 Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow at Tymora. MPD (1) 1 Ball’s Lignum Caribou, very typical youngster who is all legs & wings at the moment, such a baby but with lots of potential, lovely head & expression, good well boned legs down to good feet, well marked, moved exactly as I expected him to but when he settled, he tried hard trying to really use his good hindquarters, at only 8 months has lots of time to practice. PD (2) 1Mitchell’s Cafotaloiena Thief Of Hearts by Brobuick, lovely youngster of an excellent type, masculine head & expression, enough neck & a strong topline & lovely hindquarters, moved very well for age on well boned legs & feet, shows promise & took BPD; 2 L Caribou. JD (3) 1 Taylor’s Graylacier Blue Marlin, only just a junior but is well made & in a lovely coat & condition, he is balanced with a well made, masculine head giving a good expression from lovely eyes which enhanced the expression, good neck, well boned legs & a good hindquarters, moved well covering the ground with ease, good depth of chest & strong topline; 2 C Thief Of Hearts by B; 3 Ashley-Turner’s Hernwood The Botanist. YD (4) 1 Phillips, Watkins & Miles’ Glenmaurangi Mandalorian, what a cracking boy, obvious lockdown puppy who is absolutely full of himself making it a difficult proposition to handle him but his handler managed to get the best out of him despite him trying to spoil his chances! Such a masculine head & expression, put down in excellent coat & condition, lovely neck & shoulders with correctly boned legs & feet, good ribcage & strong loin giving the correct topline with a well set & carried tail, moved with conviction & power, one you can see working; 2 G Blue Marlin; 3 Butler’s Red Admiral by Rubymon. ND (5) 1 C Thief Of Hearts by B; 2 Lambert’s Marshmoor Fighter Pilot, well coated dog which was well presented, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, moved well on well boned legs & feet, good depth & width of ribcage, strong loin, balanced; 3 Passmore’s Marcus Beechlake The Gambler. PGD (5) 1 Phillips, Sykes & Watkins’ Glenmaurangi Storm Trooper, litter brother to Mandalorian, no mistaking him, for he too was full of life after lockdown & gave his handler a hard time, well handled to keep his four feet on the ground, how lucky to have two such quality males coming through. I do think at present in the breed the majority of the strength lies in these dogs. So much energy & drive in this youngster too, loved his type, masculine head & expression, excellent neck & forequarters, put down in such wonderful condition, moved so well on excellent hindquarters & that lovely head carriage that I look for. I would hate to choose between these two as they are both from the top drawer & then I see they are out of my BCC; 2 Hudson’s Longrow Bohemian Rhapsody at Robvale, not an overlarge dog but still balanced & a good type, masculine head & expression, enough coat which was well presented, moved well covering the ground looking particularly correct in profile movement with excellent head carriage; 3 Upton-Lovett & Upton’s Roydack Peaky Blinder. LD (2) 1 Whiting & Cops’ Locksheath Black Ice, excellent head & expression, with a good neck with no loose skin, good front construction leading to a strong topline & tailset both held well on the move, enough coat but it was well presented to advantage, balanced boy who moved with ease & a lovely head carriage, good fore-reach & hind propulsion, masculine head with a well set eye giving a lovely expression; 2 Mitchell’s Roydack Ruby Hidden Gem at Brobruick, heavier type all through but still correctly made & balanced, well boned legs with good pasterns & feet, liked his depth & width of chest with a strong loin giving him a well held topline with good tailset, moved well with correct head carriage & footfall. OD (4,1a) 1 Sandiford & Lewis’ Sh Ch Hernwood Neptune Sea, I can see why he appealed for he is out of a bitch I have admired before, he has lots of her qualities including her balance, type & excellent coat well presented. This stallion of a dog has an excellent coat, such a masculine head & expression with an excellent neck & forequarters, strong topline, good ribcage & loin, well muscled hindquarters which aided his movement, he particularly looked good in profile with his head carriage & strength. RCC; 2 Collins-Pitman’s Amscot Raisin Black, again very masculine in outlook with an excellent coat with great presentation, masculine head & expression, no mistaking his sex, when you put your hands on him you can tell he can do the job he was breed for, he is well muscled throughout with a lovely neck & front assembly leading on to a well muscled hindquarters, he is quality & showed well but he comes alive when he moves, has so much to like; 3 Harker’s Sh Ch Hernwood Achilles at Ettrick. B D or B (4) 1 G Blue Marlin; 2 Henderson’s When I Was Your Man Back Lofty, lovely headed boy who won’t be in this class for long. Moved & showed well, nice type who has a masculine head & good hindquarters, the two boys beat the two girls today.

VB (2) 1 Smith’s Flores-Lilla Ojcowskiej Dlin Kewstoke, 7 year old bitch of a nice type, very feminine in outlook, in good coat & condition, feminine head & expression with well set & carried ears, good neck & shoulders, well boned legs & feet used to carry her easily round the ring; 2 Williams’ Longrow I Love To Boogie, this 9 year old carries her years well, very feminine bitch of a nice type, good head & expression enough neck but a good topline, in profile has lovely head carriage, good depth & width of ribcage leading to a strong loin. MPB (3,1) 1 O’Kelly & Hancock’s Caradilis Sparks Will Fly, two litter sisters, this one just showing a bit more maturity over 2. A steadier mover with more coat, I am sure when they develop they will be swapping places but at the moment 1 just steals a march over 2. Well made but obviously is still very immature but I liked her; 2 O’Kelly & Hacock’s Caradilis Little Sparkler, this youngster needs to sort her movement out as she persisted in pacing, if you don’t watch it, it will become a habit difficult to break. Obviously has a lot to do but has the building blocks there for going on with. Again enough coat but very feminine in outlook. Good luck with them, you should have fun. PB (2) 1 Sandiford & Lewis’ Hernwood Gin Fizz, loved her neck & shoulders with her feminine head & expression finishing the look! Good topline & tailset, enough coat but what she has has been beautifully prepared, typical baby but a sound, correct mover on well boned legs & feet, she is quality & it will be interesting to see her progress, her type, movement & balance took her to BP; 2 Chapman’s Samsett First Lady, close up but just edged out by a more mature young lady, for she too is quality with a very feminine head & expression, a nice type who showed well using her correct conformation to the best of advantage particularly on the move when she covered the ground precisely for one so young. NB (2,1) 1 Williams’ Longrow Foxy Lady, alone but should not be discouraged as I feel she is very typical & just needs body & coat to complete the picture but because she lacks coat at present you are able to fully see her construction & you can see she is well made but still young & just needs to body up & mature to turn into a typical Gordon, after all they are, or should be, slow maturers. PGB (7) 1 Upton-Lovett & Upton’s Roydack Portrait Of A Lady, an interesting class headed by this excellent moving bitch who won on her profile movement & head carriage, so very sound & precise yet covering the ground so well with purpose. Very feminine head & expression which was also first class, good topline & tailset, put down in excellent coat & condition, correct bone & a good size, she is quality & balanced but still needs time to finish; 2 Lines’ Flaxheath All That Jazz, not quite the balance of 1 but still a good moving girl with a feminine head & expression, again an excellent coat which was well presented, good neck & shoulders, lovely ribcage & loin, well set & carried tail, correct hindquarters, another quality bitch; 3 Brown’s Cairacailie Chianti with Marshmoor. LB (3,3) OB (4) 1 Phillips & Watkins’ Sh Ch Flaxheath Tp Model at Glenmaurangi, another class to remember for a long time! As soon as I saw her I loved her & knew it was her that had to be beaten & then when she moved it proved it. Excellent feminine head & expression, well coated & presented to the minute, good neck & shoulders,, correct hindquarters, I loved her type & balance but how can you describe adequately a bitch that ticks every box for you. CC. Thrilled to see her & with the dog they made just the perfect pair for me. I can only say thank you for bringing her for me to judge on my proper return to the ring; 2 Osborn’s Ch Amscot Siena Spice, I wrote ‘workman like bitch’ & now I see she is a Ch I can see why she appealed. Full of quality & so well muscled & in condition, in lovely coat which was well presented, feminine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, excellent ribcage, she is balanced & impressed me so much that I called her back in for the RCC. An honour to judge her; 3 Sandiford & Jarvis’ Hernwood Luna Eclipse.