• Show Date: 26/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

North West Labrador Retriever Club

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)


The North West Labrador Retriever Club held their second championship show of the weekend in partnership in Blackpool Dog Show. To celebrate their 50th anniversary there was champagne and an excellent cake back at the benches. We were lucky enough to be able to judge outside, although the wind and intermittent showers took its toll on some of the dog’s behaviour! Thank you for staying the course with two championship shows the day before & I really appreciated some lovely dogs to go over.

Best in show was the dog, Brown’s Ramsayville Revolver, RBIS & BOS went to the bitch, Carpenny Berry, BPIS was the bitch Kimbajak Miss Jazz Swinger & BVIS was Ch Mattand Exodus, who had earlier the working class too. All awards were agreed between the bitch judge, Anthony Allen and me, sorry Eric that you had nothing to do except sit & watch up both judge!

DOGS – Working (1) 1 Lambert’s Ch Mattand Exodus,what a dog to start with, one I have admired from a distance & this was the first chance I had of going over him & I wasn’t disappointed. This yellow, mature dog is quality, loved his masculine head & expression, in good coat & condition, lovely topline & tailset, he is balanced & moved so well. At 8 he belies his age & went on to take BDV & BVIS. V (5,2a) 1 McCrory’s Sh Ch Millroseglen Mke My Day with Meadovillabs, another yellow from the top drawer, moved well in profile with correct head carriage, in good coat & condition, masculine head with a lovely expression, no mistaking his sex looking at him, he is balanced with a good neck & topline leading to a well set & carried tail; 2 Harrison’s Stmakajo Boba Fett, good moving mature yellow with strong hindquarters & a good depth of chest, good body proportions with well boned legs & feet, enough coat & showing well & enjoying his day; 3 Killeen’s Lisvella Blue Boy. MP (6,4) 1 Rawlinson’s Halshimoor Prime Time at Shanorrell, absolute baby yellow boy who is balanced & quality, just right for age with lots of potential, moved well for a baby with a lovely profile outline showing off his good topline & well set tail, lovely head carriage from a correctly made neck & shoulders, nicely presented coat; 2 Braddon’s Trendlewood One More Time, taller youngster who needs time to drop into his frame & body up to finish the picture, good head for age giving a nice expression, good neck & shoulders. Still needs to pull together in movement but time is on his side. P (7,1) Hughes’ Cinders Salty Sea, black with the most melting expression, still a bit bum high when he is excited but a sound mover & a lovely type. Good neck & shoulders, held a good topline & well set tail on the move on well boned legs & feet, did enough to take BP on maturity & his lovely head; 2 Harvey Major’s Floki The Jester in Linjor, yellow very mature, he is balanced & a good type, not quite so steady on the move at present but is obviously a top quality dog who when he finishes his development is one for the top, in excellent coat & condition; 3 Coode’s Warringah Timourn Winmalee. J (6-15 months) (3,1) 1 Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah, black with a beautiful head & expression, lovely neck & shoulder construction, he is balanced with just enough weight for age, put down in lovely coat & condition, moved & showed with style & panache with lovely head carriage, good depth of chest & a strong loin; 2 W Timourn Winmalee, still a baby, this yellow just needs to finish to reach his potential, enough coat but in lovely condition, good head & expression, masculine in outlook & moved well, strong hindquarters, where he just needs to drop into himself. J (3,2) 1 Elliott & Falshaw’s Lonicerium Jack Sparra, just a week over puppy & still needs to complete his development, this yellow needs to fill out but he has a masculine head & expression, lovely neck & front construction, nice hindquarters & well set tail, moved well for a baby. Y (2.2) M (4,3) 1 Crellin’s Aalin Carrey Lets Dance, naughty yellow with lots of potential, if the handler can get enough sense out of him she will have a winning combination. Alone but could win anywhere when he settles. Good head, neck & shoulders, good depth of chest, saw a glimpse of a strong topline when he settled. He is worth persevering with. N (3,1) 1 W Timourn Winmalee; 2 L Jack Sparra. UG (1) 1 W Timourn Winmalee. G (4,2) 1 Gartland’s Pollham Picalo at Knoydar, yellow who moved well but persisted in putting his head down to smell all that had been in the ring before him over the previous two days! When he settled, he moved well on well boned legs & feet, he balanced with a good coat in lovely condition, nice topline & well set tail, good forequarters; 2 White’s Serengoch Lincoln Gyda Arghishalee, loved this chocolate’s head & expression, in good coat but not moving to his full potential on the day, good topline & tailset, good depth of chest. PG (8,1) 1 Smith’s Flyenpyg Porky Pig, not an overlarge dog but when he moved, I just loved him, no wasted energy, just flowed round the ring with the correct head carriage & excellent footfalls from his well boned legs & feet, he showed so well to take this strong class, loved his head & expression with a really good neck & shoulder, good topline & well muscled hindquarters, well set & carried tail, one apparently I have liked before & confirmed today that he still appeals. RCC; 2 Brown’s Farbrae Good To Go, another of black of quality, moved well to win his place, in full coat put down in excellent condition, lovely masculine boy of an excellent type, with masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good forequarters & good hindquarters to match; 3 Finney & Carpanini’s Carpenny Kipling. ML (6,1) 1 Johnson’s Cremino Calabrese, again a yellow from the top drawer, he is balanced of a lovely type, excellent mover with a good head carriage & holding a strong topline with a well set & carried tail, good neck & shoulders, lovely depth of chest & lovely hindquarters, showed well to win here, seriously considered for the RCC; 2 Rawlinson’s Shanorrell Black Sabbath at Halshimoor, slightly heavier all through to 1 & not quite the movement, loved his head & expression, excellent body proportions with a good depth of chest & a lovely loin & hindquarters, strong topline & well set tail, in lovely coat & condition, lovely type of black; 3 Coode’s Warringah’s The Bluff. L (8,3) 1 Brown’s Ramsayville Revolver, where did he come from? I don’t remember ever noticing him before but boy I couldn’t miss him today. This beautiful black is balanced & quality all through, I just loved his masculine head & expression with well set & carried ears, good neck & excellent forequarters, in excellent coat & condition, strong topline with a well set & carried tail but he came alive on the move using his well boned legs & feet to advantage & carrying his head correctly, in the challenge, he just kept calling me back till I gave him the CC & thrilled that Anthony Allen agreed to him being BIS: 2 Tooth’s Sandylands Over The Moon, I loved this yellow boy from a baby, he had been my best puppy at Bath & I see no reason to change my opinion, he has come on to become a typical Labrador from the top drawer, he moved like a dream, matching 1 step for step, in excellent coat & condition, very close up & still a quality dog; 3 McCrory’s Claychalk Costa Mark at Dunnabbey. O (7,3) 1 Halshimoor Pitch Battle at Shanorrell, yellow in excellent coat & condition, good topline & tailset, excellent masculine head & expression with a lovely neck & shoulder placement, which gave him such excellent movement, good width & depth to ribcage, he is balanced & very typy, must have a good future for he is top quality; 2 Fosciak’s Int Ch Dolbia Casanova, another yellow of a good type, good moving masculine dog who wasn’t holding his topline set up, lovely masculine head & expression, in good coat & condition, good body proportions with a lovely neck & forequarters; 3 Williamson’s Sharouns Ventriloquist for Tempaskell.