• Show Date: 04/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Pam Blay Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

City Of Birmingham Canine Association

Breed: Spaniel (Welsh Springer)


Welsh Springer Spaniels

BD (1) 1 Gaylor & Robertson’s Heniveruce King Of Brewers, very typical 2 year old who is coming along nicely, he is well made with a masculine head & expression, good neck & a good return of upper arm which along with his well muscled hindquarters enabled him to move with ease around the ring giving an excellent profile & head carriage, good topline & well set tail. Alone but a worthy winner who later took GD took. VD (2) 1 Chandler’s Chanangel Sticky Wicket, 11 year old boy who doesn’t look his age, in excellent coat & condition, he was just gleaming in good health & muscle tone. He is balanced but not exaggerated in any way, well set tail on a good topline, masculine head & expression with a kind eye & well set & carried ears. This quality dog showed his socks off to take BV & then went on to win the Veteran Group; 2 Attwood’s Ir Ch Kylowen Drym, true movement on this younger boy who too was in excellent coat & condition, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulder, strong topline held set up & moving, well set & carried tail, moved well covering the ground. PD (2) 1 Stone’s Kidenoan Mark Time for Merrem, mature puppy whose head & mouth needs to finish, hopefully this will come with age for he is a lovely type who is well bodied for age, he is balanced & moves well for age on well boned legs & feet, in lovely coat & condition, strong topline & well set tail, good profile movement where he took the class & BP; 2 Moores’ Eiriandylis Heart Of Gold avec Walgoreg, absolute baby who wasn’t sure in this venue but settled well for me to go over him. He has lots going for him from his typical head & expression, lovely neck & shoulders, this quality boy is waiting for his coat & confidence to compete the maturity which promises to be for a good future, look forward to seeing him when mature. Moved steadily & well for one so young giving a lovely profile picture. JD (3) 1 Chandler’s Chanangel Jo Sugden, sired by the BV & the same type, slightly taller at present & needs to drop into himself but what a mover, so very typical in profile with a masculine head & expression, good neck, topline & tailset, put down in excellent coat & condition, very masculine in outlook, he is quality & shows lots of promise; 2 Stevenson’s Mymmsbrook Matador with Blythway, very close up to 1 & I bet they change places on numerous occasions in their careers, this well coated dog was put down in excellent muscular condition, lovely head & expression, good neck & shoulder placement, good ribcage & loin, slightly proud of his tail on the move at present but still a quality boy who showed so well; 3 Graham’s Don’s As Bold As Brass with Nyliram. GD (2) 1 H King Of Brewers; 2 Hawkins’ Julita Rainmaker with Woodelrond, typical youngster with a masculine head & expression, good length of neck into sound shoulders, good topline & tailset. He was a bit overawed in the hall & didn’t make the most of himself but he has a lovely coat which was in excellent condition, lovely temperament who moved well once he settled. PGD (2) 1 Leach’s Islanza Hey Dude, this workman like dog is easily overlooked but he is just right for size & he has good proportions, in lovely coat & condition, he just gleamed, very masculine in outlook with a well proportioned head, lovely expression from well set & shaped eyes, good earset, excellent neck & shoulders, held a strong topline set up & moving which he did on well boned legs & feet, well set & carried tail, good ribcage & strong loin with just the right amount of rise. Little did I know that at the end of the dogs, he would win the CC but the more I looked at him, the more he appealed. CC; 2 Clarke’s Heniverus Rainbow by Tigerrock, another who was close up but just preferred the balance of 1 on the day, this masculine boy would never be mistaken for a bitch for he has an excellent head & expression, good neck & shoulders, strong topline & well set tail, moved well looking particularly good in profile, put down in excellent coat & condition. LD (6) 1 Tolladay’s Bethersden Brigadier, now I have checked, I can see why she appealed, her dam won a good 2nd under me in 2018, he certainly has continued her quality, another who is not an overlarge dog but so correct & well made, liked his type & balance, he is well coated & moved so well covering the ground well with ease, excellent head carriage in profile, put down in excellent condition & is well muscled hence taking this strong class; 2 Graham’s Nyliram Let’s Twist Again, what a naughty boy but he is a lovely type & I wasn’t put off by his antics, he just made me smile! Excellent head & expression with correct proportions, very masculine in outlook, he is balanced with a lovely neck & shoulders, moved so well on well boned legs & feet, lovely coat & condition; 3 Clarke’s Tigerrock Magic Woundabout. OD (6) 1 Millard’s Sh Ch Ferndel High Command at Rubylea, a worthy champion from the top drawer, his sire certainly is producing some lovely stock, again a good size that I was looking for with balance & type, put down in excellent coat & condition, he is well muscled with a good neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, looks a picture in profile carrying his head at the correct angle, very masculine in outlook & there is no mistaking his sex, showed his socks off to win a strong class & RCC; 2 Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Revolution, again a lovely type who was close up to 1, again that excellent coat & condition, masculine head & expression, good neck & shoulders, good ribcage & loin giving a lovely topline & tailset, very masculine dog of quality; 3 Williams’ Sh Ch Isfryn Spot The Difference Trebettyn. GCD (3) 1 Smith’s Isfryn Peeping Tom, typical dog put down in such hard muscular condition, he was a pleasure to judge, moved so well using his strong hindquarters to advantage, well set & carried tail, he is balanced in good coat & condition, masculine head & expression, loved his profile movement; 2 Bennett’s Helgen Romeo the Lover for Flyboron, another nice boy who is very masculine & moved well, he has a good head & expression, lovely neck & shoulders, well coated & what he had was presented well, balanced & a nice type; 3 Ir Ch K Drym.

BB (1) 1 Casey’s Tigerrock Lit De Roses, 19 month old bitch with potential, alone here but could win in company, she had an excellent profile when she settled for she is a lovely type, in enough coat for age but what she has is well presented, pretty head & expression, well made forequarters & hindquarters, moved well. VB (1) 1 Attwood’s Kylowen Demelza, litter sister to 2nd in VD & the same comments applies, this 7 year old was alone but could still do well in good company, moved well on well boned legs & feet, she is balanced with a feminine head & expression, put down in good coat which was well prepared. PB (4,1a) 1 Blackford’s Amblelight Adhara, well developed baby of 9 months who was well made & moved so steadily for one so young, feminine head & expression, lovely neck & shoulders, good topline & tailset, put down in excellent coat & condition, showed so well, she is balanced & quality, BPB; 2 Tyler’s Eiriandylis Life Of Riley, absolute baby of just 6 months but with so much potential, she has a feminine outlook, excellent head & expression, enough coat for age but what she has is well presented, held a good topline & tailset in profile on the move, up and back moves as a baby but she has lovely legs & fee; 3 Tew’s Pamicks Dream With Me. JB (4,1) 1 Graham’s Nyliram Telling Tales, when she came into the ring I couldn’t take my eyes off her, she was exactly what I was looking for, looking at her pedigree I see I gave her sire the CC & BOB in 2018, so I am thrilled he has passed on his excellent qualities to this young lady, just right for age with a feminine head & expression, excellent neck & shoulders, good topline, ribcage, loin & tailset, moved so well particularly in profile with the correct head carriage, she is quality & an excellent type. Thrilled to give her her first CC & to hear she took Best Junior in Group; 2 Thomas’ Bowdonia Truly Scrumptious, she is quality but she just needs time to finish but I am sure with the time she is going to make a super bitch of a lovely type, nice head & expression, well made all through, just needs coat to finish but there is no mistaking her sex, moved well on well boned legs & feet & correct head carriage; 3 Bonser-Hadfield’s Helgen Avis. PGB (2) 1 Baldry’s Llon Llanharra Lleuci, a different type but still a nice bitch, very feminine in outlook with a good head & expression, good neck, shoulders & hindquarters, moved with the correct outline & head carriage, enough coat of the correct texture & presentation; 2 Cooper’s Gilstonia Snow Moon, a good type, I loved her balance & type, enough coat, good neck & shoulders, correct tailset & carriage, moved well covering the ground with ease & style, close up to 1. LB (6,1) 1 Cooper’s Isfryn Lady Grey of Gilstonia, loved her feminine quality & balance, put down in excellent coat & condition, well made all through, put down in excellent coat & condition, feminine head & expression with an excellent neck, when she moved she covered the ground well with an easy action, won a strong class; 2 Tyler’s Tammano Teal at Eiriandylis, heavier bitch who won her place on her excellent, feminine head & expression, she is well coated & balanced & moved well here, well made with an excellent forequarter & hindquarter with good ribcage & loin; 3 Revill & Monday’s Julita Ryveeta. OB (7) 1 Woodward’s Hinxwood Fire And Ice, no wonder she appealed for I gave her the RCC in 2018 & I see no reason to change my opinion, she has matured into an excellent example of the breed, put down in lovely coat & condition, she is typy & quality, excellent feminine head & expression, good neck, shoulders, topline & tailset, good hindquarters which were used well to ensure she gave excellent movement, beat some beautiful bitches to win the class & take the RCC; 2 Harrison’s Sh Ch Glenbrows Rhapsody, lacking coat today but this only enabled all to see her correct conformation, the coat she had was gleaming & well presented, she is balanced & a good mover on well boned legs & feet, excellent head & expression with a correct neck & forequarters; 3 Clarke’s Sh Ch Crimicar She’s Electrick with Tigerrock. GCB (3,1 w/d) 1 Woodward’s Sarabande Billie Jean at Hinxwood, lovely type & quality, no mistaking her sex for she is very feminine all through from her super head & expression to her well set & carried tail, put down in excellent coat & condition but where she comes alive is in her movement really using her well made forequarters & hindquarters to advantage; 2 K Demelza.