• Show Date: 13/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Norma Ellis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Pointer


I was delighted with my entry such a depth of quality since I last Judged. Some cracking dogs went cardless which made my decisions even harder. Nice to see good Sportsmanship prevailed.

BOB Joneva Born to Thrill (Mr S Layton)

DCC Joneva Born to Thrill

RDCC ShCh Chesterhope Thrill of The Chase (Mrs & Miss D O’Neil)

BCC ShCh Frederica Fanfare at Woodglade (Mrs M Mackay)

RBCC Medogold Bamalam at Heartbury (Mrs V & Mr M Mr K Norbury & Adams)

Best Puppy Sharphilly Queens Gambit for Rioweed (Miss Oddie)

BV SHCh Frederica Fanfare at Woodglade (Mrs N Mackay)

VETERAN DOG - 10 Entries 2 Abs

1. ShCh Tenshilling Home Alone JW ShCM (Mrs C.J. O’Neil) – OW Smart boy looked a picture stacked and didn’t disappoint on the move straight fore and aft. Excellent head and expression strong neck into well laid-back shoulders, good depth of rib, slightly sloping top line, good bone and strong quarters finished off with well set on tail.

2. Teisgold Double Trigger (Mrs M Saunders) – OW Nice lines, good head, strong neck, powerful quarters, well boned legs, moved well for handler.

3. ShCh Hookwood by George JW ShCM (Miss C Mr G & Miss L Hazletine, Upton & Goddard

Res Hookwood Showpiece at Carmandine ShCM (Mrs M Gerrard)

VHC Meadowpoint Spirtit of Fire (Miss K Wall)

Minor Puppy DOG – 3 Entries

1. Teisgol Keep On Going (Miss Westaway) - OW Mature puppy showed himself well for handler. Head breaking nicely good dark eye, good length of neck, correct depth of chest, compact body, correct turn of stifle with well let-down hocks

2. Glenariff Mojito over Teisgol (Mr P R & Mrs D E Stilgoe) BW – Most attractive pup. Dish face kind dark eye, well angulated shoulders and depth of chest, strong quarters and well angulated rear, moved well.

3. Droveboroughs The Gambit At Vinepoint (Mrs A Bird)

Puppy Dog – 4 Entries

1st Wilchrimane Seasalt (Mr C Siddle) – OW Mature boy well grown, best of heads strong neck into well laid-back shoulders excellent depth good boned legs and slight slope to pasterns, powerful quarters powered round the ring. Best puppy dog

2nd Hawkfield Call My Bluff (Miss W J Gordon) – Orange. Most attractive dog looked a picture standing and moved out with style keeping his top line and using his tail. Gorgeous head with keen eye.

3rd Harvestglade Light of Peace (Mrs D & Mr N Preece & Gilding)

Res Riowood Costello at Gastal (Mr A G Salt.

Junior 13 Entries 1 Abs

1st Tenshilling It’s My Party for Salmonmist JW (Ms S R Philo) OW – Took my eye in this quality class best of heads, well arched neck and strong shoulders well boned. Good depth of chest good short loin, well-turned stifle moved soundly.

2nd Sunhouse Banged to Rights (Mrs R M C & Miss R Martin) BW Lovely boy short coupled and nice size not overdone, looked a picture stacked, ribs well let down well-muscled quarters hocks well let down. Full of himself on the move.

3rd Jilony Brown Velvet (Miss E Ram)

Res Lithespirit Hope & Glory for Ratchda (Mrs G Marsh

VHC Heartbury Lord Asriel (Mrs V & Mr M &Mr K Norbury & Adams

Yearling DOG – Entries 8

Ist Rey Alegrias Thobi at Wilchrimane (Mr & Miss A Siddle) - BW Dished face well chiselled long neck and deep fore chest, short compact body well-muscled rear moved soundly. Hocks well let down

2nd Cumbrian Night King at Carofel (Imp USA) (C H & N Guy & Tuthill) – BW Such an elegant heavily marked boy, long neck shoulders well laid back, short in loin. Bee sting tail, moved steadily

3rd Hawkfield Pemberley (Miss W J Gordon)

Res Millpoint Show Me The Way to Djankay (Mr P C & Mrs E Wilson)

VHC Teisgol Love is in Te Air (Miss M E Mr P R & Mrs D E Oliver & Stilgoe)

Post Grad DOG – Entries 13 1 Abs

1st Caithpoint Kai (Mrs C & Miss F Wheldon & Earl) – BW heavily marked in top form appealing head, best of shoulders and compact body well-muscled rear and tail well set on move soundly, Presented a lovely picture on the stack, spanking condition

2nd Moenfair Dances The Moon Into Guanabara JW (Miss C Stoke) – BW Close up splitting hairs between these two. Typical head nice eye and expression strong neck and good depth of chest, good slope to pastern, another sound boy in tip top condition.

3rd Ragus Let’s get moving at Flinthill (Mrs F Barker)

Res Vernum Ventulus Explorers Quest (Mr & Mrs Remenyl & Varga)

VHC Droveboroughs Follow Me at Frenetbull (Miss L Mulryne)

Mid Limit DOG – Entries 10

1st Fisherbloom Re’encountered JW (Miss G Mr K & Miss L Adams & Scales) – BW Smart boy. Classic head nothing overdone good neck and shoulder placement, compact body, well-muscled good depth of rib, moved well driving from his rear.

2nd Joneva Just My Style (Mrs K & Mr S Bond) BW Flashy dog loved his head best of shoulders and depth of Ribs good short loin and well set on tail, moved soundly for his owner.

3rd Sharnphilly Vice Versa with Peteshe (Miss A Henshaw)

Res Tenshilling Blowin Smoke (Mrs J Bower-Brooks)

VHC Doveboroughs Smooth Mover JW (Mr I & Miss M Vowell & Horn]

Limit DOG – Entries 16

1st Joneva Born to Thrill (Mr S Layton) OW Aptly named boy because he certainly does thrill. Well chiselled head and kind eye. Strong neck and shoulders well laid back, good bone and slope to pasterns, short in loin and tail set on well. Excelled in movement powered around driving from well-muscled quarters, never lost his top line at one with his handler. Pleased to award him CC & BOB. Delighted he was shortlisted in the Group.

2nd Twinhoe Vittorion (Mr C Blair) OW Unlucky to meet one on form today this boy was close up Eye-catching Dark Orange boy best of heads. Good length of neck and good fore chest well off for bone presented a lovely picture when stacked and didn’t disappoint on the move, well handled.

3rd Pytchley Chasing The Dream for Hookwood JW ShCM SHCE (Mrs S Welsh & Hazeltine)

Res Wilchrimane Tambuti with Kiswahili (R R Walking)

VHC Ponsonby Blowin in The Wind at Caithpoint (Imp NZ) Mrs C & Miss F Wheldon & Earl)

Open DOG Entries 9

1st ShCh Chesterhope Thrill of T Chase (Imp NZ) (Mrs & Miss D & J O’neil) OW – Cracking boy really strode out well today never put a foot wrong. Loved his head not overdone in any way best of neck and shoulders excellent depth of rib and fore chest well boned forelegs and tight feet in unison with his handler moving soundly round the ring. RCC

2nd ShCh Sharnphilly Boondoggie JW (Miss Oddie) BW - Eye-catching boy presented a lovely picture stacked well angulated fore and aft, straight top line and tail well set on, good slope to pastern. Powerful mover. Close up

3rd ShCh Kanix News Flash at Glenfinnan (Mrs L Mr A Mrs J & Mr Jamieson Macara & Blackbur-Bennet)

Res Hawkfield Audacity JW (Miss W Gordon)

VHC Just Wilburt by Hookwood JW ShCM (Miss C & Mrs S Miss L Hazeltine & Welch & Goddard)

Special Working Gundog DOG Enries 1

1st Ch Ratchda’s Rock Thrush Sgwc (Mrs G Marsh) LW – Blanket backed liver boy, in spanking condition. Lovely head and kind dark eye. Good length of neck and well laid back shoulders well ribbed and short in loin finished off with beesting tail which he used when moving …moved soundly for his handler… in my top 3 dogs today

Good Citizen Dog Entries 5

1st Moenfair Sanguine Luna JW (Ms K Tregaskis) LW - Loved his head kind expression good neck and shoulders short coupled & sound moving

Phylnnies Prince of Thieves JW (Miss M Saunders) BW - smart boy. Looked well in the stack and moved soundly, compact body and depth best of shoulders and rear quarters.

3rd Teisgol Double Trigger (Miss M Saunders)

Res Meadowpoint Spirit of Fire (Miss K Wall)

VHC Hawkfield Wick

Pointer Veteran Bitch Entries’ 10 Abs 2

1st ShCh Federica Fanfare at Woodglad (Mrs M Mackay) LW – Presented such a feminine picture took my eye with her classic head and dark eye, good length of neck into well angulated shoulders, good ribbing, and straight front, sloping pasterns. Moved with long ground covering strides she just flowed round the ring, with her handler, using her tail. Delighted to award her the CC & Best Veteran

2nd Ir ShCh Oxfordacres Trinity by Hooklwood JW ShCM (Mrs S Welsh) BW – Heavily marked girl loved her size and so compact. Good head and neck well off for bone good muscled quarters and beesting tail, moved well.

3rd Moenfair Tinpenny Tod Tails (Ms D Tregaskis)

Res Lowsmoor ShiraleeJW (Mrs A Lowe)

VHC Teisgol I am What |I am at Phlynnies ShCM (Mrs D Vaughn

Puppy Entries BITCH 6 Abs 1

1st Sharnphilly Quenns Gambit for Riowood (Miss Oddie) OW – Sweet girl, classic lines when stacked, most gorgeous head and length of neck. Good depth of chest, sloping topline to well set on tail well angulated stifles moved soundly. loved her. Best Puppy.

2nd Lundgarth Everest (Mrs S Booth) OW Another nice girl just right for her age, head coming on nicely long neck and good depth, very collected on the move.

3rd Joneva She’s the one (Mr J & Mr P Evans & Pavey)

Res Harvestglade Spirit of Rose (Mrs D & Mrs J Collins)

Sniperay Seventh Heaven (Mrs J Radcliffe)

Junior Entries BITCH 21 Abs 1

1st Heartbury Northern Lights JW (Mrs V & Mr M, Mr K Norbury & Adams) OW - Headed a strong class of quality youngsters. Eye-catching youngster good head with strong neck, deep fore chest. Best of fronts, short in loin and well angulated stifle. Moved so soundly.

2nd Sunhouse Partners in Crime (Mrs R, Miss R Miss T Martin & T Watkins) - bw lovely girl very mature, good body and depth, most appealing head, clean neck, well ribbed slight sloping top line, moved soundly. Tip top condition.

3rd Millpoint Diamond Solitair avec Frentbull (Miss L Mulryne)

Res Collholme Angelique (Mr D T & Mrs J Collins)

VHC Wilchrimane Piri Piri (Miss Mrs & Mrs Siddle, Siddle & Medeiros

Yearling BITCH Entries 13 Abs 2

1st Sharnphilly Santa Rosa (Mr J & Mr N Thirwell & Malik) OW – How this girl has matured on. Best of heads, well laid back shoulder, short coupled, good bone and depth of chest well-muscled thighs moved so soundly driving off her back end using her tail.

2nd Wilchrimane Frankly Darlin (Miss, Mrs & Mrs Siddle & Mederios) OW – Best of heads and length of neck good depth and bone, good slope to top line, excellent turn of stifle moved soundly.

3rd Stocksfell Shockwave (Mrs B Wilkinson)

Res Hawkfield Scandalous Mrs N Klaiber)

VHC Millpoint Jolly Good Show at Ladyhawke (Mrs W Pearson)

Post Graduate BITCH Entries 18 Abs 2

1st Caithpoint Maia at Flinthill (Mrs F Barker) Ow – headed a strong class. Such a classic chiselled head well angulated shoulders and good depth of rib, best of quarters which she used well on the move, good straight front and well boned.

 2nd Sniperay Edge of Glory (Mrs J Radcliffe) Ow - Pushed hard splitting hairs another lovely head presented a feminine picture. Best of fronts and short loin, good turn of stifle, sound on the move.

 3rd Stocksfell Stella (Mrs B Wilkinson)

Res Sharphilly Ginger Fizz at Lundgarth (Mrs S Booth)

VHC Brent EverBlazing at Sedgekirk (Mrs E & Mrs G Whitham)

Mid Limit BITCH Entries 14 Abs 4

1st Hawkfield Happy (Miss W Gordon) Lemon – Eye-catching bitch sweetest head arched neck into strong shoulders best of fronts and depth. Well-muscled quarters, looked a picture stacked, moved soundly using her tail well.

2nd Sonham Chasing Rainbows (Mrs A Mathews) BW – Heavily marked spanking condition pushed hard, best of heads and dark eye good shoulders and sloping top line best of fronts and sloping pasterns, compact and moved well.

3rdNightgold Pipkin (Ms A Brooksmith)

Res Sniperay Ambrosia (Mrs & Miss Pressley & Large)

VHC Fleurfield Truly a Secret (Mrs M Hinton)

Limit Entries 12 Abs 2

1st Medogold Bamalam at Heartbury OSW JW ShCM SHCEx (Mrs V & Mr M Norbury & Adams) LW

Eye-catching girl loved her head and expression well angulated shoulders and good depth of chest strong boned legs and good slope to pasterns, best of top lines and good turn of stifle. Strong mover showed well for handler. Rcc

2nd Joneva Esmeralda of Stridview (Mr J & Mr P Evans & Pavey) BW – Flashy girl classic pointer head strong neck and best of shoulders good depth of fore chest, so compact and well turned stifle finished with bee sting tail moved well. Close up.

3rd Wild Thyme (Miss C Lake)

Res Madison (Mr M Gomez)

VHC Sharnphilly Carte Blanch to Kielderpoint (Mrs S Batchelor)

Open Entries BITCH 13 Abs 1

1st ShCh Sharnphilly Serendipity JW ( Mrs S Mr M Mrs S & Mr B Oddie Dyer & Coles) BW - Classic girl loved her feminine head and good length of neck set on to well laid back shoulders, good forechest, well boned, sloping pasterns, excellent condition, well-muscled quarters, good bend of stifle, strode out purposefully.

2nd ShCh Chesterhope C’mon over to Carmandine (Imp NZ) JW Mrs M & Mrs C Gerrard & Bell) Ow - Classic girl, best of heads, strong neck into good shoulders, good ribbing and depth, strong quarters and good well angulated rear, moved with drive.

3rd Sh Ch Kanix Petunia at Stargang (Mr J & Mr A Blackburn-Bennet & Macara)

Res ShCh Bookstor Fabello Boots (Imp USA) - Miss C Mrs C Mr H Mrs K Miss A & Mr M Hazeltine, Razzell, Spey, Oldfield & Lopes)

VHC Wilchrimane Frankel (Mrs & Miss A Siddle)

Field Trial Entries 1

Little Owl Scandiaca for Daledancer (Imp Svk) (Mrs S J Anderson Rowell) Bw – Lovely girl,, loved her head and expression. Strong shoulders, good depth and well boned legs, nice slope to pasterns strong muscled quarters, sound on the move

Special Working BITCH Entries 3

1st Ch Ansona Cinderella JW (Mrs D Elrington) BW – Nice sized bitch, looked a picture stacked, excellent front and feet, good depth of brisket, well angulated quarters, used tail on the move, so sound.

2nd Crookrise Wren (Mrs S Booth) OW - Lovely head and dark eye, good reach of neck, short coupled, moved soundly

3rd Daledancer Rita Owla Sgwc (Mrs S Anderson Rowell)

Good Citizen BITCH Entries 8

1st ShCh Medogold Kiss N’Tell (Ms A Brooksmith) LW - heavily marked girl, loved her type, good head and dark eye, strong neck and good depth, straight front and well boned, nicely angulated stifle moved well.

2nd Daledancer Rita Owla Sgwc (Mrs S Snderson Rowell) Ow - Sweet girl gorgeous head and expression looked good stacked and didn’t disappoint on the move, at one with handler.

3rd Moenfair Tinpenny Tod Tails (Ms K Tregaskis)

Res Teisgol I am What I am at Phlynnies ShCM (Mrs D Vaughn)

VHC Wynbury Goldend Chalice by Fleurfield (Mrs E Flint)