• Show Date: 28/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nicola Quadling Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Midland Counties Canine Society

Breed: Saluki


Minor Puppy Dog (3,0):

1: Littlechild’s Ravensett Musarra: Red dog of good balance. Good head and eye. Good length of rib and loin. Moderate rear angulation, lovely feet! Moved soundly and steady and I am sure will gain more confidence on the move as he starts to mature.

2: Cole & Garbutt’s Wazifi Aban Abzi: Black fringed red of a smaller type than 1, but in proportion. Good head and eye. Good reach of neck. Nice overall balance. Free steady mover, just preferred the type of the class winner.

3: Ham’s Ravensett Ashkan

Puppy Dog (1, 1) : Absent

Junior Dog (1,0):

1: Kecskes’ Sharwassim Graham (Imp SWE): Grizzle lad of lovely type. Good head and eye. Good strong neck leading into well placed shoulders. Moderate length of rib with good spring. Once he settled down he had very balanced movement especially fore and aft. Loved his character, a very happy boy which I love to see in young salukis. Shown in beautiful condition.

Post Graduate Dog (5,1):

1: Hepburn’s Qatiifah Dahr Damyar at Azaba (Imp Nor): Handsome gold boy in super condition. Good balanced body, reach of neck and deep chest. Moderate rear angulation. Covered the ground well and moved soundly. Would prefer a darker eye, but this does not take away from the overall confirmation of him. I was considering him for the RCC but he just lacked that extra confidence when on the move. A lovely boy.

2: Clanford’s Canapus Fortuna (Imp Nld): Cream lad of good type. Moderate shoulders and rear angulation. Good spring of rib. Moved soundly but not quite as balanced on the move as the class winner.

3: Harrison & Davies’ Khamsin’s Phoenix at Charrioak

Limit Dog (2,1):

1: Ward’s Caryna Manantena at Backtor: Black fringed fawn lad who had a pleasing head and eye. Good reach of neck into well placed shoulders. Good length and depth of chest. Moved soundly. Beautifully presented and well handled.

Open Dog (6,2):

1: Sawer’s Ch Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss: I loved this lad when I last judged him as a puppy and he hasn’t disappointed me, he has matured into a super gentleman! Beautiful head with far seeing eyes. Good reach of neck. Both front and rear construction were moderate and in good muscular condition. If I had to nit pick I would prefer he held a stronger topline but when he moved he was so true, flowing and elegant, just gorgeous. Shown and handled beautifully and a credit to his owner. Pleased to award him the CC and BOB.

2: Brady’s Ch Classicus Azim for Bordercot: This handsome grizzle lad is another saluki shown in beautifully condition both muscular and presentation. A lot to like about him. Lovely head and eye. Balance all through with good front assembly and rear angulation. Nice deep chest and good spring of rib. Another free flowing and elegant mover. Very close decision between this dog and the class winner and was pleased to award him the RCC.

3: Harding & Cowley’s Ch Classicus Odysseus at Ashahni

Special Beginners Dog (1,0):

1: Kecskes’ Sharwassim Graham (Imp SWE): Still a very happy lad in this class and although stood alone again, his qualities were clear to see. His movement was more settled in this class.

Minor Puppy Bitch (3,0):

1: Cole’s Wazifi Aletta Ablaa: Cream bitch with balanced outline with moderate angulation both front and rear. Good length of rib and loin for a baby. She had such a happy time in the ring but managed to keep it together to move soundly. Lovely baby.

2: Warner & Hetherington’s Flytsefield Eowyn at Savuka: Exuberant young lady and why not!! Black bitch very much the baby of the class. In good condition all through. Moved rather erratically but when settled side movement was balanced.

3: Larden’s Wazifi Adira Afiyah: this fawn young lady deserves a mention as entering the class my eyes were drawn to her. She is a promising puppy but currently leads her handlers a merry dance, with some more ringcraft and the more shows she goes to and is sensitively handled by judges she could have a very bright future.

Puppy Bitch (2,0):

1: Sanders Parker’s Classicus Felicitas: Red and white particolour, stunning little puppy. Lovely head and eye. Good neck leading into well placed shoulders with correct upper arm. Moderate rear angulation. Moved with such grace for a baby. Shown and handled in excellent condition, which you would expect nothing less from this kennel. I don’t doubt this young lady will have a very bright future! Pleased to award her BP.

2: Harding & Cowley’s Classicus Florentia at Ashahni: Black and white particolour, litter sister to 1. At a different growing stage to her sister but another lovely puppy. Good reach of neck, good shoulder placement. Longer cast than her sister but still balanced both standing and on the move. Both of these baby’s have good strong toplines both standing and moving. Another shown in beautiful condition.

Junior Bitch (2,1):

1: Freegard’s Mumtaz Obsession: Black fringed fawn of lovely type with good head and eye. Moderate all through. Shown in excellent condition. A little anxious on the move and don’t think she showed her best today but once settled she moved well.

Post Graduate Bitch (5,1):

1: Ince’s Indianna Byrlince: Beautiful balanced good size black grizzle bitch. Loved her head and eye, she just melted my heart as she looked straight through me! Good depth of chest, well placed shoulders with moderate rear angulation. Lovely feet! A happy girl who moved soundly and true. Her side action is just beautiful. Another who is shown in super condition both muscular and presentation. Stunning coat, gleamed even under the false lighting. This young lady is sensitively handled that gets the best out of her and it was a close decision between her and the eventual CC winner. I was pleased to award her the RCC

2: Duddell & Johnson’s Canerikie Chiquitita: Cream bitch of lovely type, very feminine. Balanced all through with good rear angulation. Good tail set and carriage. When she was slowed down on the move, her movement was true and sound and looked much neater and elegant. If she had a tad more confidence in herself, especially on the move, I could see her having a bright future.

3: Corden’s Caryna Nadyenka for Gemgwynad

Limit Bitch (5,3):

1: Garratt & Oakey’s Caryna Esperanza: Cream bitch of good size. Well constructed throughout with good length of rib and loin. For me she was carrying too much weight which did spoil the overall outline of her, but none the less a very nice, sound bitch. Good steady mover with reach and drive. .

2: Lewis’s Knightellington E-Isora: I thought this gold bitch may have been my winner when I first saw her. Lovely old fashioned type, beautiful young lady. Good head an eye. Well constructed throughout. Her front action could be a little tighter but her side action was free flowing with no exaggerations. I would have preferred her coat shown in a better condition but this does not detract from her confirmation or workability, just my personal preference. She lost out to 1 on movement overall.

Open Bitch (7,3):

1: Freegard’s Jazelle Athena for Mumtaz: Black fringed fawn of lovely type. Have admired her since she was a puppy and she most certainly has not disappointed. Feminine all through with good head and eye. Well balanced with moderate rear angulation. Good spring of rib and length of loin. Another Saluki with beautiful feet! Moved soundly and freely with elegance, particularly in side action. Shown in excellent muscular condition and in presentation. In the challenge it was a close call between this young lady and the Post Graduate winner, but I was pleased to award her the CC as her maturity on the move really shone. I was told this gave her the title of Champion…….very well deserved and congratulations.

2: Davies, Harrison and Sanders-Parker’s Ch Alchemy for Charrioak JW: Another beautiful young lady, black and tan. Well balanced throughout. Super head and eye. Good neck leading into well placed, strong shoulders. Moderate rear angulation. Shown in excellent muscular condition and coat was excellent too. I have seen her move much better before and although balanced on the move and sound today, she did not have her usual sparkle but again, a bitch of lovely quality and type.

3: Anderson’s Canapus Violante (Imp Nld)

Veteran Bitch (2,1):

1: Garratt & Oakey’s Ch Caryna Nefertiti JW ShCM: This cream 8 year old lady stood alone but was a worthy winner. Good shoulders, ribs and loin. Moderate rear angulation. Covered the ground well on the move and was balanced throughout. I can forgive oldies having a tad more weight on them, but this young lady had a bit more than a tad!! Very nice bitch and didn’t look her age at all.

Special Beginners Bitch (3,1):

1: Larden’s Wazifi Adira Afiyah: I may not have been able to go over this young puppy, but she is beautiful. Black fringed fawn, so feminine with a good head and eye. She settled much more in this class and moved steady and true. With patience and ringcraft, I think this baby will have a bright future, she was just overwhelmed today with the experience.

Judge: Nicola Quadling