• Show Date: 13/11/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nicola Garbutt Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Northumbria Poodle Club

Breed: Poodle (Miniature)



13 /11 /2022

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge CC in miniatures for the first time. I also judged the Toys today which without CC on offer. Also, to my lovely steward

 Sandy Nugent who kept my ring running smoothly thank you, and to the exhibitors for their entries and sportsmanship.

MINIATURES VD (0)MPD (1)1.Kitchener Olymbinars Michandy Midas Touch, Well what a start to my judging this young man stood alone but that did not matter as he caught my eye as soon as he entered the ring at just 7mths and his first show black with a lovely refined head dark eyes of good shape good earset good depth of chest and lovely reach in neck into good shoulders lovely tight feet and rear angulation good tailset and carriage on the move for being so young he was so balanced I just loved him and was pleased to award him RCC BPD BPIB im sure he is going to have a very exciting future . PD (2)1. Kitchener Olymbinars Michandy Midas Touch 2. Shakespeare Holsyi’s Titan in Ice larger in type than the winner masculine head that’s developing nicely lovely eye shape good pigment and chin tight feet ribs well covered good textured coat once settled he moved well holding his topline.JD(0)YD(0)PGD(1)1.Roulston The Real Deal taf 4 year old with a pleasing head and expression well bodied with good spring of rib nice rear angulation good tailset and carriage very sound on the move well-tailored coat handled and shown well.LD(1)1.Shakespeare Sariante Dick Grayson white of good size and type refined balanced head good eye shape and colour good reach of neck tight feet lovely textured coat he is balanced on the move but was just moving a bit close in front today.OD(2)1. Holmes-Leak Ch Navarres Extrovert JW what a lovely boy to go over he had the best chin of the day lovely balanced head with nice chiselling dark expressive eyes good reach of neck good front and rear angulation nice forechest with good depth and well sprung rib lovely and short in back good feet firm and muscular rear with hocks well let down on the move he holds his topline he really is a lovely honest boy who I was pleased to award him the CC .2.Kitchener Ch Michandy Turn Back Time JW this was another lovely boy who had a lot of the same qualities as the winner and im sure they will change places lovely head and eye long neck down to well laid shoulders nice fore chest with good depth good rear angulation balanced on the move good tailset this kennel is producing some lovely dogs and in the challenge I just couldn’t resist the lovely youngster for top honours(2,1)1.McIntyre Kayth Maid Maday 13yrs white still in full coat moved ok for her age still has good pigment dark eyes well handled.MPB(0).

PB(2)1.Reeve - Kettle Kimedee Hot Love 11mths black pretty head and expression good length of neck going down to a nice front lovely tight feet well presented jacket full of attitude once settled moved with lots of style BPB 2.Hyslop Holysi Got Envy 11mths slightly longer than winner and needs to tighten in front but that should come with maturity balanced head dark eye moved ok holding top line good rear angulation.

JB(2)1.Kitchener Michandy Realastic JW wow when this youngster walked in the ring she caught my eye and didn’t disappoint when going over her she has the most refined head good ear set long leathers dark expressive eyes that have that look at me attitude lovely long neck going into well placed shoulders good depth of chest body maturing nicely well-presented coat of good texture on the move she is so balanced and holds her topline good rear angulation tailset and carriage I had no hesitation in awarding her the CC and to find out that was her 3rd a worthy champion with a lot more to give in the challenge she stepped up another gear to end up BOB.2.Thirlaway Donaska Pussy Galore lovely brown girl with good pigment and eye colour good presented a balanced picture when stacked with good reach of neck lovely body with a well presented jacket plenty of attitude I’m sure she will do well.YB (2)Thirlaway Donaska Pussy Galore 2.Priestley Donavika Poison Ivy lovely black bigger type than winner and needs to tighten in front and in body but this will come with maturity lovely dark eye good pigment tight feet long neck good depth of chest(2)1.Batey Donavika Dear Darlin refined black lovely head shape dark twinkling eyes good chin lovely feet straight front good reach of neck ear set good leathers long and wide level top line makes a lovely shape when stacked moved out well for me she just needs to mature in body lovely well presented coat of good texture.2. Tate River Starlight smaller type red with good pigment and colour good chin tight feet moved well holding her top line good spring of rib for me I would just like that bit more of her but I would like to compliment this young lady on her handling she was so gentle and sympathetic to her dog always making sure she new where the judge was and getting the best out of her dog keep up the good work you made me smile watching you handle your dog well done.LB (3.1)1 Lister Calmaric In For a Penny very pretty black girl beautiful head and expression good length of neck into good shoulder placement well proportioned body level top line she is stylish on the move just not quite the typical poodle sparkle of the cc winner so had to settle for the RCC today 2.Tofts / Simpson Brightest Hoku brown with good pigment and slightly heavier type than winner nice feet good tail set and carriage good depth of for chest a little unsettled today but she did get better as time went on.OB(3)1.McIntyre Kayth Maid in Heaven white with a good dense coat good pigment nice eye shape and head good reach of neck good shape level top line adequate rear angulation moved well.2 Tofts/Simpson Brightest Hoku 3. Tate River Starlight. Judge Nicola Garbutt