• Show Date: 12/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Gourley Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

What an honour to judge the breed I have dedicated over 25 years of my life to at such a prestigious show. I am so very grateful to the Crufts Committee for the invitation. I was very encouraged by the number of new exhibitors in the breed many showing their dogs at Crufts for the very first time. For the benefit of all exhibitors, I am going to critique your dogs and explain my placings; after all you have paid a lot of money for my opinion. That does mean I will report some of your dog’s short-comings from the breed standard as well as their virtues. I trust these observations will be taken in the spirit in which they are given. As an overall impression our ETT’s (and their handlers) have to enter the ring confidently and present the judge with a keen, alert, Terrier. To win top honours our ETT’s must be in the peak of condition with a thick jet black coat, wet shiny black nose, sparkling eyes, short nails and gleaming white teeth. We need a dog that has the ability to turn on a sixpence when dispatching vermin so that requires strength of loin and well sprung ribs, strong pasterns, muscled second thigh and strong low hocks with tight feet and short nails. The tail should be low set to give balance but which also ensures we have the unique ETT top line. Finally we need the matching angulation of forequarters and hind quarters that allow our dogs to move at speed giving the impression of an extended trot.

VD (2,0) 1st Neerodan Top Notch (Mrs & Mrs Perry). On his toes today and showing all the pre-requisite ETT characteristics. Alert and confident at all times. Long narrow wedge-shaped head with small dark almond eye. Ears set high and erect. Lovely straight front legs with elbows tight to his ribs. Moved with drive and sound away and back. In fit healthy condition with gleaming jet black coat. Would like a little more shape to the top line which tends to flatten with a slight rise over the loin. 2nd Ir/int/nl/be Ch Tillarn Kilgharrah Anw-19 Amsw-18 Bwbe-17 (Ms J E A Crowley). Another old boy looking fit and healthy for his 10 years. Long narrow wedge-shaped head with dark eye and ears of good size but set a little wide on back skull. Fabulous strong white teeth and perfect scissor bit – a credit to his owner especially at this age. Elegant neck. Holds the correct top line with a very gentle curve from withers to croup to a low set tail. Would like to see better extension in front. Not the keen expression of the winner.

PD (3,0) Two litter brothers that gave me quite a headache. Both are of ideal size and presented immaculately. Their owners have clearly put a lot of work into their conditioning and training with the eventual winner having the benefit of a very experienced and talented ETT owner and handler taking charge and showing off his key virtues perfectly. Coats were both short, dense and shiny jet black with rich tans and clearly defined thumb prints. Both sound away and back and have accurate footfall in side gait. I really was splitting hairs and believe both are worthy of winning CC’s. 1st Ettology Handsome Hank (Miss N L & Mr W C Duran & Stevens). Beautiful head with keen expression and high set candle flame shaped ears. Slight arch to neck and well laid shoulders. Slightly shorter in loin than second which created a near perfect silhouette when stacked but I preferred Barney’s slightly lower set tail especially when they were on the move. RDCC 2nd Ettology Bounteous Barney (Mr K Dennison). Again love his head and expression and he is a natural showman. Cannot stand wrong and as such moves so soundly. I have watched his smart new ETT owner/handler grow in confidence over the last two months and dog/handler now have such a terrific rapport; my winners of the Special Beginners Group at Bath. 3rd Boimans Call Me Boz (Mr T & Mrs J Harman)

JD (4,0) 1st Ettology Big Bang (Mrs Z Phillips). Won this class on his size and overall shape; he makes an ideal ETT silhouette both stood and on the move. In fabulous condition with dense, black, shiny coat, good overall muscle tone and well cared for teeth and feet. Very typical head with small dark eye and high set ears. Another serious contender for green cards and CC worthy. Moved soundly away and back. Just pipped by the young upstart from the same kennel today. 2nd Nasabe Black Country Magic (Ms M Lopez Cabrera). Super head with small dark eye and high set ears. Clean teeth and strong jaw. Elegant neck into well laid shoulders. Chest developing well and good length of rib. Short in loin giving correct gentle curve to top line with low set tail. Rich tans and clearly defined thumbprints. Has a good rapport with his young handler. Both just need a little more confidence to have greater ring presence. 3rd Nasabe Dartmoor Dreaming for Vidra (Ms B & Mr I Wiles & Argint)

PGD (4,0) 1st Man of Knight (Mr P & Mrs J Hunter). A lock-down puppy so a dog who had apparently only been exhibited once in 2021 and made his second appearance at Crufts. As such, a new dog to me and an exciting find. With no disrespect to his owner/handler, who by his own admission was “new to all this”, this dog just showed himself off. He is up to size but makes a perfect silhouette, has a text-book top line and is so very sound. His masculine head has strength of underjaw and is of ideal length. Just a little heavy in back skull but ears are set high and of very good candle flame shape. I loved his small, almond dark eyes set obliquely and giving a typical keen expression. Slight arch to neck, good length of rib and short loin. Well angled croup to low set tail. Such balanced angulation to his fore and hind quarters with a very good return of upper arm and bend of stifle. Once his handler moved him at the correct pace, he showed a super extended trot just as I had expected having assessed his confirmation. Short, dense black coat with rich tans and clearly defined thumbprints. Dog CC. 2nd Lasagesse Lucky Man (Ms A & Mr J Keylock & Collins). Handsome dog in super overall condition and presents a very balanced picture overall. Very alert expression with ears set high and used to advantage. Dark almond eyes. Super clean strong teeth. Elegant in neck. A little flatter in top compared to the winner with a slight dip. Lacked the angulation of the winner so front legs are set forward and needs more bend of stifle. Moved soundly away and back. Jet black shiny coat, fabulous muscle tone and rich tans; thumbprints have run. 3rd Lasagesse Supersonic (Mr D & Mrs C Howard)

LD (4,0) 1st Ettology Bounteous Barney (Mr K Dennison). Clearly determined to win a first prize having been beaten by his brother in the Puppy Class. Absolutely stormed the Limit Class – both dog and handler full of confidence and faultless on the move. 2nd Lasagesse Starman (Mr D & Mrs C Howard). A dog I have admired on many occasion and in fact my CC winner last time I judged. He is still super sound and makes my idea of the perfect ETT shape stood. He is fit and well conditioned. Clearly very well cared for. He is a handsome dog and has so many virtues but needs to be moved faster, handled with confidence and presented to show a keen, alert expression. 3rd Twowayshouse Tudor King (Mr S & Mrs N Whitehouse)

OD (4,0) 1st Adargwn Brunel Bel Jun Ch (Ms J E A Crowley). Only a young dog but made quite an impression and looked the part here in Open. A larger dog overall but very balanced throughout and makes the ideal overall ETT shape. His head could be a little more refined as he is broader in back skull than ideal. Good length to his wedge. Strength to his jaw and healthy teeth. Dark, almond shaped eyes. Elegant in neck with slight arch and very well laid-back shoulders. Has the angles fore and aft to create drive and good reach required for an extended trot. Very accurate footfall in side gait and parallel away and back. Black shiny jacket and rich tans with defined pencilling and thumbprints. 2nd Moretonia Easter Parade (Mr J Wood) Appealed for his size and overall shape with very typical top line and low set tail. Long narrow wedge-shaped head with small dark almond eyes and a keen expression. Ears of good size and set high although he tends to bonnet them which detracts from keen expression. Good depth of chest and length of rib. Straight front legs; thumbprints run slightly. Moved soundly away and back. 3rd Neerodan Just The Ticket (Mrs & Mrs Perry)

GCD (1,0) 1st Adargwn Brunel Bel Jun Ch (Ms J E Crowley)

VB (1,0) 1st Edenstou Violet (Mrs J C Pierpoint). A fine and elegant lady looking a picture of health and 8 years young. A happy girl if a little reserved. Very pretty in head with long narrow wedge-shape and dark almond eyes. Ears of good size but could have been used to better advantage to create a more alert impression. Good strength to her jaw with brilliant white healthy teeth. Slight arch to neck and well laid shoulders. Typical top line with gentle curve from withers to croup. Low set tail. A little close behind so lacked the drive and wide coming towards. Rich tans and short black coat.

PB (5,1) 1st Lasagesse Californication (Mr G & Mrs L Dixon). Only a puppy but not phased at all by the occasion, the large green carpet or her competition. She has so much attitude and confidence that she ensures you notice her. Immediately attracted to her size and overall shape. She has such a typical silhouette stood she catches your eye in the initial line up. Then as you walk the line she looks up at you with that fabulous head and expression – already fixed herself in your mind. Close up she confirms your initial thoughts. Long narrow wedge, flat skull with ears of perfect size, shape and set. Dark almond eyes. Strong jaw, clean teeth and perfect scissor bite. Moves with attitude, style and pace. In fit condition with muscle tone and a real quality to her coat and overall condition. Top line can flatten a little on the move which will come as she matures and her chest drops. Had no hesitation in sending her through to the Group despite her age. CC & BOB & BPIB. 2nd Appletor I'll Tell The Bees (Mrs M P Jackson). Another exciting prospect who gave an equally good account of herself. Very elegant and is of an ideal make and overall shape. Super head; long and narrow with small dark almond eyes and high set ears. Slight crest to her neck into well angulated shoulders and straight front legs with strength to her pasterns. Lovely low set hocks and muscle tone to second thigh. Has a typical top line with desired gentle curve and low set tail. Accurate in foot fall showing both reach and drive. Parallel away and back. Rich tans and jet black coat; thumb prints just lacking some definition. 3rd Neerodan Thyme to Shine (Messrs P & A Conway & Oakden)

JB (5,1) 1st Pallisandre Pocahontas (Miss C & Mr M Ramsden & Kagzi). Still a puppy but showing great potential and worthy of winning CC’s. Beautiful head and eye. Long narrow wedge with flat skull and strength to underjaw. Very typical alert expression with ears set high and used at all times. Elegant b=neck into well laid shoulders. Like the CC winner she makes a great shape stood but can just lose her top line on the move; this will come as she matures and her chest drops. Very accurate in foot fall. Sound away and back. Shiny short black coat with rich tans and clearly defined thumbprints. 2nd Adargwn Vienna Bel Jun Ch (Ms J E A Crowley). I really liked her overall shape. Really scores in top line. Typical in head with long narrow wedge and dark, almond eyes. Ears set high. Very well laid-back shoulders with matching return of upper arm. Well bent stifles and low hocks. Shows reach and drive in profile. A little wide in front coming towards. Thick, black jacket with rich tans and clearly defined thumbprints. 3rd Amalric Storm Angels (Mrs W Imrie)

PGB (8,1) 1st Gillings Dont Tella (Mr P & Ms D Cadman & Jarvis). What a neat little package she is and such a fabulous personality. Full of attitude and showed herself naturally. Fine and elegant making an ideal overall shape. Her beautiful head is refined and of good length. Narrow in skull with the best high set candle flame shaped ears and small, dark almond eyes. Gentle curve to her top line and low set tail. Moved soundly away and back. Short coat, good muscle tone and rich tans with clearly defined markings. 2nd Peopleton As You Like It (Mr J & Miss W Francis & Blatchford). Another elegant young lady with a lovely head and expression - love those dark, almond eyes set just perfectly. A little longer than the winner and as such did not hold her shape as well on the move. That said stood she makes a very typical outline. In gleaming condition with tidy, neat feet. Sound away but pulled to one side coming towards. Accurate footfall when viewed in side gait and moves with real drive. 3rd Lokeren Abba Annifried (Mrs J & Mr P Fiers)

LB (3,0) 1st Lokeren Abba Agnetha (Mrs J & Mr P Fiers). Won this class and ultimately the RCC by virtue of her movement which had such freedom, balance and was truly akin to an extended trot. In addition, she was keen, confident and had a great rapport with her handler. Long, narrow head with small dark almond eyes. Ears set high and always alert. Elegant neck with slight arch and well laid shoulders. Straight front legs. Well bent stifle and low set hocks. Very typical top line stood but a fraction longer in the loin therefore just flattens a fraction on the move; super low set tail. Lovely rich tans; lacks definition to her thumbprints. RCC. 2nd Gillings Dont Tella (Mr P & Ms D Cadman & Jarvis). 3rd Waukesha Rockahula at Russiatree (Mrs P Reeve)

OB (8,3) Two very typical bitches that are both CC worthy but up against some beautiful youngsters on top form today. They both make a typical ETT silhouette stood and are both of an ideal size. 1st Mansiya Mischievous (Mrs Z Phillips). Has strength to her head and very much all Terrier with flat skull, dark almond eyes and high set ears. Very good strength to her underjaw and fabulous teeth. Very alert with keen expression. Elegant neck and well laid shoulders. Super gentle curve to her top line which she holds well on the move. Sound away and back. 2nd Ch Nasabe Lily Marlene (Mrs H & Mr J Haffenden & Wood). A worthy champion with a beautiful head and expression. Again, another in top condition with gleaming coat, good muscle tone, clean teeth and neat nails. Always alert and great rapport with her handler who presents her confidently to show of her virtues. Sound away and back. Just lost her top line on the move today tending to dip towards the withers. 3rd Thalcyon Springtime Star (Mrs J & Mr P Fiers)

GCB (1,0) 1st Ir/int/nl/bel Ch Royomas Tennesse Waltz to Adargwn Ir/nl/bel/lux Junc (Ms J E A Crowley). Appealed immediately for her overall make and shape. Typical outline with slight arch to her neck, well laid shoulders and plenty of fore-chest with a typical gentle curve to her top line, well angled croup and low set tail. Long narrow head with strength to underjaw. Almond eyes which could be a fraction darker. High set ears and alert expression. In super condition with good muscle tone and shiny black coat. Rich tans and clearly defined markings. Accurate footfall in side gait. A little close going away

Judge – Nick Gourley