• Show Date: 10/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nick Burchell Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

LKA 2022

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the last LKA show to be held at the NEC, and to also thank my very able stewards. I really enjoyed my day and had a fantastic entry of quality dogs, so much potential amongst the youngsters to watch for the future. I am passionate to see the breed move forward with both show and working. Thank you to all the exhibitors for contributing to such an excellent entry, so many with potential for the top awards on another day. So good to see the breed developing substance and quality, though we still have a long way to go with so much variety in the breed. I was delighted with my final line ups and my top dog now becoming the second full champion in the breed. A lovely atmosphere, we should all continue to enjoy our showing supporting the winners on the day.

Minor Puppy Dog (2,0)

1st Greenwood’s - Coedhelyg Son Shine

Head and expression developing well, medium neck set on to level topline. Nice substance, deep chest and spring of rib for age. Appeared balanced, more coat still coming through, nice tight feet, more mature than 2. Moved well and with confidence for his age.

2nd Burgess’ - Redmanhey’s Comte De La Fere

Pleasing head, eye and expression, medium neck well set on, adequate spring of rib for age, level top line, loose in front at the moment. Tight and well-presented feet, coat coming. Confident in the ring today moving well.

Puppy Dog (3,0)

1st Powley’s - Cfyre’s Prancing Across the Sky to Danehaven

Good balanced outline developing. Wedged shape head, with ears set high. Almond shape eyes and a good reach of neck set on onto well placed shoulders. Muscle tone developing but correct for his age. Up on his legs at the moment, coat coming, moved well on tight well-presented feet. One to watch I feel, more mature than 2 today.

2nd Sewell’s - Littleclose Father and Son to Breakerswell

Less mature than one, plenty of time to spring his ribs and develop, but sporting a good wedge-shaped head with well placed triangular ears and almond shape eyes. Another with a good neck flowing into his body showing a tidy outline. Would prefer a bit more bone, moved ok but still a bit loose at the moment.

3rd Burgess’ - Redmanhey’s Comte De La Fere

Junior Dog (7,1)

1st Lam’s - Tollisty Out To Get You

Caught my eye today, standing square on tight feet, a fine example of the breed in top condition and well presented. A handsome strong, wedge-shaped head with correct almond shaped eye, colour blending correctly into his coat. A moderate length, well-muscled neck, set into well placed shoulders. Overall balanced outline with good angulation. Deep chest, and good spring of rib. He moved well and with confidence and a high tail carriage.

2nd Strevens - Tollisty You Can’t Decline

So much to like, another dog to watch. Smaller build than 1, sporting an alert expression and good head, set on a moderate length strong neck leading into well placed shoulders. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, good angles, well balanced, A well-constructed dog but 1st moved with a bit more spark today.

3rd Salmon’s - Acadiabyrne Tibetan Coral

Reserve: Hailes - Arthundur’s Toffee Apple

VHC: Powley’s - Cfyre’s Prancing cross the Sky to Danehaven

Yearling Dog (9,1)

1st Nevers’ - Tollekin Dream Cove at Sheldrake JW

A super example of breed type in good coat, still young but showing much potential. A pleasing head and expression with real attitude, correct wedge-shaped head and almond shaped eyes blending into his rich coat. A good length of neck, well set on flowing into correctly placed shoulders, Level top line standing and on the move, with good angles throughout forming a well-balanced outline. Another deep chest and developing spring of rib, this dog showed he is more than capable to meet any working requirements with excellent muscle tone throughout. He moved with energy and purpose.

2nd Dorrell’s - Tollisty Moet En Chandon JW

A well-presented young dog with time on his side, much potential here. A nice type, with good bone & proportions overall giving him a well-balanced outline. A pleasing head and correct eye shape and colour. Coat is coming, good angles front and rear and muscle tone, moved well but not with quite the attitude of 1 today.

3rd Favre-Whitmore’s - Stellenbosh Discors avec Laulaco

Reserve: Head’s - Spriterufus Tarantella

VHC: Strevens - Tollisty You Can’t Decline

Post Graduate Dog (20,4)

Tough choices in this class

1st Bate-Ash’s - Eusanit Hit the Lights

A mature dog of a good type with plenty of substance in excellent coat. An attractive head with almond shape eyes, colour blending nicely into his coat. Medium length neck, into level topline which was held on the move. Deep chested and ribs well sprung. Medium bone with good angles, well-muscled throughout and stood on well-presented feet. Tail carriage appeared to touch his back on the move, but he moved out well with confidence and attitude.

2nd Elkin’s - Tollelkin Dream Harbour JW

Still maturing at the moment, he is of excellent type. A handsome head of good proportions and kind expression, a strong neck, well set on. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, sound structure and good angles, stood on pleasing tight feet. Well presented, in a well-muscled hard condition making him a lovely mover with good reach and drive. Overall balanced and of good substance, definitely one to watch as he matures.

3rd Rice’s - Tollerice Eberle

Reserve: Aubury’s - Afonbach Red Fire

VHC: Lam’s - Tollisty Out to Get You

Limit Dog (9,0)

1st Sim’s - Stellenbosh Krilencu

A strong contender with plenty of Toller attitude who immediately caught my eye. He has a handsome head with a kind expression, almond shaped eyes of good colour. Medium length of neck flowing into a well laid-back shoulders. A compact dog with a good spring of rib and well-muscled throughout carrying his tail high on the move. Good angles and in nice coat, well presented on the day, dropped his head and moved with purpose.

2nd Roger’s - Eusanit Peaky Blinder

A compact darker dog of good type. Nice wedge-shaped head of correct proportions. Well sprung ribs, presented in a good coat. Well-muscled and of sound construction. Moved well today but not with quite the attitude of 1.

3rd Vaughan’s - Katimba Malvasia of Valsannra

Reserve: Adshead’s - Afonbach Winter Is Coming JW

VHC: Wardrope’s - Alter Ego Rusty Fox

Open Dog (8,0)

1st Elkin’s - Tollekin Caife Americano SGWC

Unmistakably my star of the day, I have watched this dog develop, today he showed his socks off presenting himself with real confidence. A true exceptional example of the breed more than capable of working in the field and showing off in the ring. Plenty of substance and well-muscled. Balanced construction throughout, he has a pleasing profile both standing and on the move. He has a well-proportioned, masculine head, and alert, kind, almond shape eye, colour blending into his rich coat. Moderate reach of neck, strong and well set on flowing into well placed shoulders. Deep chested and well sprung ribs, moderate bone and good angulation. Well-presented tight feet and level topline. Showed himself majestically on the move with good reach and drive, attitude and tail carriage. Coat in excellent condition. Delighted to award him DCC (his 3rd) and BOB.

2nd Barker’s - Sh Ch Eusanit Silvr Dream Machine

Lovely dog dripping in coat with many good points but up against a real star on form today. Nice type, excellent wedge shape head, flat cheeks, moderate stop and well set triangular ears. Alert expression with almond shape eyes blending into his coat. Good length of neck well set on, flowing into well laid-back shoulders. Deep chest and good spring of ribs. Well boned straight front legs standing on nicely presented tight feet. Movement had not quite the reach and drive of 1 today and tail carriage tended to be level. However, worthy winner of RDCC.

3rd Westwood’s - Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Proper Job JW

Reserve: Fuard’s - Tollelkin Bay of Ice

VHC: Hassan’s - Cretshengan Sky Blue at Ferryfern

Veteran Dog (6,1)

1st Strevens’ - Sh Ch Erikachen Conaire at Tollisty JW ShCM ShCEx VW

The first of two eye-catching brothers, have followed them throughout their career. An excellent type with real substance, love his balanced outline. A typical correct wedge-shaped head and almond shaped eyes. Moderately strong neck flowing into well laid-back shoulders. Sound angulation and a level top line standing and on the move. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, well-muscled throughout. A rich coat in excellent condition. Excellent ring presence moving out with confidence and good tail carriage.

2nd Wright’s - Sh Ch Erikachen Daithi of Wrightpaw JW

Another excellent type with real substance in excellent coat. Attractive, wedge-shaped head with correct almond shape eyes and a kind expression. Medium neck flowing into well laid-back shoulders. Good depth of chest with excellent spring of rib, short coupled and strong loin. Correct angulation and maintained level topline throughout. Difficult to separate these two but 1 moved with a bit more enthusiasm today.

3rd Fuard’s - Tollelkin Bay of Ice

Reserve: Davies - Katmistsky’s Soul Dream

VHC: Rice’s - Tiamaria Harvest Gold

Good Citizen Dog (11,2)

1st Nevers’ - Tollekin Dream Cove At Sheldrake JW (1st Yearling dog)

2nd Roger’s - Eusanit Peaky Blinder (2nd Limit Dog)

3rd Bate-Ash’s - Eusanit Hit the Lights (1st Post Grad dog)

Reserve Fuard’s - Tollelkin Bay of Ice (Res Open Dog)

VHC Aubury’s - Afonbach Red Fire (Res Post Grad Dog)

Minor Puppy Bitch (0,0)

Puppy Bitch (2,0)

1st Trickett’s - Cfyre’s High Tea at Tollpepper (Imp Can)

Nice type with plenty of promise, an attractive feminine wedge-shaped head and almond eye. Well balanced and a strong topline, straight front columns, parallel rear pasterns and standing on tight feet. In good coat, she moved well with accurate footfall in profile, happy tail carriage and had real presence on the day. BP

2nd Davies’ - Arelechen Tarry with Me Pray

Sweet girl with developing head, more compact than 1, she is less mature and a little loose at this time. Nice tight feet and adequate angulation at this stage with the prospect of a nice coat coming. She moved in a true jaunty puppy fashion.

Junior Bitch (6,1)

1st Lashly’s -Tollisty Blow Your Mind at Citanabel

A mature bitch with plenty of substance, well-muscled and good bone. Well chiselled head with flat cheeks and almond eyes. Moderate reach of neck, strong and well set on into a good lay back of shoulder, ribs developing, and strong level topline. A promising outline with good angles, moved well with reach and drive. sporting a good tail set.

2nd Wardrope’s - Goldstar Struttin’ Her Daisy Dukes

Most attractive type, feminine, wedged shaped head and almond eye. Strong neck, flowing into well placed shoulders. Liked her balanced outline. Lovely coat developing. Moved well holding her topline with a correct tail carriage, shows promise for the future. Less mature than 1 at this present time.

3rd Smith’s - Tollisty Couldn’t Careless

Reserve: Trickett’s - Cfyre’s High Tea at Tollpepper (Imp Can)

VHC: Sanford’s - Erikachen Caoimhe

Yearling Bitch (6,1)

1st Elkin’s - Tollekin Dream Dancer JW

A mature well-balanced bitch standing 4 square. Lovely wedge shaped head and a kind almond shaped eye, moderate stop and triangular dropped ears. Muscular, medium neck to level topline. Straight front legs of medium bone and tight elbows. Good angles front and rear, ribs well sprung and well-muscled throughout, she moved with attitude on the day and with real presence.

2nd Wardrope’s - Danehaven Nouvel

Less mature and finer than 1. Sweet head and a kind expression, medium neck flowing well into a good layback of shoulder, straight topline. Overall a nice outline with well bent stifles, in good coat and presented herself well on the day but not quite the same attitude on the move as 1.

3rd Lashly’s - Tollisty Blow Your Mind at Citanabel

Reserve: Smith’s - Tollisty Couldn’t Careless

VHC: Foster- Brown’s – Stellenbosch Scutulata

Post Graduate Bitch (19,6)

1st Moult’s - Croftwell Tickety Boo

A quality bitch of good type in super coat, presenting a balanced outline, she moved in a jaunty manner and with confidence. An attractive, correct feminine head and an alert expression. Good angulation and medium bone. Straight forelegs to tight well-presented feet. Level topline and good spring of rib. Liked her for substance and muscle.

2nd Favre-Whitmore’s - Think Wonderful Thoughts at Laulaco

Another pretty bitch who moved with attitude. Wedge-shaped head with well set dropped ears. Alert, almond eyes of medium size with a melting expression. strong neck of medium length set in to into good shoulders. Powerful build, stifles well bent and well muscled second thigh. Neat feet. Tended to drop her topline occasionally, but when she was focused she was really looking the part.

3rd Greenwood’s - Coedhelyg Jingle Bell Rock

Reserve: Watton’s - Tasarla Moon River

VHC: Lashly’s - Tollisty Blow Your Mind at Citanabel

Limit Bitch (18,4)

1st Sharpe’s - Rosettia Shining Light

A Lovely, compact, eye-catching bitch in prime condition, well-muscled throughout. Smaller frame than some but well-constructed and all in proportion. Attractive, feminine wedge-shaped head with a kind almond shaped eye blending nicely into her coat. Perfect strong neck, well set on flowing into a correct lay back of shoulder. Lovely angles front and rear, well sprung ribs and plenty of personality. Perfectly level top line standing and on the move, beautiful tight feet well presented. She moved well with good reach and drive and that characteristic alert tail carriage, looking very comfortable in the ring today. Well deserved RBCC

2nd Rolf’s - Tollpepper Echo’s Hope for Skysaria

Another attractive feminine bitch, lots to like. Sweet head of correct proportions, medium neck, well set on and flowing into good lay back of shoulder. Well sprung rib cage and nice angulation. Strongly muscled and moved well around the ring on tight feet, with a good tail set carried on the move.

3rd Morse’s - Eusanit Celtic Sea at Sinsircariad

Reserve: Hughes - Eusanit Gem Stone At Abacot

VHC: West’s - Raynechaser Luna Eclipse Beg Ex

Open Bitch (9,0)

1st Westwood’s - Eusanit Ever Fallen in Love

Loved this compact bitch, eye catching and well balanced, providing an impressive outline. An attractive, alert, feminine head shape with moderate stop and almond shape eyes, blending into her coat. Medium neck, well set on, flowing into well placed shoulders. She has substance, good bone, plenty of lung room with a good spring of rib, a level topline standing and on the move. Good angles supporting her 4 square presentation, she moved with confidence and attitude carrying her tail well completing the balanced outline. Pleased to be award her BCC.

2nd Strevens’ - Sh Ch Tollekin Caife Gaelach at Tollisty

An excellent type, a truly feminine bitch, well balanced throughout. Attractive correct head, eye and expression. Medium neck, well set on and flowing nicely into a good lay of shoulder with correct angles front and rear. Level topline standing and on the move, good muscle tone. Would just have liked a bit more enthusiasm from her on the move today.

3rd Westwood’s - Sh Ch / Ir Sh Ch Eusanit Gonna Make You a Star

Reserve: Greenwood’s – Jun Ch Pi Fife Shadow Baset

VHC: Pashley’s – Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska

Veteran Bitch (2,0)

1st Elkin’s -Tollekin Water Dancer

Very pretty feminine bitch. She has a wedge shape head, almond eye and a kind expression. Strong neck of medium length, well set on and leading into a good lay back of shoulder. Level topline, moderate bone, pretty, well presented, tight feet. Good spring of rib and well-muscled, she moved well with good reach and drive and tail carried correctly.

2nd Adshead’s - Sh Ch Danehaven Vermillion for Afonbach Sh.CM

A nice type, she has a pretty, correct shaped head and eye, with a moderate neck, well set into good shoulders and return of upper arm. Good spring of rib and a level top line with moderate bend of stifle. She has a balanced outline, good muscle tone and moved well.

Good Citizen Bitch (9,3)

1st Lashly’s - Tollisty Blow Your Mind at Citanabel (1st Junior Bitch)

2nd Yates - Erikachen Aiobhinn avec Tollerology AW(B)

Very pretty head and kind expression, moderate neck well set on into a good lay back of shoulder. Good front angulation, deep chest, well boned leading to nice feet. Moved well and with attitude.

3rd Trickett’s - Cfyre’s High Tea At Tollpepper (Imp Can)

Reserve: Grant-Shaw’s - Coedhelyg It’s Cold Outside

VHC: Yates – Melanita Milk and Honey avec Tollerology RL2

Judge: Nick Burchell (Tivalake)