• Show Date: 10/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Neil Stanmore Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Saluki


In my many years of exhibiting Salukis, Richmond was one of my favourite shows, so many thanks to the Society for inviting me to judge, to my Stewards and also to the exhibitors for a lovely entry. We had a bright, dry, day and a large ring. I was very pleased with the overall quality and with both my line-ups.

Veteran Dog (3)

1. Haddon’s Amal Hayati Ohdedar El Azizi Fuadi of Ilsham JW Taf Golden fawn I have always liked. Very much the type and quality of some of the older, classical, lines. Especially lovely head and expression, nice length of neck into a very good front, deep brisket, good spring of rib, good topline and low set long tail, very well balanced quarters with low hocks, which many do not have. He moved very well and I was pleased to award him his third CC.

2. Andersson’s Alsahra Dakota. Ten year old parti, has an attractive head and long neck, nice body but not the angulation of first, he looked very youthful and moved well.

3. Havercroft’s Bermuda Ch Barbey Hector at Dragonsmoon (Imp)

Minor Puppy Dog (4)1

1. Campling’s Classicus Faizan Quality red puppy, with a nice head and expression and overall outline, he has a deep brisket and long tail. His movement was very light and sound.

2. Chippendale’s Flytesfield Hyddwn. Very attractive and promising black fringed fawn, he has a lovely head and expression, a nice outline and balanced angulation. He moved very well. Unfortunately, he was rather reluctant today, so I didn’t see him at his best.

3. Humphrey’s Kenzduo Sweet Nothings.

Puppy Dog (3)1.

1. Campling’s Classicus Faizan

2. Humphrey’s Kenzduo Sweet Nothings. Finely built cream with a nice head and pigment, bit reticent and rather unsettled overall today.

Junior Dog (1)

1. Kecskes’s Sharwassim Graham Taf Attractive silver grizzle, with a nice head and expression, long neck into good shoulder and upper arm, nice outline and quarters, moved well when settled.

Yearling Dog (2)

1. Hepburn’s Qatiifah Dhr Damyar at Azaba (Imp Nor) Very nice golden, Lovely head and expression, long, strong neck, nice front and quarters, good top and underline. He moved very well. Could ideally lose a little weight to advantage.

2, Kecskes’s Sharwassim Graham

Post Grad (3)

1. Strong’s Shahzad Zaki Ter Dolen (Imp Bel) Very promising black fringed shaded fawn. Pleasing and balanced head with a gentle expression, long supple neck, good shoulder and upper arm and correct feet, flowing topline, nice quarters and moved very well.

2. Bates Classicus Omarion at Karames. Very handsome parti who I also liked very much, has a lovely head and expression, and is very well constructed throughout, today did not move quite as well as 1st.

3. De Souza’s and Woodgate’s Luachmhar Jalil.

Limit Dog (5)

1. Aldous and Glaister’s Jay JP Sea Bird El Panjsher JW (Imp Jpn) I liked this classical, elegant, cream very much, he has a lovely head and expression, long neck into excellent front angulation, nice rise over the loin and deep brisket with good tuck up. His hindquarters are balanced, moderate and strong. He moved very well and was beautifully presented. RCC and I found out after the judging that he has 2CCs. I am sure the third cannot be far away.

2. Quadling’s Classicus Alron with Malenkhai. Another very nice dog with lovely fawn grizzle colouring. Has a lovely head and expression, well set and fringed ears, very good angulation throughout, good topline and brisket, in lovely condition and moved very well.

3. Haddon’s Badavie Don Peppino at Ilsham Aw (Imp Swe)

Open (4) 1

1. Stenson’s Ch Micattura All for Me Very nice dog with a classic balanced head, well constructed and moderate throughout, very deep brisket and good topline. Moved well.

2. Sawyer’s Ch Canerikie Lucan at Bumpkiss. Attractive cream with a lovely head, expression and pigmentation, nice angulation throughout, correct feet, low set tail and good movement. Longer caste than first.

3. Campling’s Ch Classicus Octavius

SBD (1)

1. Strong’s Shahzad Zaki Ter Dolen (Imp Bel) Best Special Beginners.

Veteran Bitch (3)

1. Jowitt’s Canapus Mistral Under Barleymoon. Black fringed shaded fawn who is very youthful at ten years old. Has a lovely head framed with beautiful fringes, nice angulation throughout and deep brisket. Her movement really is so sound and light and she was on top form to win this lovely class.

2. Garratt and Oakey’s Ch Caryna Neferti JW.Sh.CM This is a beautiful cream bitch, she has a lovely head and very nice construction with everything flowing together. She moved well, but didn’t quite seem to have the sparkle of 1st today.

3. Williams Ch Bermuda, Ch Ulmarra Tropical Ice at Winton VW.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1. Sanders-Parker’s Classicus Felicitas Extremely pretty and very promising red and white parti colour, She has a beautiful head and expression, lovely outline and angulation and moved very well BP

2. Warner and Hetherington’s Flytesfield Eowyn at Savuka. Very pretty tri bitch who has a nice head, outline and angulation. She moved very well once settled.

Puppy Bitch (1)

1.Sanders-Parker’s Classicus Feliicitas.

Yearling Bitch (1)

1. Williams Luachmhar Jadira Kasaque. I thought this young tri bitch was really lovely. She has a beautiful, classical head and lovely expression framed by well set and fringed ears, long neck into excellent shoulder and upper arm, deep brisket, flowing topline and well balanced, moderate quarters. She moved very well, and is so feminine, pleased to award her the RCC and to later learn she already has 2CCs, don’t think she will have to wait long for her third!

Post Grad (2)

1. Everton’s Savuka Rashiqah with Kasra Ax1 These were two lovely, promising bitches, this red bitch has a lovely head, very good shoulder and upper arm, deep brisket, good feet, good spring of rib, correct topline and lovely rear angulation. Moved very well.

2. Fisher’s Ruweis Malahah. Pale cream of very nice quality with little to separate these two. She has a really classical head, long neck into very good front angulation, flowing topline and deep brisket and moved very well.

Limit Bitch (6)1

1. Fisher’s Ruweis Mahnisa. Pale cream litter sister to Malahah and similar quality. Again has a really lovely head, long neck into good forehand angulation, correct feet, good top and underline and moderate hind angulation. Moved very soundly and with light action.

2. Garratt and Oakey’s Caryna Esperanza. Another lovely cream bitch, she is beautifully made with an excellent outline, deep brisket and good angulation. Moved extremely well.

3. Ward’s Nicolefarhi Del Borghino (Imp)

OPEN (4)

1. Sanders-Parker Ch Classicus Olympia. Another lovely class. This beautiful grizzle parti bitch is difficult to overlook. She has a really lovely head, long neck into excellent front angulation, deep brisket and good topline which flows into her moderate, sound, quarters. Her good construction makes her movement so sound, with lightness and lift CCBOB

2. Williams Tigsisle Totally Unique. Liked this cream bitch very much, she has a beautiful head, good front angulation, good feet, deep brisket, correct topline and strong hindquarters. Moved very well.

3. Knowle’s Ch Micattura All I breath of Mahziba.