• Show Date: 08/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Nataliya Davey Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Pomeranian

Boston & DCS Championship Show 2022, Pomeranians

Judge: Mrs Nataliya Davey.

I would like to say a huge thank you to the Boston show committee for the invitation to judge my favourite breed at their Championship show. As always, a very well-run event and huge respect go to the team for all their hard work for the show to go ahead in these extremely worrying times.

Thank you to my two lovely stewards, especially Emily, who showed excellent skills and kept the ring running smoothly.

I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the exhibitors who supported my appointment. Very much appreciated. With 50 making 72 entries it was a fabulous entry.

I thoroughly enjoyed my judging appointment which I had been very looking forward to.

Class 1504 - Puppy Dog (9,3a)

1st: 4634 Killick, Mr & Mrs T, LOVE OF MY LIFE AT TRAVILLON. Loved him from first sight. Only a 6-month-old baby but what a presence. Beautifully balanced, in good size with a compact body, straight perfectly parallel legs and small compact feet. Lovely head with sweetest of expressions. Good stop. Pleasant eyes of the correct size in dark colour. Good pigmentation. Correct dentition. Well sprung ribs with enough depth of chest. Excellent angulation, front and rear. Moved sound with a good drive, brisk easy action. Good coat for age. Well behaved for his very first show. BPD, BP

2nd: 4611 Cawthera-Purdy, A M, LIREVA’S FINDERS KEEPERS. Very attractive, 11-month-old orange. Lovely foxy head and sweet expression, small well-set ears, nicely shaped dark eyes. Good dentition. Well bodied with good ribbing and strong topline. Very high tail set, with perfect plume and carriage. Beautifully presented. Still very much in puppy coat, looking forward to seeing him back to compete with adults when mature.

3rd: 4654 Smith, Ms S, SUEACRES KISS OF LOVE

Class 1505 - Junior Dog (8, 5a)

1st: 4618 D’arcy & Duffield, Miss P S & Mr N, PAAVALI’S ROCKET MAN. Impressive 13-month-old wolf sable. Pleasing head and expression. Small ears, nice dark eyes, good pigmentation. Well sprung ribs with enough depth of chest. Short neck well laid back into shoulders, good topline, high tail set with good carriage. Stood as a picture on tight cat feet creating a nice outline. Beautifully prepared and handled. Shown in excellent coat and condition.

2nd: 4629 Hills, Mr C & Misses M & M, SHARHAZLAH LUVS A DARE DEVIL. 1 year old. Orange sable of nice type. Pleasant foxy head with sweet expression, good dentition. Nicely shaped dark eyes. Beautiful pigmentation. Short neck. Fine bone with nice feet. Moved freely. Good coat structure, but currently in his junior moult.


Class 1506 - Post Graduate Dog (8, 5a)

1st: 4635 Killick Mr & Mrs T, TINY JEWELS’ A KIND OF MAGIC AT TRAVILLON (Imp). 3,5 years old. Nice sable with pleasant head and expression. Beautiful nicely shaped dark eyes. Excellent pigmentation. Correct dentition. Small well-positioned ears. Short neck, well laid back into shoulders. Fine bone with perfectly parallel front and rear legs. Correct coat structure. Making a beautiful picture with a nice profile when stood. Moved freely and sound. Well prepared and presented.

2nd: 4625 Gooch, Mr L & Mrs N, PAAVALI’S NIGHT KING AT CASSIBAWN. Almost 3 years old orange sable. Pretty face and expression. Small ears. Short neck, good topline. Well angulated. High tail set. Creating a nice shape. Good coat structure. Moved freely. Beautifully presented. Just wish him a tad smaller and lighter.

3rd: Hills, Mr C & Misses M & M, SHARHAZLAH’S SON OF A DEVIL.

Class 1507 - Open Dog (6, 1a)

1st: 4631 Hills, Mr C & Misses M & M, SHARHAZLAH’S SUAVE DEVIL. 2 years old orange of perfect size. Very well made all through. Beautiful head with correct stop and proportions. Sparkling dark eyes of nice shape and sweetest expression. Correct dentition. Well sprung ribs with good depth of chest. Super compact, short backed, good cage of ribs with good depth of chest. Short neck. Clean shoulders, well laid back. Correct angles, front and rear. Perfectly parallel legs with small compact feet. High tail set. Correct double structured coat. Completely sound with a good drive, held his shape perfectly on the move. True Pomeranian with the complete package to me. BD, BOB.

2nd: 4613 Cawthera-Purdy, A M, CH LIREVA’S WILDEST DREAMS. Very attractive 1-year-old orange with a fabulous coat of correct structure. Pleasant expression, beautiful dark eyes and well-set ears. Good dentition. Well bodied with well-sprung ribs. High tail set with excellent plume and carriage, very well covered with a harsh coat. Moved freely. Immaculately prepared and presented. Close call between those two. ResBD.

Class 1508 - Special Beginners (5, 3a)

1st: 4623 Gooch, Mr L, TA BOZI’S HIPPE ARE BACK IN FASHION AT CASSIBAWN (Imp). Nice orange sable. 2,5 years old. Lovely head expression with dark eyes and tiny ears. Compact body, well ribbed with good depth of chest. Good front with a straight leg. Small compact feet. Creating a nice picture when stood. BSB. Pleased to hear he won group 3 in SBTG.

2nd: 4632 Mu, Ms, VELVET D’AMOUR ICE KING. Nice white of good size. 16-month-old. Pleasant head and expression with small ears. Good pigmentation. Compact body. Unfortunately, he’s too over-trimmed particularly on his back, which has affected his overall appearance.

Class 1509 - Puppy Bitch (2, 1a)

1st: 4653 Smith, Ms S, SUEACRES CODE NAME VERA. 6-month-old. Quality puppy, promising as a “dual-purpose” size bitch. Very pleasant eyes and expression. Well-made body in good proportion with nice leg length and good bone. Short neck, straight topline. Good barrel of ribs, deep enough in the chest. Excellent coat quality for her age. Moved freely. Happy and brave for her first show. Well deserved BPB.

Class 1510 - Junior Bitch (2, 0)

1st: 4622 Emmerson, Mrs M, AACHARMOE’S HEAVEN SENT FOR ISMIRELLE. 12 months old. Good size light orange. Lovely head, good stop, a short muzzle with a very sweet expression. Good mouth. Nice bright dark eyes, good pigmentation. Small well-set ears. Good body, very well balanced through. Strong topline, a good barrel of ribs with enough depth of chest. Good straight parallel front and rear legs. Stood four square with a nice profile shape which she kept on the move. She moved very well, brisk and sound. Beautifully presented. ResBB.

2nd: 4628 Hills, Mr C & Misses M & M, SHARHAZLAH DEVILISH VIXEN. 13-month-old. Good size black. Nice head, eyes and expression. Good dentition. Very happy girl, moved soundly. Good hush coat, but unfortunately lucking some undercoat due to her junior moult.

Class 1511 - Post Graduate Bitch (8, 3a)

1st: 4647 Simmons, Mrs C, PETITPOM SUNRISE. 2,5 years old. Good size orange. Well-made thoroughly. Pleasant head, eyes and expression. Correct dentition. Well-set ears. Good ribbing, top line and high tail set. Fine bone, good straight legs, excellent angulation front and rear. Correct coat of bright colour. Sound mover, good rear-drive. Nicely presented with a good bond to the handler.

2nd: 4621 Dixonhardwick, Mrs M & Miss C, ROSE CUT DIAMOND AT AACHARMOE. Almost 4 years old. Good quality bitch. Pleasant head and expression. Well bodied with a nice strong top line, good ribbing and angulation front and rear. Very well balanced through. Nice legs, fine bone. Good tail carriage. Nicely attentive to her handler, moved soundly. Just wish for a bit more coat on her.

3rd: 4641 Firth, Miss M, DAWN SNOWDROP.

Class 1512 - Open Bitch (6, 1a)

1st: 4612 Cawthera-Purdy, A M, CH LIREVA’S GLORIOUS. Outstanding orange girl of top quality. Almost 2 years old. Very feminine. Nice foxy head and expression, with small well-placed ears. Correct dentition. Well-made thoroughly. Short neck set well laid into shoulders. Well ribbed, good topline. High tail set, very well feathered. Correct coat structure. Sound movement and kept her perfect shape all the time. Presented to perfection. Just wish to see a little more of her on the whole. BB.

2nd: 4652 Smith, Ms S, PETITPOM SUNSET AT SUACRES. Excellent quality 2,5-year-old girl of good size. Pleasant head and expression with correct dentition and excellent pigmentation. Very well made with good ribbing, top line and high tail set. Correct angulation in front and rear. Good fine bone with perfectly parallel legs. Making a very nice picture when stood. Good quality coat coming in nicely. Nice and bright in colour. Good productive movement with excellent rear-drive, close call to BB & RBB but just a tad overweight.

3rd: 4614 James, D’arcy & Duffield, Miss J, Miss P & Mr N, ANGELROCK BRINGING UP BABY.

Class 1513 - Special Beginners Bitch (2, 1a)

1st: 4645 Simmons, Mr S, TINY JEWELS’ DIAMOND CROWN FOR PETITPOM (Imp). 4 years old. Overall good quality bitch of nice type and good size. Pleasant head expression, small ears. Well made through, good angulation. Short neck, good ribbing. Correct top line, high tail set, well carried and nicely feathered. Correct hush coat. Making a good bond with her handler. Could score better, but just slightly overweight.