• Show Date: 09/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael HOWGATE Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

South Wales Kennel Association

Breed: Whippet

I wish to thank the committee for the judging appointment & the hospitality shown on the day. My stewards Margarette & Heidi did an excellent job in keeping the day running smoothly.

   I have to comment that I asked for a catalogue at the end of judging & was told the results were on Fosse data. I am always interested in the breeding of the dogs when fresh in my mind. On the way home we looked up the ‘Fosse’ results online only to find that there was a significant error appears with BOB. This repeated itself in the group results where my BOB was placed a very creditable second. I add that my judging book was absolutely correct so the error must have been in the transfer of information from the slips to the computer results. A phone call as soon as Fosse answered the phone the following day made the corrections.

    Many thanks for your entries in these testing times & I enjoyed being allowed to go over your dogs. To generalise & save repetitive comments in my critiques there were far too many incorrect mouths lacking strong underjaws, correct bites & various incorrect dentition.

DCC Wheeler - Ranveli Diki Diki

RDCC Perkins, Perkins & Van Der Schaaf - Crème Anglaise’s Just Julian with Silkridge

BCC Yacoby Wright - Cobyco City Lights

RBCC Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell - Crosscop Just What I Need

BOB Yacoby Wright - Cobyco City Lights

BPIB Whitehead, Smith & Mixides - Citycroft Seattle

VD (5)

1st Whitehead, Ch Citycroft High Society JW

      Fawn of pleasing size & type. Well balanced & proportioned belying his age. Still closely matching the standard well for age. Moved round well with reach & drive with accurate footfall maintaining his top line.

2nd Smith, Ch/int/Ir Ch Collooney Jayhawk

   Mainly white of obvious quality matching the standard well, who also moved well with reach, drive & accurate footfall. Just a bit more of him than the winner which was the deciding factor.

3rd Wayman, Speymalt Northern Star

MPD (7,1ab)

1st Barkas, Citycroft Line of Duty

      Smart young fawn with a well-covered body, pleasing proportioned smooth flowing outline with a slight rise over the loin & correct front angulation. Obviously immature at this time but moved positively with moderate reach & accurate footfall. Works well with his handler. Has all the potential that you would want to see in a youngster. BPD

2nd Owen, Dapperdiva Ezra Brooks

     Fawn of medium size with pleasing covering of body & muscle. Correct front assembly angles & return of upper, balance of brisket depth to overall height. Correct bone & feet. Lacking maturity at this stage against winner. Moved well for age.

3rd Winkley-Balmer, Felton, Goddard-Smith & Goddard-Smith, Edenwhip Love at First Sight

PD (2)

1st Bristow, Royal Tudor Storm Christoph

       Well balanced profile shape with pleasing substance, some depth & spring of rib with slight rise in top line. Moved sensibly for age.

2nd Higginbottom, Dizzy Bear at Dawnsafon

        Striking Dark blue colour. Somewhat tall in stature, short of depth in body with over defined top line & racing bred construction. Not coordinated in movement.

JD (6,2ab)

   1st Perkins, Perkins & Van Der Schaaf, Crème Anglaise’s Just Julian with Silkridge

 A young brindle pleasingly forward for age. Long strong elegant neck with correctly angled front assembly with clear placement over withers. Strong in loin & rear muscle definition. Very pleasing in profile shape with a sweeping flow from nose to tail. Moved precisely with just the right amount of stride length, reach & drive, maintaining his top line, maintaining control at all times. This won him the RCC in front of strong opposition.

2nd Morris, Waddell, Mcmillan & Irving, Crosscop My Boy

    Brindle. A very pleasing dog young dog with the elegant racy profile I like. Close up to the winner & same construction remarks apply. A pleasing quality outline which flowed through from head to tail. Appeared just on edge & this just affected his performance standing & moving.

3rd Wayman, Collooney Charlie Brown at Scarletfair

YD (4,3ab)

1st Thompson, Bytheiad Abracadabra Arwel

     Fawn & white parti with some substance & reasonable profile outline. Stood a little short over the ground & slightly inaccurate when coming & going.

ND (8,3ab)

1st McConkey, Barmoll Billy Joel

        Fawn & white of pleasing size with correct amount of condition with no coarseness. Stood giving a pleasing smooth profile shape with slight rise in top line. Clean flow of neck into shoulder with correct bone down to well sprung pasterns. Well-muscled rear with pleasing bend of stifle. Moved accurately with reach & drive maintaining profile.

2nd Owen, Dapperdiva Ezra Brooks

       2nd in MPD

3rd Bristow, Royal Tudor Storm Christoph

GD (10,1ab)

1st Wheeler, Ranveli Diki Diki

    Brindle in excellent body condition & muscle tone. Somewhat unexpected to see an exhibit of this conformation & maturity in this class. Very forward going movement, precise, smooth & stylish for his age with reach, drive. Excellent footfall placement & accuracy at all times. Has brisket depth to elbow, correct width of front with spring of rib well back. Well placed layback of shoulder & front angulation which in all made a very pleasing smooth classic outline. Stands four-square in a balanced perfect stance with both front legs & hocks vertical to the ground. Awarded Dog CC

2nd Brodie & Owen, Wolfscastle Livin The Dream

    Brindle & white dog of medium size. Pleasing make & shape all through meeting the standard in profile shape well. Moved well with moderate accuracy. Has correct depth of brisket to elbow with a neat front. Unlucky to meet winner & overshadowed a bit.

3rd Perkins, Southgrove Keep It Moving at Zeglynn

PGD (6,1ab)

1st Glithero & Philo, Tameron Kept in The Dark for Coppershell

     Darker brindle, well covered & conditioned with excellent muscle tone. Has depth of body to elbow, well placed layback of shoulder & front angulation very pleasing classic outline. Stands four-square in a perfect stance. Moved positively with accuracy, reach & drive to get this well deserved place here. Not out of place in final dog challenge.

2nd Wayman, Ranveli Beach Boy at Scarletfair

Brindle & white parti. From a lighter frame mould all through. A pleasing outline with lots to like about him. Just would have liked more depth of brisket to balance with overall height. Elegant racy neck into moderate front assembly. Showed a tendency to not move exactly straight at times. Unlucky to meet winner in such good form.

3rd Trouton, Runnel Run for Fun.

LD (10,2ab)

1st Hambling, Mossbawnhill Bit of A Dandy with Chaseover

       Pale fawn. A strongly made dog. Perhaps a little too much of him for me. But good enough to win the class today. Pleasing profile shape & stood over the ground easily with hocks square to the ground. Gave a very good performance of moving with controlled reach, drive & accuracy throughout.

2nd Gibbins, Osterfen Janus.

         Fawn & white parti. A very pleasing dog of ideal size & substance to go over. Clean lay of shoulder over the withers with correct balanced front angulation. Correct depth of brisket to elbow, spring of rib & proportioned length of loin supporting a neat top line. Did not show to his full potential today, sticking his neck back, being uncooperative & not showing at his best.

3rd Winkley-Balmer & Poole, Edenwhip Can I Be Him.

OD (4)

    A strong quality class of mainly champions all meeting the standard easily. It comes down to one’s own interpretation of the breed standard, the degree & the effect on function. Together with individual performances on the day.

1st Perkins, Ch Silkridge Just Joey

    Brindle dog of with many excellent virtues. Smooth flowing outline, well-muscled, long strong elegant neck, well put together front assembly. He has such an exuberant nature with such reach & drive. Standing he fits all the criteria. Showed enough to win this strong open class.

    In the CC challenge & compared to the principal winners he is just a bit long for me.

2nd Richards, Ch Richclass Run for Cover

      A brindle & white with all the attributes that are required in the standard. Elegant, shapely sweeping curves, athletic profile. Pleasing neck flowing into correctly placed front assembly with layback & return matching well & directly under the withers. Pleasingly muscled over the back, loin & over the croup. Has enough bone & neat feet. He moved forward on a good length of stride with purpose. I have admired from the ringside on many occasions. Its only when you are forced to make a decision do minor preferences become the deciding factor & I thought he was carrying a little extra weight & not at his peak best on the day.

3rd Poole & Winkley-Balmer, Edenwhip Wayne's Word

GCD (1)

1st Perkins, Jasarat Jetsetter at Zeglynn Schm

       Fawn of pleasing size with good body condition & muscle tone who stood alone. Pleasing head proportions & neck flow into shoulders. Just a bit short in overall length of body. This would have given more length of ribbing & loin allowing more freedom of reach.

VB (4,1ab)

1st Snelgrove, Huntinghill Jazzmatazz

  Mid-size fawn & white parti. Looking so young, spritely & in prime condition you would never guess her age. Has an excellent flowing profile shape. Moved around the ring with enthusiasm, accuracy of footfall & maintain topline. Made a lovely picture.

         Awarded best veteran bitch & best veteran in breed.

2nd McConkey, Barmoll Bag O'tricks

        Pale brindle of pleasing size with correct amount of substance with no coarseness. Strong neck flowing into neck into clean well laid-back shoulder. Stood well giving a pleasing profile shape with front legs & hocks square to the ground. Has a slight rise in top line & a clean sweeping underline. Moved accurately at a sensible pace with reach & drive maintaining top line.

3rd Williams, Tigsisle Fan The Flames

MPB (3,1ab)

1st Sampson, Dapperdiva Milk and Honey

    Fawn pleasing size, profile shape & covering. Was standing a little short at critical times. At an in between stage of development at present with top line & accuracy of movement needing to settle.

2nd Prowse, Freehamlet Saint Matilda

      Naughty & uncooperative did not give of her best. Was a little taller than the winner Time & some perseverance may present a different picture. They all grow up in different ways.

PB (5,1ab)

1st Whitehead, Smith & Mixides, Citycroft Seattle

    Pale fawn of mid-size covering the well with clean & smooth profile shape with enough top line meeting the standard precisely. Well placed layback of shoulder & correctly angled return of upper arm. Excellent dept of brisket to overall height. Moved out with excellent reach, drive & accuracy for a youngster.

Awarded BPB & BPIB Followed by 2nd in puppy in hound group

2nd Smeath, Royal Tudor Storm Minime at Willingwisp

          Brindle & white trim of just a bit more than mid-size. In profile presented a shape which meets the standard well. Well put together, flashy with good body & muscle condition & well presented. Lots to like about her, she is only young & just needs to settle in movement to improve the overall performance. Unlucky to meet winner in the class.

3rd Hills, Shimmeree Calico’s Cupid

JB (13,5ab)

1st Williams, Tigsisle Frost and Flame

    Fawn of mid-size. Well proportioned, stands neatly over enough ground with smooth topline. Has reasonable front angulation & layback over the withers. Good spring of pasterns. Enough depth of body & width in front with flowing underline. Moved sound enough to win this competitive class.

2nd Carlton & Olney, Chiendetom Fanfare

    Fawn of mid-size. Stands over enough ground with a slightly sloping top line. Front angulation a little insufficient. Front legs vertical to the ground with enough bone & spring of pastern. Just not as accurate on the move as the winner.

3rd Perkins Zeglynn Pipkin Nana

YB (10,2ab)

1st Rees & Jones. Kierpark Dancing Queen

     Pale brindle. Well-proportioned profile shape showing pleasing front angulation, good length of body with brisket to elbow, just enough top line & underline profile. With well angulated & muscled rear. Sound accurate purposeful movement with reach & drive.

2nd Perkins, Silkridge Jasmine

          Brindle White pleasing medium size. Shapely & fit more compact racy type. Pleasing head & front assembly & enough bone. Pleasing front angulation & brisket down to elbow. Sound accurate athletic movement with reach & drive.

3rd Williams, Tigsisle Frost and Flame

NB (7,3ab)

1st Prowse, Crosscop One Step Closer to Freehamlet

    Fawn Pretty feminine type in a smaller mould than most. There was enough substance, bone & muscular definition & presented a good profile shape for her size. Movement was a little short in reach & drive & a little uncertain at times.

2nd Carlton & Olney, Chiendetom Fanfare

     Repeat 2nd Junior

GB (9,1ab)

1st Smith & Goddard-Smith, Afterglow Princess Royale for Neviwesh

           Brindle of mid-size. Pleasing profile shape, forequarters, spring of rib with a flowing underline. Neck flowed well into good shoulder placement. Well-constructed rear with hocks square to the ground with well-defined muscle. Sound accurate, athletic, flowing movement with reach & drive.

2nd Brodie & Owen, Wolfscastle Dare to Dream

       Brindle white. Similar critique as not quite the flowing movement as the winner. Pleasing profile shape, forequarters, spring of rib with a flowing underline. Neck flowed well into good shoulder placement. Well-constructed rear with hocks square to the ground with well-defined muscle. Not quite the accuracy of movement as the winner.

3rd Bleakley, Runaround Music Maker

PGB (6,2ab)

1st Morland, Lolani Mocha Martini at Zoraden

      Shaded fawn of mid-size. Feminine showing the correct balanced profile outline. Pleasing length of neck flowed into well set back shoulders. Clean well boned front with spring in pasterns. Length of ribbing & loin without exaggerations. Slight top line over the loin. Strong enough well-muscled rear set square to the ground. Lots to like.

2nd Service & Poole Crosscop Proud Mary

     Fawn parti. Very pleasing head, elegant neck flowing into well angled front assembly with a clean shoulder. Has a smooth flowing topline with matching underline. Has just enough covering for her stature with muscular rear. Movement was pleasing with good stride & drive.

3rd Blake, Silkridge in A Moment.

LB (12,1ab)

1st Yacoby Wright, Cobyco City Lights

  Very well constructed pale fawn. Stands just under the top height for me. Very clean flowing elegant outline in balanced proportions throughout. Correct proportioned head with strong underjaw & full scissor bite. Elegant neck flowed into clean lay of shoulder over the withers. Equal length shoulder blade & upper arm with correct angle with brisket to the elbow with ideal infill. Ribbed well back with proportioned length of loin, pleasing arch over loin over with smoothly shaped underline. Perfect bone for her size, standing on excellent feet, with correct spring of pastern. Very much fits my interpretation of the standard. Elegant athletic proportioned outline with no exaggerations. At all times moved at a controlled pace with purpose, reach & drive with excellent footfall. Awarded CC, BOB & 2nd in Hound Group.

2nd Wilkinson, Citycroft Starfall JW

     Very well constructed plain fawn. So similar to the winner in colour, height, construction, elegance, flowing outline, head, jaw, bite, shoulders, front angulation, infill, feet pasterns, movement. In the decision for the RCC I concluded that the open bitch winner was equal in the physical side of movement but gave a smoother more controlled performance.

3rd Perkins, Citycroft Americano with Silkridge

OB (12,4ab)

1st Morris, Waddell, Mycroft & Mitchell, Crosscop Just What I Need

    Shaded fawn. Ideal medium size very clean flowing elegant outline in balanced proportions throughout. Elegant neck into clean lay of shoulder over the withers. Equal length shoulder blade & upper arm with correct angle, brisket to the elbow with ideal infill. Ribbed well back with proportioned length of loin, pleasing arch over loin over with smoothly shaped underline. Covered enough ground naturally when posed. Enough bone for her size standing on excellent feet. Moving with controlled reach & drive with good footfall. Awarded RCC bitch

2nd Lain, Ch Lolani Tennessee Honey

 Shaded fawn Very similar to the winner. Very little separated these. Very slightly taller, shorter in overall length. Carrying more substances but not a disadvantage. Neat well-constructed front with pleasing layback of shoulder, return of upper arm & clean over the withers. Moved out well with a good degree of control & accuracy.

3rd Whitehead, Smith & Mixides, Citycroft Storm in A Teacup


Entries: 3 Absentees: 1

1st Wilkinson, Citycroft Starfall JW

      2nd in LB

2nd Citycroft Grace Kelly at Runnel.

Fawn with white trim of pleasing type & size. Has a correct balance of overall profile shape, well covered with correct muscle definition, head, neck, front assemble, depth of brisket, length of ribbing & loin. Smooth arched top line with underline flowing into well set rear with hocks vertical to the ground. Standing on excellent bone & feet with prerequisite spring of pastern. Movements was accurate, more enthusiasm going forward would have been an advantage. Unlucky to meet winner in such fine form.

Mike HOWGATE Judge