• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Gilchrist Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Hungarian Pumi (Imp)

Crufts - Hungarian Pumi

Apologies for the slight delay in presenting this critique, but unfortunately life events and ill health delayed its completion.

Sincere thanks to the Crufts committee for allowing me the opportunity to judge this lovely breed on the occasion of their first time with classes in their own right at this show.

I was very impressed that the majority of the exhibits had the correct square body shape as which is a major part of forming the correct topline. This is the one area that I feel breeders and exhibitors need to be mindful of in future litters, if the breed is to progress and be able to compete with the best of what Europe and the rest of the world has on offer.

Overall heads were correct. This is a breed which is quite noise sensitive and this was demonstrated in one class line up when the tannoy system went off and in unison every ear disappeared and was flat against the skull, not to be seen again. I was considerate with the youngsters who had missed out of socialisation due to lockdown and although I do accept that they are naturally a little suspicious of strangers, some of the older adults showed more apprehension than I feel is appropriate. That said, not one showed any aggression to me as the judge or its fellow exhibits. Overall presentation of coats in a natural appearance was achieved, however, a couple were over prepared, looking like they had just stepped away from a blow dryer and a couple looked like they had not seen a bath or a brush in recent days.

Like the correct body shape, the majority achieved the correct, short stepping. lively movement. The positives from today lead me to think that the breed is in a good position to progress further and make its mark in the showring and have a bright future. Thank you all for accepting my decision is such a sporting way.

 PD 3 ent/0 abs

1st Schnaubern Centaurus Star BD, BPIB & BOB

Just short of being 12 months old, very advanced in development for his age. One of few to present a perfect outline. Correct head, masculine without being coarse, nicely set ears, good muzzle to skull ratio, carried on strong, well-muscled neck which runs into correctly set withers which slope nicely into the top line. Good ribbing which is deep enough, short loin. Correct moderate angles fore and aft which allow for his short striding, busy, brisk movement. Foot perfect at all times. Never failed to show at any stage. Just hope he doesn’t grow on anymore as

2nd Schnaubern Cepheus Star

Litter brother of the above, which I preferred for his size, being a shade smaller, but nonetheless masculine. All the comments I have applied to the winner, with the exception of his movement, apply to him. Whilst his hander can manage to walk in a straight line, he doesn’t. He is erratic, one moment perfect, the next, all over the place, part of which I felt was is caused, by his over enthusiasm. I think he needs to understand what is required of him. If the handler manages to, overcome this, and I think he will always be in contention for top honours.

3rd Csulli Come On Teddy

Like the two above him he presents a very square body shape. Pleasing head, correct muzzle to skull ratio, good neck, runs neatly into withers, and possesses a sound top line, with slightly sloping croup. Moderate angles fore and aft, well muscled on the shoulders, slightly less so at the rear. Correct movement. His only issue is, that despite being near enough the same age as the other two, he is less mature at the moment and not quite as confident. His ears remained quite flat as he didn’t seem that happy with the noise around him. That said, I feel that time will serve him well and he shows much potential for when that day comes.

JD No Entries

PGD 5 ent/1 abs

1st Breezelyn Ears A Cracker

Nicely balanced head with well set ears, good dark eye of correct shape. Pleasing neck which runs nicely into withers, and then onto top line with slightly sloping croup. Would prefer a marginally better set tail. Lovely angles fore and aft, very precise movement, steady at all times yet covers the ground with ease without over reaching. Lovely correct coat, well aware of himself, quite the showman as he is confident and alert. In the challenge he seemed less settled, possibly as his kennel mate was in front of him which lost his the RBD

2nd Pajkos Fine 'n' Dandy (imp)

Bang on square in body shape. Very workman like build and attitude. Nicely shaped head with good skull to muzzle ratio, but stop slightly more pronounced that I would prefer. Dark eye of correct colour and shape, very attentive and observant. Pleasing neck and topline, good shoulders the angles of which were reflected in the rear ones. Good ribbing, deep enough in chest. Movement slightly erratic at times, side gait looked good, however there were times when his rear movement was untidy, almost as he was pushing too hard, perhaps would benefit by being moved a shade quicker.

3rd Pumiden Very Special Agent

There was a lot to like about this dog with regards to his structure, which was what won him his place, however he failed to carry his tail and the presentation was far from natural in my opinion. Lovely head in all respects nicely set ears, good shape to neck running into well set withers and shoulders. Correct topline although he didn’t carry his tail the way he was supposed to it was well set. Good rear, light gait, short stride, had a economy of effort for maximum result. Would like to see him when he is not having an off day, as he is a very impressive dog and would be more so if it wasn’t for the deficits he suffered today

OD 6 ent/0 abs

1st Cseresznyeskerti-Csalfa Bobo at Breezelyn (Imp Hun) RBD

One I have met before, liked then, still like now. Lovely head and ear set, beautiful eye for shape and colour, great pigment. Strong neck runs well into withers and topline. Good depth of chest and ribbing, short, strong loin, bang on square body shape, nicely placed shoulders with good angle which are reflected in the rear. Very good movement. Only lost out in the challenge as he decided to use his tail as a flag at times.

2nd Int Ch/Ir Ch Balthazar Pumida avec Schnaubern (Imp Cze)

White male with very good pigmentation, on a lovely shaped head with well set ears. He really demonstrates the requirements of moderate, fine bone and he is covered in correct lean muscle throughout. Neck, withers and topline are good, tail carried correctly, slightly sloping croup. Angulation fore and aft are correct. Did not quite show the fluidity of the winner on the move. Nonetheless he can move very well when he concentrates.

3rd Breezelyn Ear Sumut Special

Much younger than the two ahead of him and therefore does not carry the same amount of maturity in the overall finish. Possesses a cracking head, lovely balance between muzzle and skull, good ear set, great pigmentation and dark eye. Lovely squareness to the body, strong enough neck to carry that lovely head, pleasing topline and angles fore and aft. He did seem to have problems concentrating to the job in hand which did affect his movement as he would want to see what is causing a noise elsewhere, but when he did concentrate the movement was foot perfect.

GCD 2 ent/0 abs

1st Cseresznyeskerti-Csalfa Zajos (Imp Hun) BV

He was 4th in Open D in good company and shares the same sire as the winner of that class, and it show in both his type and movement. Pleasing head, neck and shoulders. Didn’t use his ears in previous class but did more so in this one. Lovely light, and active on the move, covers the ground well with economy of effort, and is purposeful in intent.

2nd Pajkos Fine 'n' Dandy (imp)

PB 1 ent/0 abs

1st Vermiliona Tickled Pink at Farmlands

Pretty young lady of a nice size, undoubtedly feminine. Presents a good outline, fine boned throughout. Pleasing head decent ear set, although not prepared to use them that much. Dark eye and pigment, good bite. Overall, she just needs more maturity to finish the picture and develop more confidence. Not that happy about being examined on the table and did not show her many assets, there but did so much better when she was on her floor. Lovely light movement. I feel she shows much potential.

JB No Entries

PGB 9 ent/1 abs

1st Pumiden Not On A School Night

Feminine and workman like bitch. Pleases in the head in all departments, lovely dark pigment with good bite. Fine enough bone without being weak, nice ribbing with good depth to the chest, short loin and nicely angulated front and rear. Took the class on her positive correct movement, looks like she would go all day, and then come back for more. All she needs is a bit more development in body and muscle to finish the picture.

2nd Gravelous Cserfes Csatang

Very similar comments apply to this one as they do to the winner. Lovely head, dark pigment good ear set. She did at least use her ears more, but she is very stimulated by whatever is going on around her and therefore was often distracted from the job in hand, she needs to focus to show her movement to her best advantage. Again, it’s just a case of waiting for her to finish in body and muscle. Like the winner, she should have a good future

3rd Breezelyn Ears to The Future with Alizo

On first glance of this one, it was a case of what’s not to like, because she is so nicely made, but what she does lack is confidence. She was really unhappy with the noise of what was going on around her. However, in those moments she became more settled she did enough to take her place in the top 3. Lovely head, angles, movement and with good body and muscle. She can move with ease, light, short, stepping. All she needs is to get her act together and she can trouble the best.

OB 8 ent/2 abs

1st Ceridwen Pumida Schnaubern (Imp Cze) BB

Presents a lovely outline, feminine but workman like, and of a lovely size. Pleases in the head in all departments and used her ears to good effect than most other exhibits today. Good neck which runs nicely down to the wither and then onto a short, straight topline. Angle good fore and aft. Decent depth to chest, nicely ribbed back, short strong loin, and foot perfect every time. For a relatively young bitch she has matured nicely, hard, lean muscle throughout her frame.

2nd Zaydah Olympic Victory RBB

Close up to the winner in many respects. Correct outline, lovely head on her, she was not quite so keen to use her ear, but when she did, she used them to good effect. Pleasing shoulders, nicely matching angles at the rear, topline correct at all time. Gave a good account of herself on the move, and carried correct amount of lean muzzle. Good representative of the breed.

3rd Zaydah The Whole of The Moon

Repeat mating of the 2nd placed bitch and it shows. Overall, a nice bitch but less settled in herself, another which did not necessarily cope with the noise in the hall, but as her construction was correct and her movement was as it should be could not be denied her place. Like her sister head, neck, and angles fore and aft were as they should be which gave her the correct movement. Unfortunately, her handler tends to over stretch her in the stand which spoils her otherwise lovely shape

GCB 2 ent/0 abs

1st Zaydah Olympic Victory

2nd Pumiden Button in The Ear

Smart little bitch with a pleasing head and expression. Nicely made throughout, good shoulders, pleasing topline and nicely set on and carried tail. However, she really seem disengaged with what was required of her, nose to the floor on the move for a lot of the time, busy looking at everything and everyone else, which is a shame as I think she is capable of presenting a far better picture of herself.

Mike Gilchrist - Judge