• Show Date: 09/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

East Of England Agricultural Society

Breed: Afghan Hound

East of England Agricultural Society Championship Show

9th July 2022

Afghan Hounds

It was a pleasure to judge Afghan Hounds again, this being the 5th such occasion over 21 yrs.

No one was more disappointed than myself @ the low entry, this seems to be the current trend.

Thank you to the Afghan Exhibitors who did enter, giving me the opportunity of assessing your beautiful hounds.

I was pleased to say that the quality was such that I had no problem in awarding CC’s to outstanding examples of the breed.

I thoroughly enjoyed judging your beautiful hounds. The whole essence of the Afghan Hound is the “ style of high order” called for in the breed standard, my placings were based upon an overall balanced outline with the required angulation in both fore & hindquarters, together with the flexion in pasterns necessary to produce the unique smooth , springy ground covering action.

JD (2,1)

1) Peek-Matar. Yansukhim’s Sherbet Fizz 

13 mth b/br with lively outgoing temperament, still a raw teenager, has a pleasing balanced outline, liked his head detail with dark well shaped eye, well,angulated fore & hindquarters, prominent hip bones, tail well set, would prefer to see a “ring”, needing to firm up & come together.

YD (3,1)

1) Hills & Thornton. Absolute Afghans Djibouti at Karnack JW (Imp Nor)

21 mth b/m gold holding a compact square outline, masculine balanced headpiece, scores in forehand angulation, good ribbing & balanced hindquarters, sound in his movement, carries himself well showing confidence & presence.

2) Newton. Shimalma Jagermeister

22 mth shaded masked cream, with fine silky coat, preferred his head detail to 1, longer caste than 1, liked his forehand assembly, strong topline,well set & carried ringed tail, unfortunately seemed rather bored, lacked the animation of 1, sure he is capable of much more.

GD (1)

1)Mullen. El Roalito Keep Smiling (Imp Deu)

Smaller compact 3yr b/t, holds a pleasing outline, sound in construction & movement, with light lifting stride, preference would be for a more masculine headpiece.

PGD (2,1)

1). Metcalfe. Jo-Kins Pineapples Have Peelings Too (Imp Fin)

5yr B/t of pleasing proportions & outline, is well angulated in both fore & hindquarters, firm in topline, good width all through, ringed tail well set & carried, moves out with impressive stride, carries himself well, personal preference would be for more refinement in head.

MLD (3,1)

1). Bartram, Bartram & Perry. Gezancol Utter Chaos at Chardara

2yr b/s who was full of it, raring to go, very masculine in outlook, pleasing balanced & compact outline, well angulated in both his forehand & hindquarters, well filled in front, good depth of body, firm in topline, prominent hip bones & correct fallaway, ringed tail well set & carried, has an impressive ground covering action.

2). Reed. Cloudside Sunstrike JW

Most attractive & handsome 4yr s/br, really liked his head & chiselling, most pleasing outline, reachy neck to firm topline, correct fallaway & well set ringed tail, preferred the forehand construction & movement of 1.

LD (2)

1). Lancashire & O’Donnell. Drishaun Star Among Lilies JW

4yr R/br, sired by my PG winner @ the Houndshow, in gleaming coat & condition, impressive headpiece, arrogant bearing, good width & depth to body, pleases with his balanced angulation, firm in topline with prominent hip bones, for me would prefer a more compact outline, shade longer caste, comes alight on the move. 

2). Abrey. Karagez Tame The World ( Imp Rus)

A smaller shorter coupled 5yr black with impressive outline,firm in topline, pleases in prominent hip bones & fallaway, tail well set & ringed, preferred the detail in head of 1 & could not match the reach in profile of winner.

OD (6)

1). Millward,Millward, Ferguson & Race. Ch/Aust Ch. Tahkira Affogato

Super high quality 4yr b/s stallion, who holds such an impressive balanced outline, ticks all the boxes regarding breed points, handsome masculine head with strong jaw, long reachy neck, with impressive head carriage, good depth & spring of ribbing carried well back to short strong loin,good width to hindquarters with required fallaway, tail well set & carried, angulation in both forehand & hindquarters together with flexion in pasterns is such that he moves out soundly with the required “style of high order” eating up the ground, superbly presented, no hesitation in awarding him the C.C.

2). Bovey. Sitana Barisa Toofan Karianca.

Another high quality exhibit, although quite different in type, was equally impressive, 5yr b/m gold with magnificent headpiece, ( reminds me of our own Renza Regency) see he is sired by the Res CC winner last time I judged ( HoundShow 2014) , lovely to see bare pasterns & big feet, again all required breed points, good width & depth to body, excellent angulation, ringed tail, gaited with free flowing action, thought the winner just edged in movement away & back, pleased to award him the Res C.C.

3). Bloor. Ch Pashtari Lord Byron.

VD (1)

1). Winters. Garamond Cloudberry For Tokando.

Pleased to see this houndy b/br again, carries his 9yrs lightly, has excellent well balanced outline, lovely head/eye, is well constructed & still gaits with light far reaching stride.

JB (3,1)

1). Hall. Saxonmill Majic Mirror

Delightful 12 mth b/s with compact & balanced outline, lovely head/eye, pleases in both fore & hind assemblies, moves out with such a light easy stride & excellent deportment, certainly one for the future.

2). Humphries. Ayoubkhan Porcelain Dove

Utterly feminine 14 mth pale cream, shapely in outline, well angulated, good fallaway, unfortunately she decided that she was not in the mood for showing today, needs patient handling & encouragement.

YB (5,2)

1). Milligan-Bott & Bott. Medawlark Attitude Is Key The Wones Thendara ( Imp Rus)

23 mth b/s with impressive balanced outline, in firm hard condition & full of “joie de vivre”, reachy neck, firm in topline, well ribbed, strong loin, prominent hip bones & good fallaway, moves out with excellent deportment.

2) Kirk-Vickers. Geordele Time To Shine At Istani

Shorter coupled 18mth b/c with lovely head/eye, lots to like, well put together, preferred the angulation & movement of 1.

3). Ayoubkhan Porcelain Dove

GB (2) Bit of a dilemma to separate these 2

1). Beavon. Altside Hot Gossip

23 mth blue/domino with lovely feminine head/eye, moves out so easily with a light springy stride, would prefer a firmer topline & shorter loin, & forgave her ringless tail!

2). Kirk-Vickers. Calamus Dirty Dancing At Istani ( Imp Pol)

3yr b/m gold who was shorter coupled, but appeared soft in topline, she does have a ringed tail, not so fluent in her movement as 1.

PGB( 1)

1). Hughes & Luty. Gezancol Fallen From Grace

Lots to like about the 22mth sparsely coated , short coupled b/m gold, lovely feminine headpiece, well angulated in both fore & hindquarters, moves very freely with far reaching stride.


1). Fairburn & Roberts. Cloudside Sunset

5yr quality brindle of lovely compact outline & shape, very feminine headpiece, reachy, slightly arched neck to well angulated front assembly, firm in topline, short loin, prominent hip bones, good fallaway to well set ringed tail, well angulated hindquarters, carries herself well with a free easy stride showing reach & drive.

LB (5)

1). Phillips & Smith. Karagez Curtain Call Zhaqqari (Imp)

Stunning 4yr black, excellent presentation, balanced compact outline, lovely head, reachy arched neck, pleases in her angulation, depth of body, ribbing, short loin & prominent hip bones, good fallaway to well set tail, carries herself well, loved her sound driving hind action, close up for higher honours.

2). Moore. Cloudside Flamenco (ai)

Houndy 3yr br, very pleasing in outline, lovely headpiece, all the required breed points, moves with a light action, good profile action. 

3). Lancashire & O’Donnell. Drishaun Consider The Lily JW

OB (7,2) Class of top quality bitches.

1). Moore. Ch Cloudside Sunflower JW. CC & BOB

Wow! 5yr sparsely coated pale gold with such an attractive headpiece & well balanced in outline, excellent muscular condition, fully mature , loved everything about her, condition, construction, angulation, attitude, her movement was a joy to see, certainly with a “style of high order”, everything I wanted, no hesitation in awarding her the CC & BOB , so pleased that she was shortlisted in the Group Ring, certainly thought she was worthy of a higher placing.

2). Gilbert. Altside Hot As Hell At Affietar Res CC

Top quality 2yr oyster/br who knows she is special, glorious headpiece with chiselling, a wealth of well presented coat, again is so well angulated, firm in topline, short loin, prominent hip bones, well set tail, loved her attitude , was really up for it, still to come to her peak, was pleased to award her the Res CC in an excellent line up.

3). House & Hinchliffe. Ch Cloudside Sun Angel For Jodak


1). Link. Ch/Ir/Ned/Int Ch Popovs Bora Bora At Orashan JW (Imp Ned)

Feminine 8yr shaded masked red, lovely balance & outline, lovely head & expression, reachy neck, well angulated , deep chest, firm in topline, prominent hip bones, great length from hip to hock, moves true away & back & has an easy free striding action in profile, well presented silky coat & saddle. BV

2). Peek-Matar. Sleepy Hollow At Yansukhim JW ShCM (Imp).

Larger framed 8yr R/br with keen expression, carries her years lightly, long reachy neck, good topline & fallaway, has a free striding profile gait, not quite the movement away & back of 1.

Mike Caple ( Judge )