• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Four Counties Beagle Club

Breed: Beagle



I was delighted to accept the invitation to judge for The Four Counties Beagle Club again, having judged the Open Show in 1984 & the Championship Show in 2003

Thanks to Kirsten & Zoe for your help in the ring.

The Championship show was held in conjunction with Darlington Ch Show.

We were allocated a separate ring, excelled ground conditions, a sunny day, but a cold biting wind.

Starting time was I hour after the start of judging Beagles at Darlington, in the adjoining ring. Unfortunately this resulted in numerous delays in judging.

I was very pleased with the quality of the CC & res CC winners, but rather disappointed with the overall quality of the entry.

Forehand construction is a perpetual concern, lack of return of upperarm seems to pass most exhibitors by ( just because it is not mentioned in the KC breed standard does not mean it should be ignored) , well laid back shoulder blades were also a scarcity. Another growing concern is the absence of a correct scissor bite, with several level bites here today.

MPD (1)

1 Jones. Clairdale Fusileer

Smart blanket tri of 7mths, well moulded head, dark eye & pleasing expression. I see is sired by Res CC winner, of pleasing size, shape & construction, enabling him to move out soundly, has good bone & neat feet. Needing to firm up in his topline & come together.

PD (3,1)

1 Beard. Kellitcreed Sweeney Tod BPD & BPIS

10 mth tri, projects a smart & well proportioned outline, pleases in head/muzzle, low set leathers, reachy neck, firm in topline & well ribbed back, tail well set & carried, pleases in his angulation, moves out with strong driving action, needs to firm up in front action.

2 Bridgeman & Logue. Kingwin Bug ‘A’ Lugs

Smart 9 mth tri, strong head/muzzle, ample bone, neat feet, firm level topline, deep chest, well set stern,strong well angulated hindquarters, would prefer to see more angulation in his forehand.

JD (3)

1 Taylor. Deaconfield Lancer

Nice size 15mth tri who pleases for balance & proportions, pleasing head/expression, good depth, short coupled, soundest mover in the class.

2 Leader. Molesend Dice

12 mth tan/white, well balanced in outline, ample bone & body, good depth of chest, strong well angulated hindquarters, stern well set & carried, carrying too much weight for me, which affected his front movement.

3 Binks. Tannahill Vagabond

ND (1)

1 Clairdale Fusileer

2. Kingswin Bug ‘A’ Lugs

GD (2)

1 Molesend Dice

2 Jones. Molesend Colt

18mth tan/white, handsome head, reachy neck, firm in topline, well set stern, still @ the teenage rangy stage, will look better with maturity.

PGD (3,1)

1 Bridgeman & Logue. Kubik Cziki Kopo At Kigswin (Imp Srb)

Handsome 18mth tan/white, firm in outline, reachy neck, well developed body, good depth of chest, short coupled, balanced in fore/hind angulation, moves out well with good profile action.

2 Parker & Stevens. Serenaker George Gently

Another handsomely headed tan/white of 23 mths, still needing to mature, has good bone/feet, firm in topline, stern well set /carried, rather unsettled today which affected his movement.

LD (2)

1 Hardisty. Lanbur Kissinging Bandit At Fallowfield (Imp USA)

3 yr tri of lovely size & outline, well proportioned & balanced, pleasing angulation, good bone/feet, good depth of chest , firm in topline, well muscled hindquarters, moved out freely.

2. Molesend Colt

OD (5,1)

Two lovely dogs headed this class.

1 Parker & Stevens. Ch Serenaker Armani. CC & RBIS & BOS

Superbly headed 2yr tri , has such presence, carries himself so well, of excellent breed type, handsome headpiece, scores in outline & balance, good bone, neat feet, well muscled & conditioned, scores with his strong driving action.

2 Taylor. Deaconfield Kingcraft. Res CC

Now almost 5yrs & looking better than ever, nothing flashy but a good honest soundly made tri, pleasing head/expression, firm in body, good bone/feet, balanced in angulation & sound in his movement.

3 Lewis. Fallowfield Vincent


1 Pocklington-Hall. Macall Bushman. RBVIS

Handsomely headed open marked tri, looking well for his 10 yrs, nicely constructed, compact outline, short coupled, sound mover.

2 Hunt. Ch Shercroft Apollo JW ShCM

Tan/white almost 8yrs, out of a rangier mould, again well constructed & a free mover, not his usual exuberant self & was concerned with his apparent lack of condition?

MPB (2)

Both lovely broken tri pups showing lots of promise

1 Havard. Annavah Angel Delight

6mths @ her first show, of a lovely size, very feminine head/expression, nicely constructed with good forechest, short coupled, good bone/feet, moved out freely.

2 Binks. Tannahill Yasmine

Another lovely pup of 7mths, gorgeous head/expression, again nicely constructed , slightly longer caste an 1, not so settled in her movement.

PB (6)

1 Coates. Gladstyle Too Close To Call BPB & RBPIS

Quality 11mth tan/white in her last puppy class, presented a smart & neat compact outline, pleases all through, very femine head/expression, firm topline, good bone/feet, well ribbed back, moved freely & soundly.

2 Philpott. Charterwood Black Opal

11 mth broken tri out of a slightly larger mould, again lots to like, pleasing head/expression, good bone/feet, firm in topline, another sound in her movement which gained the placing.

3 Beard. Kellitcreed Cotton Candy

JB (5)

1 Havard. Ch Annavah Princess Tiana. CC & BIS

Wow!, such super quality, 17mths daughter of Ch Knick Knack to whom I awarded the CC @ Crufts 2017, excels in breed type, most lovely feminine head/expression, holds a super outline, so well balanced, excellent angulation & construction, love her forehand with well filled forechest, lovely round bone & neat feet, moved so true away & back, with an easy effortless side gait, no hesitation in awarding her top honours.

2 Goldberg. Molesend Dormouse

Quality 12mth tan/white of lovely size & outline, lovely headpiece with soft expression, nicely arched neck into well laid shoulders, pleases in both fore & hind angulation, firm level topline, well set & carried tail, was called in to challenge, today her kennel mate had the edge in movement.

3 Evans & Barnes. Bellvalley Calypso

YB (6,2)

1 Fitzpatrick. Blunderhall Blow A Fuse

Most attractively headed , brightly marked open tri of 23 mths, has a soft expression, reachy neck, well angulted in both fore & hind quarters, well ribbed back, good bone/feet, moved out freely, would ideally like to see shorter couplings.

2 Beard. Kellitcreed’s Back Chat

Larger framed tri of 17mths, has a well proportioned headpiece, low set leathers, firm in topline, well ribbed back, well set stern, moved freely, although slightly shorter in coupling, she lost out to 1 on forehand construction

3 Mathison. Princess Bella Of Redcharm

NB (4)

1 Stuart. Kellitcreed Frozen Assets

Most attractive 10 mth tri, who pleases for type & outline, feminine head, nicely arched neck, well angulated in both fore & hindquarters, deep chest, level topline, moved out soundly, was well handled by her competent young handler

2 Bridgeman & Logue. Kingswin Looks Like Trouble

Larger framed 9mth tri, has well proportioned head with dark eye & pleasing expression, low set leathers, firm level topline, well set stern, liked her hind angulation, lost out to 1 on forehand construction.

3 Warburton. Dughallmor Elderberry Wine.

GB (3,1)

1 Brownlow. Rushwater Pili Pala

5yr tri, compact in outline, well filled front, good neck, level topline, good depth of body, well ribbed back, moved out smartly

2 Mathison. Princess Bella Of Redcharm.

18th tri out of a larger frame, lovely head & expression, which I preferred to 1, good neck, level topline, deep brisket, still needing to mature, preferred the more compact outline of 1.

PGB (6,1)

1 Macdougall. Molesend Will ‘O Wisp

2yr tan/white of lovely size, projecting a well balanced outline, pleases in head, arched neck, good in top & underline, moved out smartly, would prefer better filled forechest.

2 Banks. Forgebanks Raindrop

4yr tri with lovely headpiece & forehand, reachy neck into level topline, good bone/feet, much rangier in outline, tending to move close behind.

3 Rushwater Pili Pala

LB (13)

1 Goldberg. Molesend Crumble. Res CC

Very smart 17 mth tan/white, so neat & of a lovely size, pleases for her well balanced outline, feminine head/expression, reachy neck into well angulated forehand with good infill, firm level topline, stern well set & carried, good bone & neat feet, sound in her movement away & back & with good profile action, gaining her the Res CC

2 Beard. Kellitcreed Jessica Barker

Strikingly marked tri of 23 mths, projecting an eye catching outline, pleases in head/eye, grand body & hindquarters, level topline & well set stern, excellent profile gait, losing out to 1 on forehand.

3 Parker & Stevens. Serenaker Agatha Raisin

OB (8,3)

1 Havard. Ch Annavah Buttercup

2yr tan/white a standout winner here, a lovely size, so neat & well constructed, holds a super outline, of excellent balance & proportions, well filled front, sound in movement, in close contention for top honours.

2 Deans. Gempeni Cornflower

3yr tri of excellent construction, holds herself really well, lovely head/expression, complimentary angulation & well filled front, a happy soul with good profile gait, preferred the compact outline of 1.

3 Lewis. Fallowfield Royal Rosie

VB (4,1)

1 Arden. Madika Spot On JW ShCm Aw(G) BVIS

7yr open marked tri, who won the PGrad class under me @ Crufts 2017, presents a well balanced outline, has a pleasing feminine head/expression, deep body & well ribbed back, moves out really well with good side gait, looking really good with her free showing stance.

2 Brownlow. Bellvalley Dunnit

Well proportioned tri (4 days short of 10th birthday) pleasing head/expression, looking good for age, soundly constructed, firm in topline, good bone/feet, free in her movement, would prefer to see more forechest.

3 Clark. Davricard Heather At Springholme

Mike Caple (Judge)