• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Cirneco Dell'Etna

Birmingham Dog Show Society

National Championship Dog Show

6th May 2022

Cirneco Dell’Etna


1 Farleigh & McDonnell. Duca Del Gelso Bianco. Res BD

 Too quality 20mth, so elegant & stylish, square in outline, handsome narrow head with chiselling, well set ears, excellent in his forehand with clean neck & shoulders, long limbed with good feet & pasterns, good body/topline & croup, would prefer a more moderate underline, lively sound movement.


1 Warren. Silvento Orpheus For Shantih (Imp)

2yr of slender build & square in outline, pleases in head/ears, good in his forehand, nicely arched neck, good in body & underline, moderate hind angulation, movement is lively, could be more precise away & back.


1 Farleigh & McDonnell. Kinbula’s Milano With Triquetra. BD & BOB

3yr of excellent breed type & quality, elegant yet masculine, presents a well proportioned square outline, classy head with some chiselling, well set ears, used well, pleases in his forehand, neck/shoulders & topline, croup sloping away steeply to set of tail, good legs /feet, breed typical underline, movement is precise & lively.

2 Warren. Kinabula’s Marocchino At Shantih.

4yr half brother to Milano, lots to like, head, topline & croup, not quite the outline/elegance of 1, rather spoilt by carrying too much weight which affected his movement.


1 Didio. Kinabula Forlani Of Kushka. BV

Now rising 8yrs, he presents a square outline & is long limbed, pleases in all details of head/eyes/ well set ears, topline/croup & underline, lively in his movement, rather spoilt by carrying a little too much weight.


1 Taylor-Smith. Taorminensis Oriana (Imp It).

Very promising 12mth light tan, so feminine & elegant, beautiful head, well set & used ears, so clean & smooth through her neck & shoulders, long limbed with good feet / pasterns, typical square outline, pleases in top & underline, lively movement.


1 Farleigh. Kinabula’s Tute Sweet Mocha. Res BB

Quality 4yr, who I see from the catalogue is litter sister to BB & BD ( what a lovely litter) projects the square outline & slender build required, most attractive in head & expression, nicely arched neck with good shoulders, pleases in both top & underline, lively mover, thought she held a better outline on the move.

2 Farleigh & McDonnell. Colisto’s Severina.

Another quality exhibit 2yr, was in close contention here, presents a lovely outline of good proportions, very feminine head, well set ears, pleases in top & underline, good muscle tone, thought that 1 held better outline on the move.

3 Farleigh & McDonnell. Silvento Olympias.


1 Farleigh & McDonnell. Kinabula’s Amoretta At Triquetra BB

Top quality 4yr of excellent breed type, elegant & slender in build, with square outline required, lovely head/eye, good ear set, excellent forehand, nicely crested neck, pleases in top/underline, good legs/feet, so neat & true in her movement.

2 Ayling. Hadranensis Cher (Imp).

Lots to like about this 5yr, most lovely head/eyes/ ears, good forehand, arched neck, top/underline, however does not have the leg length to attain the square outline, carrying a little too much weight which spoilt her front action.

Mike Caple (Judge)