• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Otterhound

Birmingham Dog Show Society

 National Championship Dog Show 6th May 2022


Delighted to have been invited by the Society to award CC’s in Otterhounds for the first time. I believe that this was a representative entry & was pleased with the quality of the hounds present.

The B.O.B Ch Teckelgarth Ebony was shortlisted in the Hound Group & the BP Teckelgarth Ismay did the breed proud being awarded Hound Puppy Group 1.

SpBD (1)

1 Nelson. Olphae Druid.

11 mth b/t , looks promising, liked his balance & proportions, sturdy build, good head shape, large nose, long furled ears, strong jaw, see he is sired by the Res CC winner & much in the same mould, however he was unsettled & needs to gain confidence.


1 Lerego. Teckelgarth Ingot. BPD

One of 3 red/grizzle litter mates shown today, just 6mths, all excellent specimens of the breed, what a lovely litter, see from the catalogue they are sired by the CC winner..Such happy temperaments, excellent coats.

Well made & sturdy, lovely balance & proportions, good head properties, good depth to muzzle & strong jaw, pleases with eye shape /colour & pigmentation, large nose pad, lovely long /furled leathers, well angulated forehand, well boned straight forelegs & firm pasterns with slight give, large round feet, well ribbed back to short strong loins, moderate hind angulation with well muscled 1st/2nd thighs, well set stern, short rear pasterns, these attributes enabled a free flowing easy gait, 

PD (2)

1 Lerego. Teckelgarth Indefatigable. 6mth litter brother to Ingot, very much in the same mould, lots to like, much the same remarks apply, at present prefer the front/legs/pasterns & gait of Ingot.

2 Olphae Druid.

LD (2)

1 Lewis. Olphae Charman. Res CC

4yr b/t who won Junior Dog @ SCCa last time I judged in 2019. Has developed into a sturdy hound of pleasing shape & balance, good strong masculine headpiece, strong muzzle/jaw of good depth, large nose pad, good eye colour, pleases in both fore & hind angulation, well ribbed & firm in topline, moves out with easy long striding gait.

2 Lerego & Dunn. Teckelgarth Crassus.

3yr parti, well up to size, has a majestic headpiece, with good depth to strong jaw, large nose pad,long furled leathers, has good depth to well ribbed sturdy body with strong loin, found him to be very heavy on his forehand & I preferred the angulation & gait of 1.

OD (2)

1 Salt, Lerego & Stringer. Ch Teckelgarth Dreadnought. CC

3yr red/grizzle , was BP & Hound Puppy Group 4 @ SCCA last time I judged in 2019

Has certainly fulfilled his early promise, majestic in his headpiece, good strong muzzle with depth, large nose pad, good eye shape/colour, long furled leathers, strong arched neck too well angulated forehand, well bone straight forelegs, large round feet, pleases in overall proportions & balance, strong firm topline , strong loin, moderate & well muscled hindquarters, sound movement with an easy stride.

2 Ganna. Ch Kingstree Warrior At Keepcott.

3yr r/gr more compact in outline than 1, pleases for sturdy build, masculine breed typical headpiece, lengthy furled leathers, strong jaw, body of good depth & well ribbed back, preferred the fore/hind angulation of 1.

MPB (1)

1 Lerego. Teckelgarth Ismay. BPB, BP & Hound Puppy Group1

What a lovely 6mth puppy, litter sister to Ingot & Indefatigable, so feminine yet has the sturdy, well boned frame & structure required, most beautiful well proportioned headpiece,with good eye shape/colour & expression, even better than her litter brothers in her forehand, good deep ribbing carried well back, firm in topline, moderate hind angulation with well muscled 1st/2nd thighs, well set stern, in beautiful coat & condition, moved out with a easy far reaching stride.

PB (1)


JB (1)

1 Finch. Conestoga And Crossroads English Dream At Otterslade (Imp USA)

16th mth b/t with immediate appeal, looks most promising, projects a balanced outline of good proportions, lovely headpiece, large nose, lengthy furled leathers, liked her forehand angulation & moderate hind angulation, firm deep body well ribbed back, good coat texture, moved out with easy profile gait, although a little close moving away.

YB (1)

1 Lewis. Olphae Orlaith.

20mth b/t of much lighter frame , appeals in head properties, needing to develop & mature all thro, coat is sparse, movement in profile action is fine, however action away & back is unco-ordinated.

LB (2)

1 Lerego. Teckelgarth Damson.

3yr b/t litter sister to Dreadnought, holds a lovely shape, is so well balanced in outline, lovely headpiece all the required breed points, strong jaw with good depth, large nose pad, eyes of good shape/colour, pleases in her angulation both fore & aft, well sprung ribbing of good depth & carried well back, excellent coat, true in her movement.

2 Ashworth. Kingstree Willing.

Attractively headed 3yr b/t with dark eye, strong jaw, lengthly furled leathers, well sprung ribbing, strong loin, moved well in profile, not so true away & back, preferred the forehand angulation of 1.

OB (3,1)

1 Lerego, Smith, Smith & Follet. Ch Teckelgarth Ebony. BCC & BOB

Such a lovely well balanced 3yr b/t of excellent proportions, lovely head & expression, good eye shape/colour, large nose, lengthy well set & furled leathers, well boned with excellent fore/hind angulation, good depth to ribbing carried well back to strong loin, hindquarters have good width & are well muscled, tail well set & carried, coat of correct texture, came into her own when moving, such an easy , far reaching stride, pleased to hear that she was shortlisted in the Group.

2 Follet. Akc Ch Four Pillars’ Tahoe Turquoise (ImpUSA) Res CC

Almost 7yrs b/t in excellent condition, in much the same mould as winner, projects a well balanced outline of substance & good proportions, lots to like, pleases in her headpiece, depth of muzzle, large nose, eyes /expression, set on of lengthy furled leathers, good depth of body, muscular hindquarters, moved out with easy stride, although not quite the forehand of winner, pleased to award her the Res CC.

VB (2,1)

1 Baker,Lerego & Baker. Ch Teckelgarth Mabel. BV 

One of the famous “M” litter, now 9 yrs, liked her balance & proportions, lovely headpiece with dark eye & pigment, large nose, low set lengthy furled leathers, pleases in her angulation, fore & aft, good depth to body with well sprung ribbing carried well back, moves out well in profile.

Mike Caple ( Judge )