• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Pharaoh Hound

 CRUFTS 2022


I was thrilled to accept the invitation to Judge Pharaoh Hounds @ Crufts, such an honour.

Thank you to the exhibitors for giving me the opportunity of assessing your hounds.

I am pleased to say that I found some outstanding examples of the breed to award top honours to.

The outstanding Best Of Breed put on a superb display in the Group Ring & I was thrilled that she gained Group 3. 

I understand that she now ends her stay in the UK, the breed is poorer for her departure.

VD (3)

1 Dawson. Ch Kurriera Orlando at Lyncris

Fine example of the breed, have met previously when he gained top honours, now a 7yr old, holds a firm well proportioned outline, handsome head, close elbows, good carriage with free stride, in contention.

2 Hall. CIB Ch Vakurs Jack Sparrow Qonjacson

Another upstanding 9yr of good breed type, holds an excellent outline & moves out with a good stride, preferred the front & close fitting elbows of 1.

3 Mcloughlin. Ch Annatefkah Tum

PD (2)

1 Nichols. Echo Of Thunder Whispering Sand (Imp Lva) BP

Light tan of 11mths & of pleasing breed type, developing nicely, lovely head/ears, crested neck into firm topline, well sprung ribbing, good croup, presents a pleasing picture, has a good stride, still needing to firm in front.

2 Cole. Doucai’s Lampuki

Rich tan of 8mths & of lighter frame & build than 1, pleases in head/ears, good bone/feet, overall outline & proportions , still very immature, still needing time to develop, at present very uncoordinated in his movement.

JD (5)

1 Hansen & Ellrich. Bazinga King For A Day

13 mths , stood away here for breed type, handsome head,good use of ears, well developed in ribbing & body, has good bone/feet, held best outline & was the soundest mover.

2 White & Jennings. Doucai’s ID Duka Ta’malta,

15mths of much lighter frame, pleases in head, body proportions, well knuckled feet & firm pasterns, still needing to mature & deepen in body.

3 Parkin-Mcgrath. Doucai’s Kongi Victoriosa

Res Ord. Croftkolo White Satin

VHC Phway & Halai. Croftkolo Matata

LD (1) I 

1 Watson. Batman Flys Over Xandsari

4yr pleases for breed type, handsome head, strong well developed body/ribbing, moderate angulation, good bone, well knuckled feet & firm pasterns. Easy mover with good side gait, needs to be moved @ controlled pace, spoils front action when moved too fast.

OD (5)

1 Dunhill-Hall, Bongiovanni, & Heard. Ch Fantasa Chicago Bull At Ankors CC

5yr old who excels in breed type, of lovely size, such a handsome head, super front assembly, well developed body/ribbing, good bone/feet/firm pasterns, scored in his sound movement, carriage & style, to be picky would prefer less flecking on throat.

2 Hansen. Nor/Swe/DK Ch Bazinga Gonna Be A Mighty King. Res CC

3 yrs, is elegant yet masculine, close up, again excels in breed type, lots to like, holds a smart well balanced outline, moves with an easy side gait, preferred the front infill & firmer pasterns of 1, 

3 Collins & Dunhill-Hall. Ch Fantasa Dallas Maverick

Res Madsen. Vaskurs Dominic Qiwidon

VHC Hall. Vaskurs Varenne Qiwison


Both high quality Champions.

1 Hansen. Int Ch.Ch Bazinga A Dance With Dragons

High quality rich tan rising 9 yrs, has all the breed attributes required, blunt wedge head, good use of ears, crested neck to well laid forehand assembly, well ribbed & firm in topline, well balanced angulation allowed her to move with a sound & easy action.

2 Thomas. Ch Annatefkah Thema

High quality light tan of 8 yrs, in excellent condition, awarded her the CC when I judged the breed @ Bham Nat 2017, still holds a pleasing well balanced outline, full of breed type, on this occasion, thought that I edged in on her more open side gait.

PB (1) 

1 Ashby. Regina Alessandra

8 mth rich tan litter sister to 2nd in PD & much the same remarks apply. Very raw & light in frame. Was like a coiled spring, when she stands still she holds a pleasing outline with firm topline, has good head shape & use of ears, at present very unco-ordinated in movement, still very immature & needs time to develop.

JB (3)

1 Hansen. Bazinga Khaleesi The Dragon Queen

Elegant & classy 13mth, who was a standout here, full of quality & breed type, holds an excellent outline of balanced proportions, pleases all through, noble feminine headpiece, good use of ears, lengthy crested neck, firm in tooline, good depth & smooth in underline, sound & easy in her movement, looks to have potential.

2 Chatelin & Hallyburton. Croftkolo Orange Crush

Rather reluctant 17mth, who has all the required attributes, balanced outline with moderate angulation, please in her head /eyes/ears, firm topline , good depth & smooth underline, good bone/feet/pasterns. Obviously needs to gain in confidence, gained her place with better outline over 3.

3 Falzon. Doucai’s Principessa Xini

PGB (1)

1 Panayiotis. Ynchreenoo Gold Edition

This 2yr commands attention, full of quality & breed type, feminine head of good shape, excellent planes, lovely expression, good use of ears, pleases in her construction, balanced in outline with moderate angulation & good proportions, firm well muscled body, stands in good legs /feet/pasterns, moves with easy profile action.

LB (3)

1 Ashby, Cappelaere & Samways. Kurriera Krystal Amethyst 

5yr rich tan, presents a balanced outline of good proportions & moderate angulation, pleases in head shape, expression & ears, has a reachy neck to firm body/topline , good quarters, gained her place by reason of the fact that she held the best shape on the go around, could be tidier in front action.

2 Harthill. Rubadu Berenice Baara At Jechemo

Beautiful 2yr lighter tan, very much in the mold of her dam, quality all through, impressive balanced outline, moderate angulation, good in her forechest , holds an impressive outline @ the stance, however for some unknown reason loses her shape on the go around.

3 Collins & Dunhill-Hall. Fantasa Miami Heat

OB (11,4)

This was a tremendous class full of quality hounds.

1 Torres. Swe Ch/Ch Vaskurs Moni Maker Qiwidotter. CC BOB & Hound Group 3

The star of the day, impressive outline of superb balance & proportions, so well constructed, of athletic build & excellent breed type, beautiful blunt wedged shaped head with parallel planes, expressive eyes & super ears which she uses so well, proudly carriage on crested neck, has good well filled forechest, close fitting elbows & stands on well boned legs with well knuckled feet & is firm in her pasterns, she is fit & firm in body with level topline & smooth underline, pleased in her croup to well set tail & muscular hindquarters. Carries herself so well & moves with an easy free striding gait. Thought that she looked superb in the Group Ring & must congratulate Laura Merryweather on her handling, well done.

2 Hall. Multi Ch Vaskurs Gisela Harabo Qiwidotter Res CC

Did not realise at the time, but this quality bitch is a litter sister to 1, must have been a lovely litter. Built along slightly finer lines, again holds a beautiful well balanced outline, so well constructed with moderate angulation & firm well developed body, again has excellent carriage & sound movement, preferred the forechest of 1.

3 Hansen & Svaldenyte. Multi Ch Bazinga Desert Dragoness

Res Poli. Ch Bazinga Daenerys On A Dragon Quest

VHC Hall. Vaskurs Triceratops Gisadotter.

Mike Caple (Judge)