• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Ibizan Hound

Birmingham Dog Show Society

National Championship Dog Show

6th May 2022

Ibizan Hound


1 Brown. Kalo Skilo’s Front Page News (Imp Nor)

16mth c/w smooth, nice stamp of a dog, looks to have potential, appealed in outline, head,eyes,ears, strong jaw, good bone, erect pasterns, chest is above elbows but would prefer to be shallower, firm in topline, good croup & set of tail, short rear pasterns, typical movement, was a little unsettled, once he gains confidence should do well..



1 Carter & Donnaby. Kalo Skilo Dum Spiro Spero At Benjique (Imp Nor) DCC & BOB

 Fine upstanding stallion of excellent quality, 3yr c/w smooth, excellent head properties, long & lean, strong underjaw,good eye shape/colour, large mobile ears, arched neck to excellent forehand assembly, short well laid shoulders with good return of upperarm, evident pro-sternum, erect pasterns & firm feet, shallow brisket well above elbows, firm level topline, short strong loin, muscular moderately angulated hindquarters with slope to croup & well set tail, attributes that when combined produce the required gait , low & far reaching with slight hesitation in footfall which produces the excellent suspended trot.

2 Sayles. Ch Abbotsoak Music Of The Nite Res BD

4yr w/c smooth, attentive & alert, presents a sharp clean cut outline, pleases in eye shape/colour good use of ears, would prefer stronger underjaw, preferred the masculinity & forehand assembly of 1, profile action ok, disappointed away & back.



1 Hamilton. Gala

12 mth rough coated (rather long) with good head shape, strong jaw, good ears, arched neck to short well shoulder blades, at present a bit weak in pasterns, shallow brisket well above elbows, flat ribbing , needing to firm in topline, moderate hind angulation, profile action OK, bit unco-ordinated away & back.


1 Gala


1 Taylor. Ch Abbotsoak Carousel JW CC

Excellent quality 4yr w/c smooth, of good proportions, well laid short shoulder blades, some forechest, lovely head/eyes/ expression, strong jaw, good use of large mobile ears, arched neck to firm topline, brisket above elbows, shallow chest & flat ribbing, good tuck-up, good croup, neat & precise mover with slight hover in front action, feel she would look even better with a little more condition.


Both lovely quality bitches.

1 Hamilton & Rainsbury. Ch Kalo Skilo’s Rose De Immortal Juni With Harrisclub

  Res CC

Now 7yrs this lovely w/c smooth won Junior @ the EIHC ch show in 2016 as a raw youngster. Lovely head & expression, good forehand construction with straight limbs & erect pasterns, elegant arched neck, correct depth of brisket, well above elbows & carried well back, moderate hind angulation with well set & carried tail, gaited with smooth easy far reaching action.

2 Taylor. Falconcrag Valenta.

10yr c/w smooth in excellent condition, lots to like, head/eyes/expression, good use of large mobile ears, flat ribbing well above elbows, preferred the forehand of 1, slightly weaker in pasterns & loses her topline on moving.

Mike Caple (Judge)