• Show Date: 11/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Norwegian Elkhound

LKA Championship Show

11th December 2022


I was pleased to judge Norwegian Elkhounds again, thank you for bringing your hounds for my appraisal. 

The slippery flooring was a problem for some hounds, seemed to affect the bitches more, which did not help in assessing movement.

Very pleased to see that my Best Of Breed gained Hound Group 3.



1 Simms. Aftonlee Aros At Elverdal

Lovely youngster to start with, handsome head/ expression, with dark mask, good planes, dark eye,strong muzzle, neat well set ears, pleases in his forehand, good body proportions, well sprung ribs & short loin, tail is high set with excellent tight curl, glorious coat/ condition, sound in movement.


1 Stone. Laakso Eike

Typy & compact, square in outline, handsome head with dark mask, neat ears, good body proportions, pleases in his forehand, would prefer a touch more hind angulation, level topline, would prefer tail to be higher set, good coat & colour.


1 Gold. Graythor At The Venetian With Llassah

Strikingly handsome with dark mask, masculine head/expression, neat ears, grand bone/feet, good head carriage, excellent in his forehand, abundant coat of good colour with harness markings, good body proportions & balance, strides out well.

2 McMahon. Seasara Highflyer

Close up to 1, Handsome dark masked head, well set ears, presents a compact square outline, moderate angulation, high set tail, good coat & colour, not quite the stride of 1 today.


1 Cowper & Bingham. Ch Kestos Rex Of Rothenborg. CC BOB & Hound Group 3

A quality hound of proud bearing & good proportions, good length of leg to body ratio, well constructed with moderate angulation, well knit body with well sprung ribs & short strong loin, tail well set & curled, good bone & neat feet, good coat/colour, has a handsome headpiece, strong muzzle, ears well set, came into his own when gaiting, with an easy effortless stride, delighted that he found favour with the Group judge.

2 Maun. Ch Bowerhinton Bassanio. Res CC

This handsome hound was close up to 1, another of excellent quality & breed type, blunt wedge shaped head with correct planes & dark mask, well set ears, good proportions, square in outline, short backed, enough length of leg, moderate in angulation, good coat/colour, gaited freely.

3 Simms. Ch Seasara Earl Grey


Vet D/B(2)

1 Gilbert. Rothenborg Nanya For Balsemasi

Have met this attractively headed bitch before @ Bath in 2015, I think she has improved with age, now almost 10yrs looking better than ever. Of smaller size & lighter frame, super dark mask & small well set ears, lovely expression, short backed & stands four square, tail is tightly curled, good coat & colour, moved out with brisk action.

2 Tress. Ch Grasilva Little Rock

Soundly constructed 8yr dog, ticks all the boxes, masculine head, dark mask, dark eye, well set ears, moderate angulation, short backed, strong loin, good bone/feet, moved out with good stride, I preferred the head / expression of the bitch.


1 Callow & Davis. Whittimere Alright Bab. BP & Res CC

11 mth lighter framed youngster, soundly constructed, balanced in outline, attractively headed with dark mask & eyes, feminine expression, well set ears, moderate angulation, nicely arched neck, firm level topline, tail high set & tightly curled, sound in movement, a real showgirl, just needing maturity to blossom.



1 Tress. Treskha Tanqueray. CC

Very sound & honest bitch of 22 mths, square in outline, the more I looked @ her the more I liked. Feminine head /expression, Excellent construction with firm well knit body of good proportions, nicely arched neck with proud head carriage, deep chest with well sprung ribbing, firm level topline, strong loin, tail well set & curled, good coat & colour, balanced in her angulation which enabled her to move soundly with good stride. Pleased to award her the CC.


1 Maun. Bowerhinton Bright Lady

Attractively headed bitch with much to like, alert & attentive, good ears, eyes & expression, compact in outline, well proportioned body with deep chest & good ribbing, short loin, grand bone/feet, abundant coat of darker shaded grey, was finding difficulty with the flooring, I saw enough to award her the class.

2 Southall. Seasara Hermione

Smaller, lighter framed, very neat & smart, feminine head & expression, neat ears, balanced angulation, good in outline, good coat/colour.

3 Allchin. Barbelka Betty Boop Of Carolon


Both quality bitches little to separate them, both alert & attentive.

1 Middleton. Ch Graythor Gates Of Artic

Attractive head, good planes , blunt wedge shape, dark eyes , neat ears, compact in outline, balanced angulation, pleased in her forehand, short loin, good coat/colour

2 Tress. Treskha Just The One

Close up to 1, smart in outline, crested neck with proud head carriage, firm in topline, feminine head/expression, good coat/colour, slightly longer caste than 1, moves out with good stride.


Mike Caple