• Show Date: 16/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Michael Caple Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Southern Dachshund Association

Breed: Dachshund (Smooth Haired)

The Southern Dachshund Association Championship Show Jan 16 2022

I was called in as a late replacement to judge Jan Pain's entry of Smooths & Stakes Classes necessitated by Jan’s vulnerable status under Covid restrictions in Wales.

Very pleased with the quality entry, some very promising youngsters, the future is certainly looking good for Smooths.


Vet D/B (0)

MPD (5,4abs)

1 Andison & Peel. Cedavoch Drizzle Of Rain

Quality Red of 6mths, holds a smart outline with good body proportions, of super breed type, is masculine yet has a certain refinement, glorious conical headpiece, good front assembly, snug fitting elbows, firm in topline, smooth in underline. A most promising puppy. Moves out easily, can firm up in rear action, which will come with maturity.

PD (1)

1 Binks & McNaughton. Cedavoch Ocean Storm. BPD/BP & BPIS

Another top quality red, litter brother to MPD winner, I see a number of litter siblings were @ their Ist show today, all of excellent breed type & outstanding quality.

excellent ht/length body proportions, slightly further forward in his development than previous winner, glorious conical headpiece, good eye shape, strong jaw, excels in his forehand, well angulated all thro, chunky bone, well sprung ribbing carried well back to firm strong loin, well muscled “hammy” quarters, low hocks, carried himself really well & moved out soundly away & back, together with good profile action, driving off his hocks. 

Should have a promising future.

JD (3)

1 McNaughton. Cedavoch Struuann. CC

Top quality Red of 13 mths with super outline, of distinct kennel type, loved everything about him, handsome conical head/strong jaw/ good eye shape, crested neck to excellent forehand construction, well laid shoulder & return of upper arm, well filled front, good bone & feet, elbows fit close to well sprung ribbing carried well back, short stong loin, good width to muscular well angulated hind quarters. Carried himself proudly with sound flowing movement. I understand that this was his 3rd CC. Congratulations.

2 Hunt. Pelirroja Joined Forces With Carpaccio

Another quality Red of 15 mths, such a handsome chap, again liked his outline, with good proportions, well filled front, pleased in top & underline, not so settled on the move as 1, looks promising.

3 Small. Almaznyi Laretz Ershalaim At Devindax (Imp)

YD (0)

PGD (2,1)

1 Cox. Dovestream Black Russian At Dachshinbull

3yr B/t with such a happy disposition, liked his head/eye, pleased for his outline & proportions, well ribbed back, slightly hampered by insufficient forehand development, affecting his movement coming on.

LD (1)

1 Hunt. Carpaccio Suchard

22mth Choc/dapple, still has some maturing to do to come to his best, looks promising, holds a pleasing outline, of good proportions, prominent well filled front, good bone/feet, pleases in top & underline, moves out with good stride, still needing to strengthen in his hindquarters, at present moves a little close behind.

OD (4,2)

1 Chauhan. Raajput’s Blacky Returns Res CC

Quality 22mth B/t holds a smart well balanced outline, pleases in his fore & hind angulation, firm in his topline & smooth in underline, ribbing carried well back, in good muscular condition, moves out with an easy stride, could be neater coming on.

2 MacDonald. Bensarka Limerick.

Another quality Red rising 3yrs, quite different in type, has lots to like, again holds a smart outline, preferred his front to 1, not the ground clearance of 1, moves out with good stride, could not match the drive from his rear.

MPB (8,2)

Lovely class of youngsters, the future is looking good for the breed.

1 Stark. Adnerbs Not On Your Nellie Gobannium

Soundly made 6mth s/r with pleasing outline & proportions, attractive head/eye, pleases all thro, good angulation, well filled thorax, chunky bone, well ribbed back, good musculature , moves soundly, scored on hind movement today.

2 Roberts. Cedavoch Blowing A Gale To Swansford

Beautiful refined 6mth red out of slightly smaller frame than 1 ( nothing wrong with that) like litter mates has the same balance & elegance, lovely head/eye, correct forehand assembly, well ribbed back, pleases in both top & underline, at present still needing to develop & strengthen in her hindquarters, not so positive in hind movement as 1, showing lots of promise.

3 Hunt. Lauralee Joan Of Arc At Carpaccio 

PB (3,1)

1 Adnerbs Not On Your Nellie Gobannium

2 Andison & Peel. Clentry Little Me

Another quality pup, 10 mth r/br of lovely size & outline, good proportions, put together well, pleased all thro, still needing to gain in confidence.

3 McNaughton. Cedavoch Sea Breeze

JB (5,1)

1 Hunt. Carpaccio Silver Dollar. BPB

Striking 10 mth Silver Dapple/tan, she holds a lovely well balanced outline, good in ht/length, liked her ground clearance, flows all thro, firm well muscled body, excelled in forehand/top & underline with ribbing carried well back, little unsure at first, however soon got into her stride, moving out with sound movement, yet another lovely prospect. 

2 Wand. Wanderhund’s All In A Muggle

Attractively headed b/t of 14 mths with happy temperament, pleases for breed type, presents a smart outline, liked her firm topline & smooth underline, preferred the movement of 1.

3 Small. Ulybka Fortuny Zlstovlaska

YB (0)

PGB (4,2)

1 Wand. Wanderhund All Wrapped Up

Another attractively headed b/t of 20 mths, like her kennel mate, has a happy disposition, liked her size & smart outline, pleases in her construction , top/ underline, scored on breed type here.

2 Cox. Dovestream Skip The Favour At Bulldaxit

Larger framed s/r of 3 yrs, I see is litter sister to winner of PGD, has an attractive head/eye, was a little unsure here & was not relaxed, loses out on her lack of angulation, her outline is spoilt by carrying too much weight.

LB (5,1)

1 Stark. Adnerbs Won Vision Of Gobannium Res CC

Smart & elegant 3yr s/r, lovely for size,outline & balance. Lovely head/eye/expression, soundly constructed , pleases in both fore & hind assembly, top/underline, moves out freely & soundly, well presented, in lovely condition.

I see now from the catalogue that she is litter sister to winner of Open, what a litter this must have been.

2 Norton. Matzell Martinella

Well constructed red, rising 3yrs out of a larger mould, lovely head & expression, liked her construction, ticked lots of boxes, however was her own worst enemy, was not relaxed, needing to gain confidence.

3 Chauhan. Ardnerbs Forever Charmed At Raajput

OB (3,1)

1 Chauhan. Ch Arnerb Take A Chance On Me At Raajput CC/BOB & BIS

Wow! absolutely stunning b/t of 3yrs, of Classic Dachshund breed type, ideal size & proportions, holds a glorious well balanced outline, she pleases all through, loved everything about her, movement is absolutely sound, her temperament is superb, is the ultimate show girl, & she knows it. No hesitation in awarding her top honours. I have never had the pleasure of seeing her before, delighted to have met her today.

2 Norton. Ch Matzell Martha

Quality 5yr red, out of a larger mould, has all the required breed points, soundly constructed & holds a firm well balanced outline, sound in movement, unlucky to meet the winner today.

Penny Young Memorial Stakes AV Dachshund Puppy D/B (13,5)

1 Kirkwood. Helydon Quickstep Queeni (MWH)

7 mth wild boar, of lovely size & outline, pleased in top & underline, crisp coat, moved out smartly & soundly.

2 Butler. Minard Out Of The Darque From Drymoor (MLH)

8mth b/t again holds a lovely shape in outline, good front, liked her bone & substance, was close up, would prefer a touch more neck.

3 Turner,Turner & Merrifield. Cloudside Tomfoolery (WH)

Pam Sydney Memorial Stakes AV Dachshund PG D/B (6,3)

1 Chapman. Africandawns Justin N Time For Melminds (LH)

2yr s/r, pleased in outline, well put together, moved out freely with a good stride.

2 Phillips. Fallingwater First Love (MLH)

14 mth red, pleased for outline,size & proportions, preferred side gait of winner.

3 Kilroy. Blackvein Princess At Janacop (MWH)

Dave Hazelby Memorial Stakes AV Dachshund Special Open D/B (9,5)

1 Rowe. Boloria Nice’N Spicy (WH)

15 mth wild boar, really smart package, well constructed, good in top/underline, carries herself really well, moved out soundly.

2 Sutton. Kindeace Texas Tornado At Damai (LH)

2yr s/r, an impressive lad, well put together, good bone & feet, steady mover, lovely flat coat, would prefer him a size smaller.

3 Rose. Ardenrun Foolish Whisper At Rosencrantz (MSH)

AV Champion Stakes D/B (5,2)

All 3 bitches are excellent examples of quality Dachshunds all deserving of their titles, placings reflect performance on the day.

1 Goddard. Ch Minard Darque Angel (MLH)

2 Geeson. Ch Abydachs Fire In Her Soul (LH)

3 Dance. Ch Emem Summer Sunshine JW (MWH)

Mike Caple (Judge)