• Show Date: 01/10/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Meriel Taylor Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Scottish Kennel Club

Breed: Dandie Dinmont Terrier

Dandie Dinmont Terrier SKC 1st October 2022

Many thanks to SKC for inviting me to judge the breed and to the exhibitors for the entry.

Bitches at the present timer are more typical than the males.

Most of the exhibits had double coats, which was pleasing and there was no extreme presentation.

Puppy dog. 1

1st Mr & Mrs Drake & Mrs B Kurg.

9 months old pepper dog. He is developing well and has that Weasley outline. Good head which is developing nicely. Correct mouth and ears hanging close to cheeks, thin towards the tip.

Plenty of bone for his age and correct double coat. Tail set on correct and moved well, RCC

JD 1. Saville &Cox-Purcell. Puddockswell Lead Belly. 15 month old Mustard Dog. Good outline and head of correct proportions. Correct scissor bite and good ear set. Moved a little close behind.

PGD. 1 Miller& Cox-Purcell. Mydon’d Thackery Binx of Puddockswell.2 year old Mustard dog. Good head and mouth with correct dentition. Good for Bone and moved well

LD No entries

OD. 3

1ST Kurg & Milton. Ch Barton Dandies Charles Darney (Imp Esp)

3 year old male who excels in breed type. Head is of the correct proportions and ear set on correct. Correct scissor bite. Neck is well set leading into well laid shoulders. Good body and tail set on correct. Feet are well padded and he moved well when settled. DCC

VD. 1, Youngs, Inzevar the Goldsmith. 8years old mustard. He has that Weasley shape and is in good condition. Correct head and mouth with correct scissor bite. In good body and moved well

PB.1 Kurg.Etsill Hannabreck.

Litter sister to my puppy dog. She oozes breed type. Head is strong,but not overdone. Lovely dark eyes,correct scissor bite. Her neck lead into well laid shoulders and correct front. Well padded feet and she was true coming and going. Correct double coat. B.P.I.B

Junior Bitch No entries

PGB. 4.

1ST Fray, Woodfud Winters Dream. There is so much to like about this pepper bitch.

She is not overdone in anyway and sympathetically handled by her young owner. Correct head and mouth with correct scissor bite. Ear set on correct and neck leads into well laid shoulders. Good front and feet well padded. Moved soundly.

2nd Youngs. Cellmears Legally Blonde. This bitch is finer all through than my winner and much of the same applies. Well presented. Good double coat.

LB 8.1abs.

1ST Buckley.Jollygaze quizzical for Lovelettie(Imp Aus) What can I say about this outstanding little girl. She is outstanding. So feminine and looks the part. Correct size and balanced. No coarseness and correct weasley shape.

Head of correct proportions and eyes that look right into your inner being. Correct scissor bite, good strong neck, leading into well laid shoulders. Correct front and a slight rise over the loin.Tail set on correct and moved true,coming and going. At one with her handler and she moved with drive. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. Bitch CC & B.O.B

2nd Wilson. Morawelon Coder Idris at Woodford Jw.

A lot to like about this bitch. Not as weasley in outline. Good head with correct dentition and ear set on correct. Good scissor bite. Strong neck leading into well laid shoulders, good front and well padded feet,tail set on correct, Correct double coat. Unlucky to meet my winner.

Open Btich.4

1st Sleight,Ch Danchester’s Can you hear me Roar for Bonnybeck(Imp Fin)

Lovely mustard bitch. Super shape when standing. Good head and lovely dark eyes. Correct mouth and good strong neck leading into well laid shoulders. Good body with a slight rise over the loin. Correct coat and well presented, just lacked the drive on the move.

2nd Young. Danchester can you keep a secret.(Imp Fin) 2 year old mustard bitch. She has many of my winner’s attributes, but just preferred the overall balance of my winner.

VB 3(2 abs)

1st Milton. Ch Hawksmill Jenny for Wilmit.Jw Shcm.

This bitch has always been a favourite of mine and at 8+ years she doesn’t disappoint. She has retained all of her star qualities. Her head is of the correct proportions correct front assembly and in good body. Presented in perfect condition, but she played her handler up on the move. Res Bitch CC

M L Taylor (Judge)