• Show Date: 10/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Petit)


10 - 13 MAR 22


VD 1(0)

1. Gilluley’s Ir Ch Haliston Didier ShCM ShCEx. Lovely proportions, good neck, excellent top-line and good leg length but overall balance could could be a little more dense, well set short tail, head ok but would prefer eyes less oblique, nice steady mover keeping his outline.

PD 1(0)

1. Mooney’s Hillwicket Harvey Spectre. A shade long and low but has nice car-riage and is alert and active, could have more definition to stop but has dark eye, I hope he comes up on leg a fraction and tightens in elbow, excellent tail set and carriage, strong powerful rear used on the move, tail a little long, BP.

JD 1(0)

1. Gilluley’s Ballencrieff Figgy Pudding. Nice proportions and enough leg length, he has balanced if moderate angulation, lovely expression and good ears, good top-line, tail-set and carriage if a shade long, good depth, moves soundly if a shade untidy in front and has nice carriage in profile, moves with balance and moderation, good coat.

PGD 7(0)

1. Brown’s Callydena Dougal McLennan. Lovely balanced proportions and excel-lent type, beautiful head of correct proportions, enough neck, excellent top-line, tail and coat, front ok but moved well, moderate and lovely style.

2. Culyer-Dawson’s Culdaws Legend of Gold. Loved his expression, a shade longer but very well constructed and good mover, high hocks, dropped his tail at the end but has lots to like about him.

3. Fordham’s Elsfie Monsieur Oakley.

LD 5(0)

1. Skerritt/Betts’ Beaujons Vagabond of Monkhams. Excellent proportions, both body and head, with correct length to muzzle and short ears. Excellent top-line and coat texture, could have a shade more neck, masculine with no coarseness, front average, moderate mover.

2. Watson/Kenna’s Alonzo Grande Cuore mit Cynetkoy (imp RUS). Beneath the over trimmed head good shape but his expression is alien because of trimming, a shade longer than 1st, moved well in profile but his tail was a little unsure on the move and a little long.

3. Hutchings’ Tangaer French Romance.

OD 8(0)

Lovely class. First 4 all very typical dogs.

1. Brown’s Ch. Soletrader Valentino Rossi. Masculine and of excellent size, pro-portions and substance, in excellent condition, excels in top-line, tail, coat and body condition, moderate rear, steady active and clean true mover, never seen this dog before and was a lovely find, DCC & BOB.

2. Raic/Kurjak’s Cro Ch. Black Majesty Name The Game. Love his outline and head but straight and hollow in front, excellent coat and moderate rear, excellent top-line and tail and in good condition throughout, RDCC.

3. McCartney’s Ch. Soletrader Freddie Mercury JW.

VB 6(1)

1. Pankova’s Ch. Nadja Av Hoffvoff. She has excellent head and proportions, lovely expression, excellent ears and excellent top-line, strong, moderate rear used on the move, a little bit out of coat, her profile movement looked really good but wish she would just slow down a little as she picks up slightly in front, BV.

2. Raic’s Cro/int/rus/lt Ch. Black Majesty Gives U Goose Bumps Jww'15 Eujw'14 Ww’16. Loved her charm and animation, she’s lovely to handle on the table, fem-inine with substance and moves very well, would just like a slightly shorter muz-zle.

3. Foote/McAulay’s Ir Ch. Clonallan Just Beginning avec Erylan ShCM.

JB 5(0)

1. Watson/Kenna’s Cynetkoy Winter Romance. Very honest bitch with an excel-lent top-line and good overall proportions, she has a feminine head if a little nar-row, lovely steady mover although a shade narrow in front.

2. Cadmore/Neill’s Soletrader Tangomango. Loved her outline with a beautiful head and expression, probably the best of the day, but she was a little bit roly-poly and would have looked better a pound or two lighter.

3. Foote/McAulay’s Erylan Fantastique Freya.

PGB 10(3)

1. Reid’s Fox’s Nightmare Lara Fabian at Maudaxi (imp RUS). Feminine and compact bitch with good proportions, she has good leg length, good neck and body proportions, maybe a little fine all through but held herself well.

2. Foote/McAulay’s Erylan Deesse Des Fleurs. Very similar comments apply but she has slightly better substance, but has a longer muzzle and a soft coat but overall a nice quality bitch.

3. Wyllie’s Callydena Mowdie Miss Chief.

LB 11(3)

1. Gilluley’s Caldewriver Legally Blonde of Ballencrieff. Really liked this bitch a lot but she was just a little bit out of coat on the day, her shape and balance are excellent, excellent head proportions and excels in profile movement, RBCC.

2. Foote/McAulay’s Erylan Hera La Reine. Head not quite so good, good coat texture but she is very over-presented and not so good in front, but holds herself well and moves well around the ring.

3. Scott’s Soletrader Langham Rose for Overbecks.

OB 6(2)

1. Cadmore’s Soletrader Cotton Candy. Very correct workmanlike bitch, she’s feminine with substance, she has an excellent head and head proportions, lovely expressions, she is very steady on the move and very sound, Exc top-line, coat and tail. BCC

2. Foote/McAulay’s Ch/Ir Ch. Erylan Hebe La Fille Jeune Irjunch. Very flashy, a lit-tle longer in body and straight in front, her coat texture is ok but is very over-presented, her head is a shade narrow but moved well but not quite as fluent on the move in front as 1st.

3. Cooper/O’Brien/Ellingford’s Ch. Afterglow Agnes Gru avec Jayanel.

GCDSB 1(0)

1. Wheeler’s Jacmist Tuesday’s Child. Nice type with lovely expressions, her coat texture is ok, good top-line and very steady mover.