• Show Date: 10/12/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Ladies Kennel Association

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer


10 DEC 22


MPD 5(1)

1. Parker/McDonald’s Violis Storm Tracker. Up to size. Excellent ribs, ears and expression. Good neck. Top-line is okay. Excellent coat and colour. Steady powerful mover.

2 Longdin’s Wellingley Whisky Business. Lovely type. Excellent head, eyes, ears and top-line. Moved well when he settled but was not happy with the floor. Excellent coat texture. Colour needs to clear a little but excellent type puppy.

3. Fish’s Riesenheim Star In The Night for Dulejoes.

PD 2(0)

1. Boyle’s Stornovar Rocketman. Excellent proportions and clean outline. Excellent neck and good top-line. Eye is a little full. Need to fill a little in chest and ribs need to spring a little. Good colour, nice outline on the move, very sound with balanced reach and drive, just needs maturity, RDCC.

2. Bell’s Glockens Let It Be. Liked this dog a lot. Sturdy robust and square, masculine head excellent expression. Excellent type, good coat texture. Excellent top-line ribs, chest and excellent tail. Sadly would not move on the floor.

JD 8(2)

1. Wise’s Marnimica It’s In the Bag at Brumist. Square enough, sturdy dog with good neck and coat. Was a little reluctant moving, but when he got going had a nice steady, even stride.

2. Partner’s Onfleek Twinkie Dink. Square, excellent top line. Coat could be a little harsher. Moved steady, tail could be carried a little higher but has a good head, eye and ears. He has nice steady movement.

3. Milsom’s Two Tone Elios.

PGD 5(2)

1. Podlasiak/Richardson’s Mel Hollybeat (imp POL). Square, black dog with good coat, and excellent tail. Good head, ears and neck, eye could be a little darker. Nice steady mover.

2. McDermott’s Lichstone Midnight Phoenix. Good proportions and balance lovely expression just needs a little confidence as was a little reluctant to move but had a good top line and moved steady but reluctant on the floor.

3. Aldworth’s Kopykats Private Eye.

LD 6(1)

1. Parker’s Violis Wait N’See. Square, robust sturdy. Good neck and top-line, could have a little more forechest. Good head eye and ears. Excellent top line held standing and moving coat. Texture is good, colour could be better keeps a good outline in profile on the move.

2. Hood’s Starbound What A Deer. Sturdy and well balanced. Could be a little cleaner over his neck and shoulders. Has good spring of ribs and keeps his outline on the move with a good tail and nice carriage.

3. Reeve’s Deneens Front Runner.

OD 5(0)

1. Manser/Lowton-Humphries’ Esp Ch. Manit’s Nothing Compares 2U Nujax (imp USA). Excellent balance of size and substance, love his head and expression. He kept a beautiful outline, standing and moving. Square sturdy with good chest and ribs. Exc coat and presentation. Moved well enough given the floor surface. Lovely type. DCC.

2. Woods’ Ch. Penbro Man About Town. Taller dog, square and robust and moved well but not the expression of 1st and carrying more furnishings than I would like.

3. White’s Deansgate Lester Square.

MPB 5(1)

1. Carver’s Oldbashurst Time To Shine. Black bitch, sturdy and square with good outline standing and moving, good coat, head could have a little more length, good neck and top-line and moved well for her age keeping her outline.

2. Longdin’s Wellingley Won Step Ahead. Very playful and a shade longer cast than 1st, excellent tail, coat developing, would like a little more strength in her head but she held herself well on the move.

3. Parker/McDonald’s Violis Stormy Skies.

PB 6(0)

1. Graham’s Nikisan Taters Gonna Tate. Sturdy, robust yet feminine, good neck, top-line, ribs and chest, excellent tail, good coat, moved well with very good balance, RBCC & BP.

2. Fones’ Nikisan Tater O’Neal at Riveltofs. Very similar in balance but just a shade finer, she has an attractive head but I preferred the head and expression on 1st but she has overall excellent type and is a very nice bitch who holds herself well and moves well.

3. Woods’ Penbro Talk Of The Town.

JB 11(0)

1. Bell’s Glockens Kryptonite. Liked her size, type and balance, she is sturdy yet still feminine, strong arched neck, good top-line, excellent coat and tail, good forechest and depth and lovely outline on the move.

2. Parker/McDonald’s Violis Struts Her Stuff JW. Very together and she has a very clean outline standing, she is a little shade longer than 1st but she has an excellent coat, excellent tail and top-line.

3. Longdin’s Wellingley Won for Mimi.

PGB 5(0)

1. Davidson’s Wellingley Way Ahead. Feminine with strength, her head is ok but she has a dark eye, good neck, top-line, good strong rear, she moved soundly with power, she has enough depth of chest and good coat colour but the texture could be a little better.

2. Descere’s Amorevita Persephone. Excellent outline and type black bitch, good eyes, ears, neck and top-line, she’s very well constructed and moved very well but her tail was just a little fraction too low set.

3. Barker’s Barrontoft Bijou Bea.

LB 1(0)

1. Boyle’s Stornovar One Vision. Feminine and sturdy, her coat is ok, excellent ears and good eye, good neck, top-line and feet, nice steady mover keeping her outline in profile but could be a little tidier in front movement.

OB 9(3)

1. Descere’s Ch. Amorevita Neris of Fortune. Black bitch, I loved her outline standing and moving, she had excellent proportions and was sturdy, workmanlike but still showed quality all through, excellent coat, neck, top-line, excellent forechest, good depth, excellent coat texture and held herself on the move at all times to win the BCC & BOB.

2. Lowton-Humphries/Manser’s Nujax Knowin Me Knowin You. Feminine square bitch, she has an excellent expression and excellent ears, good top-line and tail, she moved well but her coat could be a little better.

3. Woods’ Ch. Penbro Put A Spell On You JW ShCM.

GCB 1(0)

1. Krieger’s Schnauster Black Pearl. Good coat, square outline, good tail set, good bone and substance, she is feminine and moves steady.