• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Keeshond



PD 2(0)

1. Peck’s Keitakees To Love Somebody at Byquy. So naughty but he has a beautiful head and expression, he is an excellent solid puppy with lovely clear colour and clean outline who, when settled, moved well.

2. Gardner’s Keitakees Small Town Boy with Manzankees NAF. Lovely head and very together dog for his age, lovely ears and eye, excellent coat texture, steady mover, just needs a little more animation.

YD 1(0)

1. Harris’ Amikirs Lover Boy for Watchkees. Just a little off square, good head, ears and eye colour is good though maybe they could be a little smaller, good top-line and tail, a little out of coat but had enough to feel correct texture, moved well, good depth and width throughout.

PGD 1(0)

1. Watkins’ Eerondaali Orlando. Square, is a good dog with good ribs and depth, good head, ears could be a little smaller, correct neck, top-line, tail and good coat texture, would prefer slightly clearer colour on legs.

LD 3(1)

1. Marshall’s Arabesque at Devonia (imp RUS). Lovely size, substance and balance, good head, dark eye though a little round, ears could be smaller, correct neck, top-line and tail, could be a little more compact in body but he has excellent coat texture, moved well in profile keeping his outline but could be a little better in front.

2. Lush’s Ednaaron Moonlight. Masculine and slightly taller dog, ears could be a little smaller, dark eye, steady mover with good top-line and bone but coat could be a little more dense.

OD 5(1)

1. Hickson’s Ch. Kichigai’s Only The Lonley. Sturdy and compact, good head and eye shape and colour, excellent coat texture, good bone and feet, moved well, DCC & BOB.

2. Harris’ Kichigai Boy Is Back In Town for Watchkees JW. Lovely square, compact sturdy dog with good bone, moved ok, eye could be a little darker and his coat was a shade open, RDCC.

3. Lindsay’s Mezanda Merry Starshower.

SBD/B 1(0)

1. Gardner’s Keitakees Small Town Boy with Manzankees NAF. Repeat. BSpB.

VB 1(0)

1. Bardsley’s Ch. Neradmik Ruby Slipper for Skathki. Lovely type, balance, carriage and outline, good head, eye, coat, neck, top-line, tail and moved well, BCC & BV.

PB 2(1)

1. Redler/Wheatley’s Keitakees You Are My World. Lovely outline, shape and balance, good head, eye shape and good ears, good neck, top-line, tail, excellent coat and colour, just needs to fill up and settle in front a little but lovely puppy, RBCC & BP.

JB 5(1)

1. Ring’s Neradmik Tantrums N Tiaras. Nice honest bitch with lovely head and eye, a shade long but has an excellent coat, top-line and tail with a nice brisk, easy stride.

2. Watkins’ Silmoralbions Nora Batty. Compact and sturdy, front not as good as first, just costing her the place, lovely expression and lovely profile movement.

3. Lindsay’s Watermyth Cassiopeia by Mezanda.

PGB 1(0)

1. Marshall’s Devonia Black Pearl. Nice type and alert, good top-line, tail, coat and colour, attractive head but eye is a little full but she holds herself well on the move and is nice and sturdy throughout.

LB 1(0)

1. Redler/Wheatley’s Byquy Kinky Boots at Keitakees. Nice size, feminine, sturdy and compact, lovely eye shape and good ears, top-line and tail, could be a little tidier coming and going.

OB 2(0)

1. Peck’s Byquy Starmaker. Sturdy and feminine with good ears and eye, good colour, coat a little flat and has a little too much width in front but she has a good top-line and excellent rear.

2. Lindsay’s Ch. Cosmic Dream’s Damn You Look Good for Mezanda. Square and balanced with lovely head and eye but totally out of coat which was a pity as her overall type and balance are excellent.