• Show Date: 30/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Coton De Tulear


PD 1(0)

1. Peckett’s Cotontop Peter Pan. Dark eye, excellent coat, top-line and tail, muzzle a little long, legs could be straighter, good depth and ribs and moves well, BP.

JD 2(0)

1. Kurtz’s Valeast Bomber Boy. Good proportions, excellent coat, top-line and tail, holds his outline on the move, good rear, front could be a little tidier.

2. Cheshire’s Cukoton Hiawatha. Beautiful head and eye, going through a change of coat, front legs could be a little straighter, but he has nice proportions and a steady mover.

PGD 1(0)

1. Trickett’s Valeast Barney Rubble. Masculine with very good construction, strong rear and good front, eye shape is good but colour is a shade light, good neck, top-line and excellent tail, very sound, good mover, colour could be a little clearer.

LD 3(0)

1. Gill/Pearman’s Cotonroyal McCoy The Real Deal (imp). Excellent body proportions and head, excellent expression, pigment and colour, well constructed and balanced, excellent top-line and tail, moved well keeping outline, excellent coat, BD.

2. Scott’s Mopseycoton Minti Minki. Very similar in outline and also well made, colour could be clearer and preferred head of 1st but he is very nice, well proportioned and typical outline with good movement.

3. Kurtz’ Cotonkiss Pluto.

OD 4(0)

1. Clarke’s Cotonkiss Heaven Help Us. Excellent proportions, balance and construction, eye dark enough, excellent coat, top-line and neck, very good mover holding his outline on the move, RBD.

2. Murdoch’s Cukoton White Magic Jinx for Cotonalba. More compact in outline, excellent coat and very together, moving good keeping his top-line with a good tail.

3. Scott’s Cotonkiss Perfect Storm.

PB 4(0)

First 2 are very similar in balance and outline. Correct body and head proportions, good pigment, both have good top-lines and their coats are developing nicely, just preferred 1st, a little better on the move at the moment however, preferred the expression on 2nd who was just not so settled on the move today.

1. Howsam’s Cotonkiss Wotta A Girl Wants at Jandoes, RBB.

2. Hancock’s Montewhite Lady Velvet Cloud at Cindaires (imp POL).

3. Craik’s Mopseyscoton Bubbli Bunni.

PGB 1(0)

1. Harris’ Cotonclever Fiorangelo. Compact, lovely head, expression and pigment, coat is a little flat and harsh but she has a good top-line and tail and a nice steady mover.

LB 1(0)

1. Miles’ Cukoton Glory Glory. Nice proportions and balance, head ok but eyes could be darker, good coat and colour, top-line good and moves nicely.

OB 1(0)

1. Pearman’s Cotonkiss Penny From Heaven at Mopseyscoton. Beautiful proportions and outline, lovely head, beautiful dark pigment and lovely expression, correct coat, good tail, excellent top-line and moved well from all angles, BB & BOB.