• Show Date: 16/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Hound Association

Breed: Basenji


PD 1(0)

1. Casentieri’s Alchez Guava Nice Day. Nicely constructed and when settled moved well, good top-line, tail and shelf, nice coat and skin, head a shade narrow and muzzle is just a little long and fine.

YD 2(0)

1. Carrington’s Bushwacker Oceans Eleven. Tri, long legged and elegant, correct bone, good feet and coat, head ok, muzzle could have a little more fill and cushioning, top-line good, tail ok, moderate and balanced.

2. Pawelski’s Zvezdny Alliance Gorgeous Gooty (imp UKR). Would prefer a little more leg length, good head proportions if a shade strong and eye could be a little smaller, good neck, top-line ok and underline could be better, nice steady mover.

SBD 2(0)

1. Casentieri’s Alchez Best Life. Excellent outline and proportions to head and body, just 6 months but has good promise, good expression, BSpB.

2. Carrington’s Bushwacker Oceans Eleven. Repeat.

PGD 1(0)

1. Grayson/Cullen’s Bushwacker American Hustle at Embeau. Red and white, good balance and proportions, lovely head and eye, good ears but could be a shade higher, excellent expression, good top-line, tail and shelf, enough waist, steady mover in profile but top-line could be held a little better.

LD 4(0)

1. Williams/Wright’s Mawali Going Four Gold. Elegant and gazelle like, masculine yet ?? refined, would prefer his ears just a shade higher but he has a lovely eye, expression, head, and body proportions, good top-line, tail, has moderate balanced angulation and holds his outline lovely on the move, RDCC.

2. Matthews’ Flugelberry Free Cuba. Brindle, excellent on the move but not quite as good in expression as 1st and a shade longer in body and heavier all through but he has a good top-line and is well constructed.

3. Sandford’s Memetuka Hot N’ Spicy at Ankadziwana.

OD 6(0)

1. Legget’s Ch. Swanwite Take A Chance On Me. Shade long, good head and expression, top-line ok, feet could be better, sound free mover and he holds his outline better standing than moving.

2. Hardy/Hallam’s Tokaji Nashville Rebel. Lovely outline and proportion but muzzle needs more cushion, tail falls away slightly but he is a lovely type and gazelle like.

3. Knowles’ Ch. Tokaji Klassic Trickster at Sarawana.

VD 3(1)

1. Clinton’s Ch/Ir Ch/Lux Ch. Westlawn Diablo ShCM. Excellent proportions of head and body, good ears, enough neck, good top-line, tail is ok, good bone and feet and lovely free long reaching stride with drive, DCC, BV & BOB.

2. Palubicki’s Ch. Woodella True Song. More elegant but he short steps a little and his tail could be tighter, he has nice typical balance and carriage but not just so good on the move.

PB 2(0)

1. Casentieri’s Alchez Koko Kola. Black and white, very raw and pretty, good proportions with square outline, good neck, top-line, bone, feet and moves steady for her age, BP.

2. Carless’ Jenbasi Stargazer. Brindle, liked her head and expression but her top-line needs to settle and firm, she has good ears and tail.

YB 5(0)

1. Dunsdon’s Ch. Mawali Four Get Me Not. Red and white, lovely balance, good head, eye, ears, tail and top-line, excellent outline, good rear, front could be a little tidier, moved ok, BCC.

2. Knowles’ Bushwacker Dragon Tattoo at Sarawana JW. Nice type, lovely size, she has substance yet is feminine, she pulls herself together on the move and has a nice stride with lovely carriage.

3. Hardy/Hallam’s Tokaji Kiss Me Kate.

SBB 1(0)

1. Stratton’s Aheme Cinnamon Swirl for Justartee. Correct proportions but a shade narrow all through, good ears, neck, top-line, croup is a little too rounded but is a nice steady mover.

PGB 5(2)

1. Casentieri’s Zvezdny Alliance Genie In A Bottle (imp UKR) NAF. Brindle, very elegant if a shade long and narrow but she has lovely carriage and a good shelf.

2. Savage’s Chagmas Christmas Gypsy Ghost for Axmixa. Black and white, a little longer than 1st and a shade heavier but moved very steady.

3. Rowland’s Jessella Tifa Targaryen.

LB 6(2)

1. Pawelski’s Luna z Gremlinkowa (imp POL). Excellent outline and proportions, moderate and balanced and has nice angles both ends with correct head proportions, good top-line and lovely outline standing and moving, excellent tail and shelf.

2. Casentieri’s Alchez Kivu. Very nice when she settled but was a bit naughty, she could have slightly more strength to her muzzle but is square and balanced.

3. Palubicki’s Nganga’s Princess Snow White (imp SWE).

OB 3(0)

1. Nash’s Ch. Tokaji Moon Over Miami with Mutoko JW. Tri bitch, elegant, very good square balanced outline, enough rear angulation, holds her outline on the move with good head and ears, RBCC.

2. Knights/Stokes’ Tokaji Candy Apple Red at Lelaps. Liked her head, expression and size, feet could be better and her front is a little untidy but she has a nice outline and movement in profile.

3. Matthews’ Flugelberry Cherie Trifle.