• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Chihuahua (Long Coat)



VD 4(2)

1. Hill’s Ch. Lynpix The Mexican with Becanna. Light and dainty, good head, eye and ears, excellent top-line and coat and a nice, light, brisk movement, BV.

2. Alfred’s Teamor Worth Fighting For. A shade longer and tail is a little flat, lovely head, good muzzle, sturdy and sound, 2 nice dogs.


MPD 4(0)

1. Wills’ Dorentys Chuckleberry Fin. Dainty and compact, good top-line, well ribbed, lovely head, eye, ears and expression, good tail, lovely movement and carriage, just needs to settle in front.

2. Haeappalmer’s Maciendas Magni NAF. Very nice proportions and good outline, lovely expression, eye shape and colour.

3. Alarion’s T’as Lelook Coco De L’Isle Au Vert Coteau.


PD 3(0)

1. Robson’s Tidos Trick Or Treat. Good clean outline but could be a little more compact, good head, eye, ears, top-line and well ribbed, good leg length but he is very exuberant and high stepping slightly in front.

2. Huntley’s Jahneemahs Got You Talking. Good compact outline and very dainty, good top-line, tail and carriage, good ears, preferred expression on 1st but a close decision.

3. Emmerson’s Ismirelle’s Golden Boy NAF.


JD 4(0)

1. Hill’s Jahneemahs Little Bear with Becanna. Lovely head, eye and ears, compact outline and lovely proportions with good top-line and tail set, well balanced angulation front and rear which showed in his very good steady, powerful movement from all angles keeping his outline at all times, DCC.

2. Horsley’s Husbhabye Stan The Man. Clean outline with good head, eye and ears, ears are a good shape but a little higher set than 1st, nice clean outline standing and moving with good tail and a good movement but slightly high steps.

3. Todd-McCoid’s Torre Del Pilar Bring Me Sunshine for Rubyanlo (imp).


PGD 4(0)

1. Horsley’s Hushabye A Kind Of Magic. Nice compact outline with good balance standing and moving, good expression, head, eye, top-line and tail, nice sound free mover with balanced reach and drive.

2. Todd-McCoid’s Sanati Soul CH Emir Rubyanlo (imp UKR). Good balance and construction, kept his top-line, head ok, he could use his ears a little better.

3. Gray’s Rubyanlo Bertie Buttons.


LD 5(1)

Very difficult class to separate them.

1. Holland-Smith’s Chihohit Favorite Only You at Kirdanchi JW (imp BEL). Compact and dainty, lovely neck, top-line and movement and kept his outline standing and moving.

2. Tyson’s Starceylon God Of Thunder JW. Preferred his head with good eye and ears but slightly heavier build, good top-line and tail, very alert and assertive and keeps his outline standing and moving.

3. Silverstein’s Ramesses Leo Valentina of Kircyan (imp SVK).


OD 5(0)

1. Heappalmer’s Ch/Jap Ch. Peregrine JP Chance Is Coming (imp JAP). Excellent construction and balance, good front and rear, large round eye, good ear shape, good neck, top-line, well ribbed, good coat and excellent on the move keeping his outline, RDCC.

2. Huntley’s Ch. Natimuk Beaumont. Alert and dainty with good head, eye and ears, just a little shade longer cast than 1st but very nice dog who moves well but could just be a little more fluid in his front action.

3. Veazey’s Tidos It’s Only Love.


VB 4(0)

1. Mason’s Catwalk Queen at Crownlake. Lovely outline and balance, good head, eye and ears, compact, feminine and dainty, good top-line and tail and moved very well.

2. Hargreaves’ UK Ch Tampico Princess ElliMay. Lovely expression and ears and good carriage on the move, just a shade longer cast but very alert and very stylish.

3. Alfred’s Aldabech Rumour Has It at TeAmor.


MPB 7(0)

1. Heappalmer’s Maciendas Magna. So spirited and alert, just 6 months old and very raw, good head, eye and ears, croup falls off slightly, you can tell she really loves herself and uses her neck, holds her top-line and is very stylish for one so young.

2. Wills’ Bluchill PollyEster loves Paulwilchi TAF. Very well constructed and balanced front and rear, good tail set, lovely expression and top-line, very steady on the move, could just have had a little more spark and animation.

3. Todd-McCoid’s Rubyanlo Magic Trix.


PB 2(0)

1. Tyson’s Starceylon The Ice Queen. She has a clean neck line and top-line, good tail carriage, good head, eye and ears, balanced front and rear and well angulated, lovely mover with very defined and bold carriage, BP.

2. Fathers’ Okajem Candle In The Wind. Very raw baby, lovely eye and expression, good top-line if a shade longer cast than 1st, when settled and started to relax she moved well.


JB 4(0)

1. Robson’s Tidos Cherry Truffle. Clean outline and beautifully constructed, excellent neck, compact, excellent top-line and tail, moves very well with balanced reach and drive holding her top-line, good head, eye and ears.

2. Wilcox’s Bramerita I’m A Princess. Very together but just falls off a little too steep at the croup which spoils an otherwise very nice outline, lovely expression.

3. Jones’ Flickan Figurine.


PGB 9(1)

1. Parker’s Zuvans Cover Girl. Clean outline and very good proportions, good top-line, neck and tail, good eyes, ears are ok and she is a powerful mover.

2. Hargreaves’ Benmar Queen Of Hearts by Tampico. A real show girl with excellent top-line if a little longer cast than 1st but very good mover in profile with lovely carriage, ears are a shade high, good tail.

3. Russell’s Chirouxe Sunny Disposition.


LB 7(0)

1. Holland-Smith’s Kirdanchi La Sylphide JW. Nice and compact, good ears, could be more settled on the move, good top-line and tail, she has a nice balanced outline.

2. Holland-Smith’s Kirdanchi Sugar Plum Fairy JW. A shade longer cast and her ears are a little low, covered the ground well when settled.

3. Enos’ Penapettit Luna Ladylove.


OB 7(1)

1. Hornby’s Denique Glory Be at Bramerita. Excellent proportions, balance and construction, she is so together on the move and never put a foot wrong, excellent top-line and tail, BCC & BOB.

2. Entwhistle’s Ch. Dorentys Heidi Hi. Loved her naughtiness and her style, thought she was my winner standing, lovely head, eye and expression, just not so fluid on the move as 1st but very beautiful bitch, RBCC.

3. Lee’s Barwater Agatha Christie of Ridgehawk.