• Show Date: 30/06/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Windsor Dog Show Society

Breed: Bichon Frise


VD/B 7(3)

1. Wyatt’s Ch. Bobander Too Kool for Skool JW. Excellent proportions, head, eye and pigment, good neck, top-line, tail and excellent coat if a little too much, very sound mover with reach and drive, BV.

2. Osborne’s Magstari Heart Of The Ocean. Excellent proportions and leg length, preferred eyes and head of 1st but is a lovely type with good balance, good neck, top-line, tail, depth and ribs and moved well.

3. Gallagher’s Junanger’s Jimmi Choo JW.

PD 1(0)

1. Coad’s Deizi He’s The One with Pamplona. Lovely type, beautiful head and eye, good neck, top-line, tail and rear, excellent coat and pigment, moved well soundly with reach and drive, keeping outline, BP.

PGD 2(0)

1. Hart’s Delbrupar Butler Knows Best. Good proportions of head and body, good eye pigment and expression, good neck, front could have a little more angulation, strong rear, excellent coat if a little too much, moves well, front could be tidier.

2. Platts’ Girenza Tides Of Life. Would prefer a little more length of leg, nicely constructed and moved very steady with an excellent coat.

LD 2(1)

1. Carr’s Daveyluvs D’Artagnan JW. Beautiful pigment, lovely head, eye and expression, excellent balance and construction, good leg length, enough neck, good coat and rear, very sound free moving dog.

OD 4(2)

1. Mault’s Ch. Limartine Mr Blue. Very good dog, good proportions, I think he would look better with a little less coat but he has a beautiful head, eye shape, pigment, top-line, keeps his outline standing and moving and has lovely profile movement and carriage, DCC.

2. Walton’s Ch. Ashoka Blaze Of Glory at Keunnevek. Prefer the leg length of this dog, he has an excellent top-line, good coat, proportions, moves well in profile, just preferred the head carriage and head proportions of 1st, RDCC.

PB 5(2)

1. Russell’s Rusmar Forgive and Forget. Lovely proportions of body and head, dark eye, good neck, top-line and depth, just needs a little body with maturity, front could be a little tighter and coat needs to develop but has a nice overall outline.

2. Osborne’s Magstari Field of Secrets. Preferred head and eye on 1st but she has a nice outline and is a sound mover if a little restricted, she has an excellent top-line and good overall balance and outline.

3. Robinson’s Wattlemaede Audrey.

JB 3(0)

1. Smith/Coad’s Pamplona New Sensation. Lovely proportions of both head and body, good pigment, well balanced, nicely constructed, forechest, good top-line and moves well in front keeping her outline.

2. Macleod’s Languilla Stand By Me. Attractive head but preferred expression and front on 1st, she has good balance and uses herself well on the move, good coat, ribs and depth.

3. Rogers’ Alizo Mad As A March Hare.

PGB 3(1)

1. Carr’s Daveyluvs Hot Tramp I Luv U So. Good outline and lovely head, she is compact, good pigment and eye with dark halos, good neck and top-line, excellent coat, top-line and tail, moves steady but could have a little more animation.

2. Stokes’ Delbrupar Jamaican Me Crazy at Anneymar. Similar in outline but preferred head and eye of 1st, she is a lovely size and substance, would just like a little more leg length but moved very well in profile.

LB 9(5)

1. Venables’ Beausox Miss O’Hara. Lovely type, feminine with substance, lovely head, excellent pigment and expression, good neck, top-line, tail and coat, lovely mover, could be a shade tidier in front, RBCC.

2. Richardson’s Tiarian Andante Star. Liked her body proportions, head and eye but just preferred the expression on 1st, good neck, top-line, tail and coat, moved steady if a shade wide in front.

3. Dulson’s Linsanim Legally Blonde.

OB 6(3)

1. Coad’s Jap Trinity JP Dream Come True. She has excellent proportions and balance, beautiful head, lovely dark eye, excellent head proportions, excellent neck, front assembly, top-line, tail, depth, ribs, and leg length, sound and free moving, BCC & BOB.

2. Bromilow’s Wolimorb Chasing Rainbows. Similar outline, lovely large dark eyes, could have a little more neck and leg but is a very nice mover keeping her outline at all times.

3. Marshall’s Magstarai Mystic Dreams for Honeyvale.