• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Pomeranian

SBD 3(1)

Johnson’s Amardica Legend Of Magic at Startori. BSpB.

Sullivan’s Kazariastar’s Pride And Joy.

MPD 12(2)

1. Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Flyin Black In Time. Very raw black baby, square in outline with nice substance, bone and excellent feet, lovely eye and expression, good ears, excellent tail and top-line, so together and sound for such a baby.

2. Norman’s Alexiasdream Alexamillion. Lovely shape, balance and proportions, hope he grows into his ears a little, has a good top-line, lovely expression and has lovely profile movement.

3. Akelis’ Altına Like Father Like Son at Yoshe.

PD 7(2)

1. Holman’s Altina’s Henry Higgins. Very well constructed puppy, good head and expression, ears and tail, very collected on the move.

2. Akelis’ Altına Like Father Like Son at Yoshe. Lovely head, eye and ears, he has substance, bone, good feet and coat and of a nice size, front ok.

3. Killick’s Love Of My Life at Travillon.

JD 3(2)

1. Hills’ Sharhazlah Kamikazi Devil. Black dog, almost square, head proportions good, eye colour is a shade light, excellent coat, top-line and tail, nice brisk mover.

YD 5(1)

1. Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch. Lireva’s Wildest Dreams. Excellent eye, expression, ears, coat and tail, he is square with good leg length, excellent balance, construction and movement, moved well from all angles, DCC & BOB.

2. Hills’ Sharhazlah Luvs A Dare Devil. Ears could be better, dark eye, good coat and tail, brisk mover.

3. Pickering’s Leahcartoys Dream Prince.

ND 4(0)

1. Holman’s Altina’s Henry Higgins. Repeat.  

2. Walkey’s Bonniebears Touch Of Magic. Nice outline and balance, good top-line, excellent coat and tail, he moved well but picks up slightly in front.

3. Pickering’s Leahcartoys Dream Prince.

GD 1(0)

1. Sullivan’s Kazariastar’s Pride And Joy. Repeat.

PGD 4(0)

1. Pike/Carter’s Ashlie Breezelyn Time To Shine. Excellent head, eye, ears and coat, square and good tail, fine bone with ribs, short loin and moved very well.

2. Hills’ Sharhazlah’s Son Of A Devil. Square but ears are a little large, good top-line, tail and coat.

3. Pickering’s Prince Andrew by Leahcartoys.

LD 6(0)

1. Pike/Carter’s Ashlie Breezelyn Ginvincible. There is enough dog here but he is very sound, balanced and stylish, dark eye if a shade large, good coat texture, excellent top-line, tail and moved well.

2. Berrington’s Izumrudny Svet Vegas at Altina JCh JRKF (imp RUS). Very nice square outline, standing and moving, compact, good head, eye and ears, tail is a fraction loose but moved well.

3. Walkey’s Bonnibears Magic Potion.

OD 5(0)

1. Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch. Lireva’s The Power and Glory. Lovely type, size, outline and balance, excellent eye, ears, coat and tail, moved well, RDCC.

2. Pike/Carter’s Ashlie Breezelyn Latin Gigolo. Similar outline and shape, well balanced, he has more rear angulation than 1st and his coat could have a better texture but otherwise very similar and a nice dog.

3. Pastuszka’s Altına Tom Thumb.

MPB 8(1)

1. D’Arcy/Duffield’s Paavali’s La Vie En Rose. Very pretty head and excellent expression, good outline, coat developing nicely, excellent tail, finely boned and nice compact outline.

2. Killick’s None Such PS I Love You at Travillon NAF TAF (imp). Very similar but just a little shade longer in body, lovely head, eye, ears and tail.

3. Ogilvie’s Yoshe Touch Of Hope TAF.

PB 6(0)

1. Simmons’ Sueacres Legend of The Fall for Petitpom TAF. Excellent compact clean outline, excellent coat, head, ears, fine bone, moved steady and well, BP.

2. Holman’s. Altina’s Tinkerbell. Very clean outline and good leg length, heavier coated, lovely eye shape and expression.

3. Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Gloria Swanson.

JB 5(1)

1. Lewis’ Magnuspaws Kara. Black bitch, lovely head and good eye colour but a shade round, she is dainty with an excellent top-line, coat and tail, very steady movement keeping her outline.

2. Norman’s Alexiasdream Precious Lady. Lovely outline and balance, excellent expression, head, top-line and tail, alert ears but needs to grow into them a little and preferred front on 1st.

3. Akelis’ Yoshe Miss Nibs.

YB 3(0)

1. Johnson’s Amardica Walking On A Dream. Excellent compact clean outline with good head, eye shape and colour, good top-line, tail and coat, excellent front, very good mover, could just have a little more rear angulation.

2. Hills’ Sharhazlah Devilish Vixen. Black bitch, a little longer cast who has a nice clean outline, good top-line, coat, nice fine bone, good feet but a little full in eye.

3. Lovell’s Snowvilla Stark Primrose.

NB 3(0)

1. Simmons’ Sueacres Legend of The Fall for Petitpom TAF. Repeat.

2. Lovell’s Snowvilla Stark Primrose. Overall nice bitch, straight front and level top-line if a shade longer than 1st, she has a dark eye, coat could be a little better.

GB 1(0)

1. Lovell’s Snowvilla Stark Primrose. Repeat.

PGB 3(2)

1. Pickering’s Leahcartoys Lady Emerald. Lovely head, nice eye shape if a little light, good top-line and ribs, could be a little less heavily coated.

LB 6(0)

First two both similar in outline, nice and compact with enough leg length.

1. Davey’s Pomhaven’s Pretty As U Please at Klassna (imp CAN). First was the better on the move, excellent coat, top-line and tail, BCC.

2. Cawthera-Purdy’s Lireva’s Sweet Dreams. Similar comments to above but preferred her eyes and ears a little better, but not quite so together on the move.

3. Davey’s Bilijees Wishing On A Star with Klassna.

OB 6(1)

1. James/D’Arcy/Duffield’s Angelrock Bringing Up Baby. Very nice compact outline, ears could be a little smaller but has a very nice expression, excellent top-line, tail and coat and moved well, RBCC.

2. Cawthera-Purdy’s Ch. Lireva’s Glorious. Beautiful head, eye, expression and ears, she is dainty, fine boned but just preferred carriage and foot placement on the move of 1st

3. Norman’s Alexiasdream Lady Brady.

VB 2(1)

1. D’Arcy/Duffield’s Ch. Persimoone Mambo N’Five at Paavali. Very alert and lively 7 year old, dark eye, very good top-line and tail and moved well, BV.