• Show Date: 22/07/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Leeds City & District Canine Association

Breed: Kooikerhondje


JD 1(0)

1. Wallis’ Gladsheim Veritas. Good proportions, balance and well constructed, excellent ears, dark eye, good colour, top-line and tail excellent, nice steady, springy movement, RBD.

PGD 3(0)

1. Suiter’s Genetika Rumpelstiltskin. Excellent proportions and balance, good head, eyes, ears, top-line, excellent tail, coat and colour, good typical springy movement and lovely carriage and outline held on the move, BD & BOB.

2. Caldwell’s Crunchcroft Razzle-Dazzle. Nicely proportioned but a little overweight causing him to look a little heavy, stronger head than 1st, excellent top-line, well ribbed and moved well.

3 .Brook’s Papikoi Time Out.

OD 4(0)

1. Suiter’s Chriskooi’s Octavius at Genetika. Excellent proportions, size, nice substance, good head, eye, ears, neck, top-line and tail, good depth, lovely springy movement with reach and drive.

2. Guy’s Gladsheim Eleodoro. Similar outline and balance, nice size, well constructed, moved well, excellent top-line, tail a shade gay, just preferred head on 1st.

3. Caldwell’s Crunchcroft Razzle-Dazzle.

VD 1(0)

1. Williams’ Cairnbraid Onwaba Lukimbi of Gladsheim. 7 years with good proportions, good expression, enough neck, good top-line, depth and coat, moved well in profile.

SBD/B 2(0)

1. Wallis’ Gladsheim Veritas. Repeat. BSpB.

2. Dunford’s Millhanger Victoria Plumb. Could have a little more length to body, good top-line and head but could have a little more stop, nice size and substance, she is feminine but could have a little more length to stride.

PGB 3(0)

1. Dunford’s Millhanger Victoria Plumb. Lovely head, dark eye, enough neck, good top-line and tail, moderate balanced angulation but she could have a little more, however she moves steady when settled but could have a little more spring to her step.

2. Mar-Gerrison’s Gladsheim Willow at Valkira.

3. Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Quantum Leap.

OB 4(0)

1. Johnson’s Valleyrise Illustration. Just a shade off square and a little up on leg, lovely head, lovely expression and ears and very good mover, RBB.

2. Suiter/Cargill’s Genetika Wake Up Aurora. A little longer than 1st and lower to ground, preferred 1st coming and going on the move but she also has a nice top-line and nice profile movement keeping a nice outline at all times.

3. Guy’s Cirtap’s Prinses Bynton Ida Rose MK (imp SWE).

VB 3(0)

1. Williams’ Vom Thyrowberg To Gladsheim (imp GER). Excellent proportions, balance, ears, coat, top-line and holds her outline on the move, good tail, springy powerful movement, BB & BV.

2. Suiter’s Cirtap’s Hertogin Freya Van Qira-T at Genetika (imp SWE). Carrying a little weight but she has a lovely head and expression, good top-line, well ribbed but just loses her outline slightly by being overweight.

3. Johnson’s Sensation Vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise.