• Show Date: 20/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Manchester Dog Show Society

Breed: Irish Wolfhound


23 JAN 22


PD 6(3)

1. Pantoja’s Killoughery’s Rockafella. Very together baby, very sound on the move with nice proportions, nice curves and good angles both ends, long, lean masculine head, eye good colour but could be a shade smaller, moved well and very steady. 

2. Allitt’s Sirius at Jascarah D’Ardalie. Good leg length and overall proportions but a little more moderate throughout than 1st and needs to develop a little width throughout, not quite the scope on the move and a little ‘untogether’ at the moment, nice fine well shaped ears of a good size, just needs to tighten up all over.

3. Evans’ Gallant Warrior.

JD 2(0)

1. Morris’ Salgrey’s Sagremor to Amarach (imp RUS). I liked his proportions very much and type, he has an excellent head with good neck, top-line and underline, very moderate in angles both ends but needs to drop into himself still and whilst moderate he has a strong rear, covered good ground on the move keeping his outline with an excellent coat, DCC.

2. Reeves’ Whiteorchard Arcturus. Nice overall outline and balance, he has substance with no coarseness, very nice free moving dog, he has excellent bone and feet with a good top-line, good coat, just preferred head on 1st.

LD 3(2)

1. Dawson’s Hydebeck Dream Tyme of Graefyn. Masculine dog but could have a little more elegance, he has a strong top-line, feet could be better, has excellent coat, excellent ears and good depth but loin could be a little shorter.

OD 4(1)

1. Reeves’ Whiteorchard Arcturus. 2nd in Junior. RDCC.

2. Webb’s Goldswift Mission Possible for Inkleyboys. More mature dog, has an excellent neck and top-line and good coat, good bone, he has enough leg length, covers ground in profile but would prefer him a little lighter footed in front. 

3. Allitt’s Madigan The Magnificent of Jascarah.

PB 2(1)

1. Moorhouse’s Austonley’s Kandi Madinton. Very lovely and promising puppy, liked her type, balance and proportions, she had a lovely head, excellent neck, top-line and curves in all the right places, very sound free mover and is a very promising puppy, BP.

JB 1(0)

1. Sales’ Mr J Oh Baby Von Der Eichenkoppel. Well balanced, strong head, good expression and good ears, coat texture ok, good top-line, bone and depth.

PGB 6(3)

1. Sales’ Maneater Von Der Eichekoppel. Nice proportions and balance, excellent top-line, front ok, lovely head and eye, good top-line, very sound free mover and unexaggerated all through, RBCC.

2. Taylor’s Amarillo Rose.

3. Fox’s Newdigate Doris Day (AI).

LB 7(3)

1. Fox’s Barrassy’s Copyright JW. A little more substance all over than I would like and I would just like a bit more elegance but her outline is clean, she holds her top-line and she moved well from all directions.

2. Stirling’s Clanlily Diamond Dust. Finer type bitch who held her outline well but just found her a little bit too curvy and could have had a little more substance.

3. Crosse’s Goldswift Sweet Discovery.

OB 2(1)

1. Amoo’s Ch. Sade Rainbow. Lovely clean outline, elegant, feminine with substance, lovely head shape and good eye shape, good neck, excellent top-line, good depth and underline, excellent coat, balanced front and rear which showed on the move, moving well from all directions with good reach and drive, BCC & BOB.