• Show Date: 05/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Birmingham Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Miniature Pinscher

MPD 3(1)

1. James/Cherry’s Jaegerson Hendrix. Square, sturdy and very balanced, good head, eye and excellent ears, strong neck, good depth, excellent top-line and tail set and excellent rear, moved well with good hackney gait.

2. Harrison/Reddington’s Diamoneo Cowboy Kisses at Kaypin. More raw and needs to draw up a little in chest and tighten in front but has an excellent top-line though stands over more ground.

PD 2(0)

1. White’s Glenbrows Wind Of Change. He has a good head, eye, expression and moves well keeping his outline in profile.

2. Santoriello’s Pinicio Red Rebellion. I preferred his shape to 1st but he was a little un-coordinated on the move and just needs to tighten with maturity.

JD 2(0)
1. Watkins’ Pernickety Pace of Danton. Red, masculine and sturdy but elegant, uses himself well, excellent fill in front and good top-line and tail set, balanced moderate angulation, steady and sound but could have a little more lift in front.

2. Thouless’ Jaegerson The Philosopher. More elegant and finer all through than 1st, his front is a little loose and lacks a little bit fill in front, good top-line, tail is a little low set.

PGD 1(0)

1. Mitchell’s Alcum Mr Who. Black and tan dog, a little shade off square, he has a good head and eye, ear set could be a little better, good top-line, feet a little flat, he has very good carriage and gait if a shade un-coordinated.

LD 3(0)

1. White’s Alcum Skyfall. A little un-cooperative standing and looked much better on the move where he held his outline better and retained a firmer top-line, good head and eye but his ears were a little low.

2. Collinson/Dare’s Collypins Supersonic. Preferred his proportions and he had a better ear set if a shade big, not very co-operative on the move and would have won the class had he pulled himself together a little better.

3. Smith’s Gold Digger at Tubize.

OD 6(0)

Liked the first two in this class a lot and they could have easily changed place.

1. Watkins’ Ch. Danton Damned If I Do. Red dog, he is a little bit larger but he has a nice substance for his size, excellent top-line and tail set, he has nice lift on the move and carried himself well keeping his outline at all times, DCC.

2. Collinson/Dare’s Ch. Collypins Klickety Klick. Liked the size and substance of this dog but he really didn’t use himself as well as he could in the class, 

excellent top-line and tail, moved much better in the challenge for RDCC.

3. Smith’s Ch. Hamilton Arrow at Tubize.

VD 1(0)

1. Harrison’s Ch. Trenson Flummadiddle ShCM. Sturdy, square and elegant, head could be better, good top-line, tail and depth of chest, strong rear, moved very well keeping his outline standing and moving, BV.

SBB 3(0)

1. Bagshaw’s Carliepins Penny Pitstop. Square and elegant 7 month baby, very nice, excellent on the move and keeps her outline but tail could be a little higher set, BSpB.

2. Billington’s Bamtybo Bonbon avec Yrieix JW. Square, good eye and ears and tail set, moderate front and rear, feminine with substance.

3. Twigg’s Monarkle Fire N’Ice at Teffys.

MPB 3(0)

1. Cook’s Pernickety Loonie. Red bitch, super square in outline, she has an excellent top-line, tail and is feminine, moves very well, BP.

2. Bagshaw’s Carliepins Penny Pitstop. Repeat.

3. Hind’s Diamoneo Indian Wishes.

PB 6(0)

1. Park’s Rayjen Cupcake. Lovely, 6 months, red, very raw but she has a beautiful head, ears and expression, she is square in outline with an excellent top-line, was so naughty but very, very promising.

2. Scourfield’s Danton Strike A Pose. Another very nice puppy bitch, square in outline but carrying a little too much weight, good ears but preferred expression on 1st.

3. Whetter’s Ch. Rayjen Fairy Cake at Mandolais.

JB 4(0)
1. Williams-Wegmann’s Essvana Lulu Guinness. Black and tan bitch with clean outline, attractive head, good ears, could be a little more compact but has nice fill in front and moves well.

2. Scott’ Maynell Almost An Angel. Excellent square outline and balance but would prefer a little more strength and substance throughout.

3. Waterston’s Glenbrows Wishful Thinking.

YB 1(0)

1. Scourfield’s Danton Do It Like This. Feminine with substance and well filled in front, good eye, expression and ear set, top-line ok, strong rear and has a hackney gait.

PGB 2(0)

1. Billington’s Bamtybo Bonbon avec Yrieix JW. Repeat.

2. Waterston’s Glenbrows Wishful Thinking. Black and tan, good coat and colour, she is a steady mover, a little deep in body with good eye and ears.

LB 4(0)

1. James’ Jaegerson Cracks The Code. Very nice red bitch with very square outline, good top-line and very sound on the move, she has lovely alert and very active attitude, RBCC.

2. Scott’s Keljantzi’s Zelda to Maynell JW. She has a good outline, very balanced and moves well but was a little overweight and tail could be set a little higher.

3. Harrison’s Glenbrows Dance With Me.

OB 4(0)

1. Santoriello’s Ch. Pinicio Wrapped In Red JW. Red bitch of nice size and substance, square, ok head, excellent ears, top-line, she is feminine with substance, hard top-line, excellent tail and very good carriage on the move, BCC & BOB.

2. James’ Jaegerson Code Red. Lovely head, eye, ears and tail, she is just a little bit flat on the move and could have a little more lift.

3. Park’s Rayjen Yum Yum JW.