• Show Date: 09/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Richmond Dog Show Society

Breed: Papillon





VD 2(1)

1. Maskell’s Kazkell Robin The Limelight JW. Good balance and proportions, lovely expression, good ears, top-line and tail, sound, light, active mover with good carriage.


MPD 4(0)

1. Turner’s Feyetas Love Me Tender. Excellent balance and proportions, lovely head and eye, good ears, coat, balanced construction, excellent top-line and very light movement, lovely puppy.

2. Marsden’s Finity Truly Unique. Another very nice puppy with nice sound, light movement, excellent top-line, tail and carriage, just preferred blend of head to muzzle on 1st but he’s still a baby, very nice class.

3. Olof’s Tarnock Sweep The Board.


PD 3(0)

1. Olof’s Tarnock Tap Dance Teddy. Lovely proportions, good head, ears, eye could be a shade darker, excellent top-line, coat and tail, dainty, just needs to firm up a little in front movement.

2. Marsden’s Finity Truly Unique. Repeat.

3. Taylor’s Baillion Boogie All Night.


JD 4(2)

1. Orchard’s Nightfire’s Be Unique In Style at Panspayon (imp). Nice proportions, excellent ears, top-line and tail, very sound and active light mover, head could be a little cleaner but has lovely profile on the move.

2. Kent’s Moshu Golden Lovelock. Dainty and very alert, lovely eye and muzzle but cheeks could be cleaner, top-line ok, just needs to settle a little on the move.


YD 4(0)

1. Lee-Slater’s Maliband Lee Cooper for Graycaz (imp BLR). Good balance, good head, eye, ears, top-line and tail, in excellent muscle tone, a shade wide in front but moves well in profile with nice carriage.

2. Urquhart’s Blackpark Bastille. Dainty and alert, good ears, excellent expression, good top-line and tail, a little close in front and ribbing could be a bit better but very typical carriage on the move.

3. Kent’s Moshu Golden Lovelock.


GD 1(0)

1. Stanbury/Langdon’s Skyvana Zero Hour for Inixia. Very dainty with excellent ears, feet and coat, attractive head but eye is a little full, good top-line, moves well, very sound with light carriage.


PGD 2(1)

2. Borg’s Elendil Crusader. Good head, excellent ears, good coat, top-line and tail, eye could be a shade darker, very balanced and well constructed, uses his ears and tail and presents a nice outline standing and moving.


LD 3(0)

1. Stanbury’s Inixia Made By Design. Excellent balance and outline, beautiful head, lovely eyes, ears, coat and tail, so dainty and alert and holds a typical outline standing and moving, very nice dog, DCC.

2. Ockenden’s Ringlands Oliver Twist. Good head, eye and ears, ok outline and proportions, excellent coat and tail, very nice but just not so light on the move as 1st.

3. Maskell/Waller’s Lilnrose I’m In The Limelight with Kazkell.


OD 5(2)

1. Ryan/Roosens’ Ch. U Knock Me Off My Feet Daydream Believers. Excellent outline and proportions, good neck, top-line, coat and tail, he is dainty and has lovely carriage on the move, RDCC.

2. Weber’s Aus DK Ch Ger Hun Slo Ch Swiss VDH Mi’DiLiva’s. Clean outline and good proportions, good head but eye could be darker, coat a little profuse, he is very stylish on the move but if he slowed down a little would have a little more lightness and better carriage, tail is a little flat.

3. Bull’s Altaya Star Attraction.


VB 2(0)

1. Orchard’s Ringland Yoko’s Solo at Panspayon ShCM ShCEx VW. Good proportions and balance, lovely head and ears, good top-line, good coat, light free mover, BV.  

2. Welsh’s Kazim Uptown Girl.


MPB 4(2)

1. Brownsey’s Khanor It Must Be Faith. Lovely puppy, dainty, feminine and elegant, beautiful head, eye and ears, top-line, lovely light movement and excellent carriage, very alert and typical.

2. Walklett’s Angullyon Enigma’s Secret NAF. Very good proportions and outline, excellent expression and ears, good neck, top-line and tail, just needs to settle a little on the move but a very nice puppy.


PB 5(1)

1. Ryan/Roosens/Goessens’ Uppercut Daydream Believers with Feorlig (imp BEL). Outstanding puppy with beautiful proportions and balance, feminine, excellent head, beautiful expression, very mobile ears, large and rounded, good neck, excellent top-line, good coat and such a lovely mover, light and free from all angles, BCC, BP & BOB.

2. Orchard’s Panspayon Natasha. Nice balance, good head and eye, good top-line, coat and tail, very steady light movement, another very nice class.

3. Morrell’s Aurora Vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (imp DEU).


JB 4(2)

Very close decision, both very nice bitches.

1. Welsh’s Finity Moonbright. Lovely proportions, excellent head, eye and ears, good neck, top-line and tail, just preferred the expression on 1st, otherwise could not split them.

2. Morrell’s Aurora Vom Schwabenhof for Temelora (imp DEU). Excellent balance and conformation, good neck and top-line, excellent mover, another very light and very accurate bitch on the move, good coat with lovely proportions.


YB 2(1)

1. Last’s Lilacrose Magic Mya at Lastayla. Very pretty but needs a little confidence but has a good outline and is dainty and pretty.


NB 1(0)

1. Hopkins’ Gaea Honeycrisp Blondie. Dainty, could use her ears better, good eye shape and top-line, moves steady but could be more alert and light on her feet.


GB 3(1)

1. Hopkins’ Gaea Honeycrisp Blondie.

2. Orchard’s Panspayon Northern Lights. Preferred head on 1st and was a little reluctant but moved well with excellent coat.


PGB 2(1)

1. Walklett/Milroy’s Farthinghall’s Enigma for Angullyon NAF. Lovely proportions, head, eye and ears, good top-line, excellent tail, moved ok keeping good outline but front could be a little tidier.


LB 7(2)

1. Cox’s Briar Rose for Ringland. Beautifully proportioned and constructed, good eye shape and excellent ears, good top-line, tail and movement, could be a little prettier in head.

2. Jury’s Melangel Gaily Georgia at Lindanwaye. Prettier bitch but just not quite so good coming and going but she is very dainty with a good neck, top-line and tail.

3. Maskell/Waller’s Kazkell Lilnrose Dream.


OB 7(1)

1. Welsh’s Ir Ch. Pipestrelle Lollapalooza for Kazim (IKC). Lovely proportions and balance, dainty, pretty head and eye, her ears are a shade high but has an excellent top-line and tail, moved steady, very light on her feet and very sound, RBCC.

2. Lee-Slater/Kewley’s Magic Sunrise Natalia (imp LVA). Lovely expression, excellent ears, coat could be a little more settled and she was not just so settled on the move but she has good proportions, lovely top-line and good overall outline.

3. Weber’s Multi Nightfire’s Very Special Bet.


SBB 1(0)

1. Last’s Lilacrose Magic Mya at Lastayla. BSpB.