• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Great Dane


MPD 6(0)

1. Barratt’s Rioco My Boy. Excellent proportions and good balance, moderate throughout, good head proportions and shape, enough neck, excellent top-line, good depth and fill for age, good bone, steady and sound on the move for his age.

2. Lewis’ Rimor Bachet Noir Avec Axeford. Very raw brindle male, very good proportions and leg length, excellent head length and planes, good width of thigh and moved very well.

3. Pocock’s Tamzdame Empower Mint.

PD 3(0)

1. Kingsley’s Nevilldown Legacy of Dainoak. Good clean outline and balanced angulation, would prefer more length to head, good bone, top-line and depth, excellent on the move with drive from the hock keeping his outline both standing and moving, BP.

2. Morgan Evans/Webb’s Vanmore My Kind Of Guy at Castleon NAF TAF. Compact dog with beautiful head and expression, a shade upright in the pastern at the moment, he has excellent bone and feet.

JD 4(1)

1. Jacques/Kirby’s Jacqukir No Regrets JW. Tall, masculine and compact, good length to head and muzzle if a shade strong, good neck, top-line and depth of chest, good underline and strong rear used on the move.

2. McGowan’s Kinnegans I Walk The Line at Penmarlam. Medium size dog, attractive head, good ears, good depth, feet could be better, used his rear but a little un-coordinated in front at the moment.

3. Dunn’s Allours Bonito.

LD 2(0)

1. Hogarth’s Fendanesylcrest American Outlaw at Sunlind (AI)(imp). Square with elegance, attractive head and eye, good neck and top-line, balanced moderate angulation, would prefer a little more in front though, excellent top-line and depth, uses himself well on the move keeping his top-line.

2. Simpson’s Renescent Caught In A Spell (AI). Black dog, good length to head and good eye shape but colour a little light, just losing his top-line slightly and croup is a little steep but he has a good length of stride.

OD 6(0)

1. Chappell’s Ch. Selmalda Jealous Guy (AI). Brindle male of excellent quality, his proportions are excellent with a good head and eye, excellent neck, top-line, front and depth, he is masculine yet with enough elegance, good bone, excellent feet and is effortless, strong and powerful on the move, DCC & BOB.

2. Mackenzie’s Carsan Vincent. Similar outline, just not so clean through the neck and shoulder as 1st, he has a good head, moderate, masculine and moves very soundly with nothing overdone, RDCC.

3. Thurlby’s Ch. Santanna Special Legacy at Justinian (IKC).

SBD/B 2(0)

1. Dunn’s Allours Bonito. Upstanding black, very raw and needs to fill in front a little, good feet, good top-line, masculine with good bone, BSpB.

2. Nunn’s Roshanun Volare. Excellent ears of correct size and well placed, good neck and bone, top-line is ok, pasterns could be a little firmer.

MPB 6(0)

1. Morgan’s Rimor Boadixiya. 6 month brindle, good proportions, feminine with substance, good length to head and dark eye, good neck, top-line and depth for age, moved well, steady and soundly.

2. Harrison’s Rioco My One and Only. Lovely clean outline and length to head though eyes could be a little tighter, top-line ok, good depth, elbows could be tighter but has a very attractive overall outline.

3. Mackenzie’s Carsan Luciana.

PB 4(0)

1. Pocock’s Tamzdane Bananas On The Rum. Sturdy bitch who is well constructed but could be a little more elegant, this should hopefully come with maturity if she gains a little leg length, moved with drive.

2. Collett’s Foaldown Dark Secret. Elegant black bitch who moved ok, once she fills out in front will appear to be a little more compact, strong rear, good head and neck.

3. Young/Lewis’ Axeford Alsephina.

JB 7(0)

1. Clark’s Garsak Summer Days at Mintrex. Fawn bitch with excellent balance and proportions, feminine with substance and elegance, excellent neck, shoulders, defined withers, good top-line held both standing and moving, balanced front and rear angulation with good depth for her age, beautiful head and expression, moved very well from all directions with drive, BCC.

2. Morgan’s Rimor Athena’s Kyss. Similar outline and very attractive, she kept her shape on the move holding her top-line, just preferred smoothness of neck into shoulder on 1st but she is a very good quality bitch who was steady and sound on the move.

3. Simpson’s Renescent Cream Of The Crop.

YB 3(0)

1. Morgan Evans Vanmore Magic Spell. Compact, feminine with substance, very attractive head, neck, top-line and excellent rear with width across her thighs and good straight bone and feet, pins slightly in front but moved well.

2. Ingram’s Gracia vom Dwergter Sand of Dainmajik (imp DEU). Liked her very much and she has good substance, excellent neck and top-line, bone, feet, feminine with strength, very exuberant and just needs to settle a little on the move but shows very good promise.

3. Kingsley’s Dainoak Forever in Blu Genes (AI).

PGB 5(0)

1. Bielecka’s Alegriagiant Per Quella. Good proportions, top-line could be a little more level and falls away slightly, enough bone, nice long lean head, good feet, steady free mover.

LB 6(0)

1. Armour’s Thistledane Game Changer. Compact bitch with substance and good leg length, good head, excellent ear set, good neck, excellent top-line, depth, ribs, strong rear and moved well.

2. Ingram’s Zwiebelten in Flagranti with Dainmajik (imp DEU). Liked her very much, lean feminine head with good bone and feet, compact and holds her outline beautifully standing and moving, just a little untidy up and down today.

3. McGowan’s Shlarra Picture Perfect at Penmarlam.

OB 7(0)

1. Faulder/Cook’s Keirkane’s Picture Perfect at Elvantiedane JW. Feminine with substance, compact, lean head, good ear set, good top-line and depth and leg length, good bone, good feet and sound free mover, RBCC.

2. Chappell’s Ch. Selmalda Oh Lori (AI). A shade longer cast but has a beautiful head and expression, good powerful excellent mover with good depth and good substance.

3. McLellan’s Ch. Jutlanders Bat Out of Hell to Anadain (imp DNK).