• Show Date: 16/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand)



I rarely write overviews on breeds as I think it’s up to specialists to determine the future of their breeds. I would however like to think I have had more than a passing interest in Grands having seen and followed them closer than most over the years. This includes having awarded as many CC as anyone and having made up the first champion in the breed. I have also awarded several important dogs and bitches in the breed’s UK history their crowning CC and have acted as an assessor in several breed exams. Every breed has highs and lows however, I was disappointed judging the breed today and mean the following comments as purely constructive to allow this noble breed to return to the quality that it once had. My individual critiques below will concentrate on the positives and not mention any of the following serious and in some cases damning faults which I found on the day.


There have always been variations in head proportions, ear and tail lengths but expressions were generally correct. Whilst eye colour should be dark as per the standard it can blend with coat colour in a way that does not detract but I found too many dogs with eye colour and shape that is not typical and detracts entirely from head type. Incorrect head proportions were too much in evidence along with several skulls that are too flat and wide. There was a lack of nobility on too many exhibits. There are dentition problems that need to be carefully addressed. Eye colour and dentition issues can not be bred out easily. Grands must have straight legs, there is no place for dogs that have legs that are not straight and it detracts from type being more akin to older style Petit cousins ( who have largely achieved straighter fronts over the years). Flanged ribs are not acceptable anywhere and will occur again and again.


I do not write these comments lightly and my individual critiques will not associate any individual Hounds to these problems as I realise there is a limited gene pool but I am merely offering a concerned view from someone on the outside who has been involved in the breed for a long time and cares about the future of this most noble breed. Thank you for bringing your Hounds today and good luck in your duty as guardians of the breed.


VD 1(0)

1. Makey’s Ch/Int Ch/Bel Ch. Gairside Good Lord JW ShCM. Excellent proportions and balance, good head and ears, eye could be a shade darker, good neck and top-line, well ribbed, strong loin, good tail and moves very well from all angles.


PD 1(0)

1. Buchanan/Maclaren’s Tarmachan Tipsy Laird. Nice proportions and outline, would prefer darker eye and slightly longer muzzle, good straight legs but could have a little more angulation front and rear, good neck, top-line, tail and coat, steady sound mover.


JD 1(0)

1. Knowles/Metselaar-Williams’ Stinton Solitaire avec Braillement. Excellent type, beautiful head and ears, very kind expression, presentation and coat could be a little better but he is a very moderate yet balanced dog with good length to tail and very free moving working type hound.


OD 4(0)

1. Bailey/Yates’ Ch/Ir Ch. Tarmachan Ice Cool. Proportions are ok, good coat texture, good head shape, head proportions are ok but he is a little too fine, expression is a little too staring, tail carriage a little too high, moderate yet balanced angulation, moves well.

2. Buchanan/Maclaren’s Ch. Macaroni V Tum-tums Vriendjes of Tarmachan (imp). Attractive head, excellent ears and coat, he is a little too square in outline, could have more angulation in front, nice steady mover but could have a little more reach, good top-line and tail.

3. Smith/Cooper’s Jayanel Ambiorix.


PB 1(0)

1. Buchanan/Maclaren’s Tarmachan Clootie Dumpling. Excellent proportions, lovely length to foreface but could have a little more stop and planes could be more parallel, lovely ears, good coat, excellent tail and rear, very steady mover with good drive and overall outline.


PGB 1(0)

1. Cooper’s Jayanel Peppermint Patty. Could have a little more length to body, lovely expression and lean domed skull but would like a little more length to head and body, good neck and top-line, croup is little steep and tail low, good depth, well ribbed and a little close behind.


LB 2(0)

1. Makey’s Gairside Special Interest. Good length but could have a little more length to leg, lovely expression and ears, top-line ok, nice well filled front, good tail set but could have more strength and length to tail, nice steady mover.

2. Bailey/Moult’s Gairside Special Event. A little squarish in outline, lean head with good expression and excellent ears, moderate rear, could have a little more reach and drive, good coat, feet could be better.


OB 4(0)

1. First 2 in this class very clearly a stand out from the rest of the entry.

Buchanan/Maclaren/O’Day’s Ch. Tarmachan Black Ice WW18. Liked her proportions and balance, workmanlike but she has excellent expression, ears, coat and tail, lovely outline, lovely mover from all angles with good length to stride, just carrying a little weight over the shoulders but beautiful type.

2. Milton’s Ch. Wilmit Jugeote. Whilst 1st is very typical I would like a little more leg length however, this bitch, again, is a beautiful type but could just have a fraction less leg length, she has a beautiful head, eye and ears, just preferred coat texture on 1st, 2 bitches who are at opposite ends of the standard but both excel in many areas and are very worthy Champions.

3. Buchanan/Maclaren’s Tarmarchan Miss Impatiens.