• Show Date: 24/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Belfast Dog Show Society

Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback



PD 4(0)

1. Black/McKinlay’s Asharaa Dark Side Of The Moon at Gileeja. Handsome dog, nice size and substance for age, good head, neck, top-line and balanced front and rear, needs a little more confidence but nice type dog, BP.

2. Mcnickle’s Druimderg Wee Ballix. Very steady mover with good bone and feet, a little overweight, very raw, enough neck, excellent top-line, could have a little more underjaw, good ears, would like a little more length of leg.

3. Henshall’s Suhuba Dream Star Sulli.


JD 1(0)

1. Pratt’s Hooz Khalaf. Masculine and good proportions, good head and expression and ears, good neck and top-line, still a little raw, he has enough depth, loin a little long, good feet, moved ok but could have a little more strength in the rear.


ND 1(0)

1. Murray’s Callmn’s Cutting Edge. Masculine strong dog, good ears and neck, good substance and proportions.


LD 3(0)

1. Rhodes’ Priorpark You Coda Be Mine of Metalrock JW. Nice clean outline, proportions and balance, good head, lips could be a little cleaner, good neck, top-line and balanced front and rear, good outline standing and moving with good bone, depth and feet, RDCC.

2. Scott/Fitzimons’ Trendsetter Hakuna Matata at Druimberg. Masculine, a little square looking, good top-line, moderate balanced front and rear, steady mover, enough depth if a shade up on leg.

3. Reid’s If I Can Dream Energy of Africa for Saadani (imp CZE).


OD 7(0)

1. Anthony’s Ch. Rottzridge I Am Wrath. Clean outline standing and moving, good head, eye and ears, good neck and top-line, enough depth, could have a little more fill, moves very well, DCC.

2. Farleigh’s Ch. Kinabula’s Just For The Record. Head is a little rounded, pasterns could be firmer, a little heavy in body, he moves well, good feet.

3. Gilpin’s Hunterpride Flaming Glory Jnr Ch.


SpBD 1(0)

1. Murray’s Callmn’s Cutting Edge. Repeat. BSpB.


PB 4(0)

1. Black/McKinlay’s Asharaa Stars In Your Eyes at Gileeja. Clean outline, good head and eye, well filled in front but could have a little more length of leg, good top-line and has moderate balanced angulation and moves well with balance, reach and drive.

2. Clark-Maclean’s Callmn’s Cut The Crop. Very raw, lovely clean outline but needs to develop in body, lovely head, eye and ears, good neck and top-line and light powerful movement.

3. Farleigh’s Kinabula’s Coco Melon.


JB 3(0)

1. Rossiter’s Gabisa Baby Ruth. Feminine with substance, good head and eye, good neck, front and top-line, a little shade steep in the croup, good depth and powerful very good mover when she settled, RBCC.


NB 2(0)

1. Rossiter’s Gabisa Baby Ruth. Repeat.

2. Scott/Fitzsimons’ Druimderg Bonfire Heart. Could have a little more scope and outline, head ok but expression could be better, lips could be cleaner, good neck, moves well and steady but could have a little more drive.


LB 4(0)

1. Henshall’s Leeurif Jukeba Mshangao Tatu at Suhuba (imp GRC). Honest and moderate, keeps her outline standing and moving, nice clean neck and good top-line, moves steady with good depth and is well balanced.

2. Darling-Steele’s Sonstraal Walking Sunshine with Sharufa. Good depth, good top-line but falls away slightly to the rear, she is very extravagant on the move, I would prefer a little more stop in her head.

3. Darling-Steele’s Saadani Storm Catcher with Sharufa.


OB 7(0)

1. Farleigh’s Ch. Kinabula’s Gucci Bloom. Feminine with substance, balanced, powerful yet elegant, good head, good neck, top-line, depth, ribs, would like a little more bone, she has very good proportions and has very good sound, powerful movement, BCC & BOB.

2. Black/McKinlay’s Rottzridge Perihelion at Gileeja. Lovely mover with effortless, powerful movement, clean outline, ok head but falls away under the eye, loin could be a little shorter but she is overall well balanced.

3. Clark-Maclean’s Callmn’s Special Fool.