• Show Date: 27/05/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Bath Canine Society

Breed: Poodle (Standard)


VD 2(1)

1. Doyle’s Haylesdown Halvor. Excellent square outline, clean head with good neck, excellent top-line and tail, enough depth, excellent coat texture, moved well with good carriage, there is enough reach and drive, BV.

PD 4(1)

1. Aikman’s Pitfour El Rey del Namkia. Upstanding, elegant and masculine, good head, eye, neck, top-line, tail set and carriage, coat good for age, when settled he had a lovely long, effortless stride.

2. O’Higgins/Knudtzen’s Smart Connection Sign of Catwalk (imp RUS). Balanced and square with excellent expression, good tail set, good feet and coat, moved steady and well.

3. McLoughlin’s Jester The Chester Isle De Kann (imp ESP) NAF.

JD 2(0)

1. Fountain’s Kertellas What’s My Line. Square, masculine and elegant, lovely head and eye, good leg length, front a little untidy but he has nice carriage if a little exaggerated.

2. Crew’s Somanic Stradivarious. Heavier type dog, could be leaner and longer in skull, moved soundly but could have a little more lift.

PGD 4(0)

1. Pine-Haynes’ Vicmars I’m Your Man (AI). Lovely type dog with the most beautiful head and expression, good coat texture and top-line, he is square enough with a good tail set, very ‘poodley’ on the move if a little too exuberant, RDCC.

2. Eburne’s Carristina Silver Starlite from Shirgasei. Square silver dog, lean head, good eye shape, good top-line, moved very steady.

3. Sarson’s Sarnia Rock This Way.

LD 1(0)

1. Bedwell’s Vicmars Smart Fella. Square enough with good head and eye, feet could be better, a little fine boned and could be a little more coordinated on the move.

OD 2(0)

1. Langdon’s Ch. Huffish Rewrite The Stars with Atastar (imp SWE). I have judged this dog on a few occasions and he just improves with age, his coat is now in full maturity with excellent texture, good long lean head with dark eye, excellent feet, good ribs and depth, excellent top-line and tail and is so sound, true and ‘poodley’ on the move, DCC & BOB.

2. Hoblin’s Kertellas The Legacy. A shade off square but he has a lovely head and expression, enough neck, excellent top-line and tail and good coat, he has a big long stride but would just like a little more lift.

SBD/B 4(2)

1. Crew’s Somanic Stradivarious. Repeat. BSpB.

VB 1(0)

1. Sillito-Beale’s Ch. Malibu They Call Me Mimi. Very light footed on the move, lovely head, eye could be darker, good coat, lovely clean outline with good feet and tail.

MPB 4(0)

1. Langdon’s Atastar And Just Like That. Beautiful square white puppy bitch, she’s feminine with substance, excellent feet, top-line, tail and moved lovely when settled, BP.

2. Wells’ Volgarus Sky Is The Limit. Very nice puppy also, just a shade longer cast, good feet, coat, head and also moved very well.

3. Laing’s Marcasite Heart’s Desire.

PB 5(3)

1. Laing’s Marcasite Love In A Mist. Elegant puppy, moves well in profile with nice style, good tail set and carriage, coat is just a little soft.

2. Elson’s Afterglow Willow. Was very difficult to handle and just needs some training.

JB 5(1)

1. Hoblin’s Kertellas Diamonds Darling. Square enough, lovely head, eye and neck, moderate but balanced front and rear angulation, she moves out well with good ribs well sprung but is just a shade wide in front.

2. Clancy’s Alisiane Step In Time. Loved her outline and balance, beautiful head and eye, good leg length and compact but was very un-cooperative and would not move.

3. Elson’s Afterglow Willow.

YB 2(1)

1. Eburne’s Wyreglow Cream Cracker from Shirgasei. Square but needs a little more body, lean head, eye could be darker, balanced angles front and rear but moderate, moves steady in profile keeping good outline but could be a little tidier coming and going.

PGB 4(0)

1. Stokes’ Jaspalie Exceedingly Diva at Madsovtik. Very pretty, could maybe have a little more leg length, good head and eye but could be darker, good neck, top-line, excellent rear, good coat and moves very well in profile.

2. Lewis’ Afterglow Basic Instinct. She is square with a good outline and elegance but needs more weight and body and could be a little more confident.

3. Elson’s Afterglow Willow.

LB 6(3)

1. Dennison’s Labamba Made To Play. Lovely black bitch, very nice to go over, well constructed with good head, eye shape and colour, good top-line and tail, excellent coat texture, she is square and collected on the move, she is feminine with elegance, RBCC.

2. Aikman’s Samarcanda Very Bionda at Namkia (imp ITA). Square bitch with beautiful expression but I would like a little more strength throughout.

3. Taylor’s Novatell Schone Blume.

OB 5(0)

1. Harris/Pine-Haynes’ Ch. Vicmars Push The Button. Feminine with substance, excellent square, compact outline with good leg length, excellent coat texture, excellent top-line and tail, she has the most beautiful head and expression and moved with style and lovely ‘poodley’ carriage, BCC.

2. Bleasdale’s Circe De Noor Y Albarral (imp ESP). Very nice bitch, again with a good head, she has excellent feet, bone and an excellent top-line.

3. Cummins’ Willowmiens Dramatic Afair.