• Show Date: 29/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Mark Cocozza Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Beagle





PD 4(1)

1. Bridgeman/Logue’s Kingswin Bug ‘A’ Lugs. Attractive expression but raw all over and needs to fill out, excellent neck, shoulder, top-line, strong bone and rear and good stern, moves steady for a puppy with good scope, BP.

2. Beard’s Kellitcreed Sweeney Tod. Liked his size and balance but his muzzle needs to develop and could have a shade more leg, adequate neck, good top-line and coat and strong rear, very showy but would look better going a little slower, head needs to dry out a little.

3. Jones’ Clairdale Fusilier.


JD 3(0)

1. Binks’ Tannahill Vagabond. Lovely balance, size and construction though still raw and with maturity will trouble the best, attractive head and expression, excellent neck, top-line and coat, good bone and feet and well ribbed back, just needs to fill out a fraction with maturity, holds himself well on the move with correct movement and scope for the breed, RDCC.

2. Leader’s Molesend Dice. Tan and white dog, compact with lovely expression, excellent top-line, coat and tail, could be a shade more masculine and have a little more neck and length to upper arm but his overall balance and movement is very good.

3. Timmins’ Timollymae Ace.


YD 1(0)

1. Jones/Jepson’s Eardley Specsavers. Lovely soft expression but would prefer a little more strength to muzzle and less fall away under eye, good ears, good length to neck, bone tapers slightly to feet and pasterns could be stronger, he has good scope in profile even if his tail carriage is a little low.


SBD 1(0)

1. Leader’s Molesend Dice. Repeat, 2nd in JD, BSpB.


LD 6(2)

1. Hardisty’s Lanbur Kissing Bandit at Fallowfield (imp USA). Tri dog of excellent proportions and balance, he is sturdy, square yet with no coarseness, round bone, good feet, good neck, top-line, ribbing and strong rear, he could be a shade tidier in front but retains excellent profile on the move with good reach and drive, his head blends with his body.

2. Lewis’ Fallowfield Vincent. Houndier in proportion and stands over more ground, good expression, top-line and stern, excellent rear, but a little too much length for me though he has nice carriage on the move.

3. Lovatt’s Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf JW ShCM SHCEx.


OD 3(0)

1. Craig’s Ch. Davricard Jacob (AI). Tan and white dog of excellent balance and construction, expression just melts, excellent neck, front, top-line, stern and rear, would not want him any deeper but he has a well sprung ribcage carried well back, lacking in many, he also has a pro sternum which is visible but not exaggerated, excellent carriage on the move in profile with excellent foot placement, DCC & BOB.

2. Parker/Stevens’ Ch. Serenaker Armani. I liked this dog’s proportions a lot, he is just off square, attractive head and eye, good neck, excellent top-line, needs to fill out a little in the middle with maturity, strong rear, good stern used well, steady mover in profile but could be more fluid in his front.

3. Lewis’ Sparrowgill Smarty for Fallowfield.


GCD 2(0)

1. Lovatt’s Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf JW ShCM SHCEx. 5 years old, nice overall shape if a shade long but he has a decent head and moves well in profile with round bone.

2. Harrison’s Newlin Orly. Attractive expression but a shade longer cast, strong rear used well, pasterns could be stronger, good depth.


VB 2(0)

1. Jones/Jepson’s Dutch and UK Ch. Eardley Jay Walking. Lovely type, balance and construction, sturdy yet feminine with kind expression, compact enough, good bone for size and excels on the move in profile, BV.

2. Arden’s Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(G). A little more matronly in appearance making her look a little deep and rounded but she moved well and kept her top-line.


PB 8(2)

1. Bridgeman/Logue’s Kingswin Looks Like Trouble. Beautiful head and expression, good neck and top-line, good rear, correct depth for age, would prefer a little more front angulation but she held her shape on the move with good stride and good foot placement.

2. Beard’s Kellitcreed Cotton Candy. Lovely type puppy, excellent neck and front but she looks a shade low, pasterns could be stronger, lovely top-line and tail, good rear, moved ok but not as fluid as she could be, once she bodies up will look better, bone tapers off a little.

3. Langman’s Madika High Flyer at Bonwillan.


JB 4(0)

1. Havard’s Annavah Princess Tiana. Beautiful bitch, excels in size, substance, femininity, balance and proportions, well constructed, good bone and feet and topped off with a beautiful head and expression, excellent profile movement with very typical carriage, RBCC.

2. Jones/Jepson’s Eardley Caught In The Act. Similar in size, balance and outline, lots to like about her but not quite so fluid on the move as 1st.

3. Craig’s Davricard Marcia (AI).


YB 8(2)

1. Havard’s Ch. Annavah Buttercup. Beautiful, sturdy, feminine, square bitch with clean outline, good bone, neck, top-line and balanced front and rear angulation, nice expression, good depth and strong loin.

2. Goldberg’s Molesend Dormouse. Very similar in proportions and balance, lovely clean outline and movement, excellent top-line and stern, very close decision, just preferred head on 1st and slightly more body maturity but her time will come.

3. Parker/Stevens’ Serenaker Agatha Raisin.


SBB 7(1)

1. Rolph’s Dentonside Harper. Nice proportions and nice type, just lacks a little substance but moves well and has the correct shape and outline.

2. Langman’s Madika High Flyer at Bonwillan. Very similar outline and balance but only 6 months old, pretty head and holds her outline standing and moving.

3. Stuart’s Kellitcreed Danger Digits.


PGB 4(0)

1. MacDougall’s Molesend Will ‘O Wisp. Lemon and white bitch, good proportions but could have rounder bone and tighter elbows, she moves well in profile and holds her outline well.

2. Rolph’s Dentonside Harper. Repeat. 1st in SBB.

3. Stuart’s Kellitcreed Frozen.


LB 10(1)

1. Beard’s Kellitcreed Jessica Barker. Nice substance but still feminine, excellent proportions, compact with enough length to move like a working hound, balanced front and rear angulation, excellent top-line, ribbing and depth, excellent bone that goes all the way to the foot, excels in profile movement, she has an attractive head but maybe a little too much wrinkle but just minor detail to her many attributes, BCC.

2. Goldberg’s Molesend Crumble (AI). Lovely feminine bitch, a little rangier in outline, pretty head and expression, good neck, top-line, tail and strong rear, could have a shade more length to leg and upper arm but I am sure will be a worthy Champion one day.

3. Arden’s Annavah Star Above Madika.


OB 7(1)

1. Deans’ Gempeni Cornflower. Beautiful head and expression, feminine with strength all through but more length than I like, good bone and feet and moved well with balanced, free profile movement.

2. Craig’s Ch. Bayard Glory Bee. Preferred her proportions and has excellent bone and feet, excellent top-line, depth, stern and rear, lovely expression, just preferred elegance through the neck of 1st and she was also moving a little lethargic today

3. Jones/Jepson’s Eardley Anna Sasin.


GCB 1(0)

1. Arden’s Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(G).