• Show Date: 07/01/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Marion Sargent Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Boston & District Canine Society

Breed: Italian Spinone


Many thanks for your entries, some of you will know these are my “guilty pleasure” and it was great to get my “Spinone Fix” with some lovely dogs.

Puppy Dog (3,0)

1st Knowles, Glen & Malcolms BESSALONE SCANDALOUS - 7 mth old pup, already has the desired shape and size for his age, head proportions spot on, with good eye and skull, excellent muzzle, enough neck, good ribbing & loin, good front & rear angulation, moved well for one so young. Pleased to award RBD & Best Puppy.

2nd Barretts DELACRUSE JUSTICE FOR BAROLD – 6 mth old pup, another lovely pup, touch more bum high at the moment, but lovely head, touch wider on front, but has good ribbing & loin, pleasing angles front and rear, just needs to settle on the move.


Post Graduate Dog (2,1)

1st Cullings Lucoru Here Comes Summer – 3 yr old brown roan, nice size dog, and well balanced overall, for me, just a touch narrow through body, pleasing head, good eye & muzzle, would like a touch more behind the elbow, and a touch more width of stifle, needs to tighten up on the move, but held topline on the move.

Open (3,0)

1st Cullings LUCORU FAIRY TALE OF NEW YORK – 2 yr old orange Roan, correct size and balance with correct topline, lovely head, with good skull, good ear set, lovely eye and strong muzzle, good planes, nice parallel front, good ribbing & loin, good rear with good stifle, moved well, would just like a better coat today. Pleased to award Best Dog.

2nd Knowles & Glens BESSALONE PEAKY BLINDERS – nearly 3 year old male, bigger dog but balanced, lacked coat today, pleasing head of good proportions, would like a tighter eye for preference, but solid head and muzzle, good ear set, just lost out today as preferred 1st front, nice ribbing and loin, moved well.


Puppy Bitch (5,3)

1st Barretts DELACRUSE KEEPING FAITH AT BAROLD – 9 mth old orange roan, lovely young girl, strong bone but still holding femininity, lovely head with good eye, good skull, and ear set, good neck and front, good ribbing & loin, nice rear, holding correct topline, moved well. RBB

2nd Corbetts TALPALUPO LORELLA – 8 mth old orange & white, larger bitch but balanced, overall, another pleasing head & ear set, good muzzle, just needs to widen on front a bit, would like a touch more width of stifle, moved well when settles.

Post Graduate Bitch (3,2)

1st James INOSTRICANI FIANNA – 2 yr old orange roan, lovely shape and balance, good head proportions, with correct planes, well set ears, nice eye, would like stronger pigment round the eye for preference, strong muzzle, powerful neck going into a good front, good ribbing & loin, lovely rear with good width of stifle, holding correct topline & tailset, moved well, I really think the standard should include the Spinone “bounce”, so many of them do it when they are enjoying themselves. Pleased to award her Best Bitch & BOB.

Judge – Marion Sargent (Tegwani)