• Show Date: 11/03/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Margaret Curtis Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023


Breed: Border Terrier

Crufts Border Terrier Judge Mrs Margaret Curtis

Crufts has always been a memorable experience for me, from sitting ringside to winning top honours in this breed, and to retire from judging with my last appointment being Crufts was a special occasion. Many thanks to all the exhibitors for the entry of 233 dogs making 257 entries with 28 absentees.

It was a long day and with only one steward for almost all of the classes my sincere thanks must go to Robyn Burnett. Plus a special thanks to Judy Carr for stepping in to help Robyn in those last big classes to help us finish just in time to get the BOB to the Group. Also to Joyce Martin the photographer who worked hard throughout the day to get those special pictures, thank you. I enjoyed my day judging but found some of the classes quite challenging.

I was pleased with the lineup and my principal winners, but a little disappointed with what I was finding when the dogs came to the table. The standard reads “Head like that of an otter moderately broad in skull and small ears dropping close to cheek” but some were so untypical of our breed with narrow skulls, weak jaws and small teeth, with ears that were too big and standing away from the cheek.

In every class there were some that just could not be spanned - being too deep in the chest and strong in the rib. Movement was better behind than in front. Finding dogs with a short upper arm, this not only restricts the movement but when standing almost gives a Fox Terrier type front which I was seeing, to start accepting these deviations as acceptable would be a sad day for our breed as we know it.

General condition of the dogs was good, jackets came in all stages mostly acceptable with some good thick pelts. One problem I found today was the baiting of dogs on the table. In some cases it made it hard going for dogs and judge - no need to top and tail and bait all at the same time - personally I just needed the dogs to stand still.   

Vet Dog. 10 (1)

1st. Glenbucket Highland Lad (Mrs N Anderson)

Nice strong head with a good jaw and right expression, good reach of neck and length of rib, easy span good topline and tail set, with a harsh jacket and thick pelt. Would benefit if shown on loose lead to show off his true body lines.

2nd. Ir Ch Barnby Caramel Wafer at Bimandi JW ShCM (Mrs M J Holmes)

Overall picture a true border for type. Strong head and jaw, in full harsh jacket today with good undercoat but still seeing a good topline, thick pelt enough bone and well padded feet. Moved around the ring well.

3rd. Ch/nl Cib Ch Delin's Blue Diamonds Burghley (Mr P B G Storm)

4th. Glebeheath Smash N'grab at Jordith (Mrs L M & Mr A M Jordan-Smith)

VHC. Ch Karison Kosta (Miss K J Johnson)

Minor P.D. 1

1st. Jrasamuyr Sergei Filin (Ms C A S Khatchikian)

Very confident puppy on the move, up to size for his age and needs time to develop in all quarters. Ears need to settle, good reach of neck and topline, he was in a full jacket with a good undercoat but past its best.

P.D. 5

1st. Valicetarn Rock or Bust (Mrs V I Mason)

Nice type of puppy lovely shape and strength to head, ears a little large but given time - nice dark eye and strong jaw. Easy span but a little short in the body, would have liked a little more bend of stifle. Enough bone has thick pads and neat feet, a good pelt not much coat. Moved ok.

2nd. Cobstoneway Stand by Me (Mrs G Stevens)

Not so strong in head as winner, a little longer in the muzzle, overall picture well balanced dog with the right front assembly, ribs well laid back and in good harsh jacket and thick pelt.

3rd. Bramblesgate Hope N Glory (Miss S Rose)

4th. Earthtaw Never A Dull Moment (Miss J Haydon)

VHC. Stowthorney Sands of Time (Mr R & Ms J Brewster & Green)

J.D. 13 (1)

1st. Awbrooksky Never Back Down (Mr R W J & Miss L A M Goddard)

Not a big dog overall, but very nice youngster well balanced, good reach of neck nice topline, right amount of bone, nice neat feet, easy span, good tail set. Strong enough in head with a good expression would like to see a little shorter foreface, in full jacket, moved around the ring well.

2nd. Smurfski Jingle Bells (Mrs A Walker)

Similar size to winner. Nice for breed type strong enough in head if a little deep in stop but his expression was ok, spanned easy ribs well back, good topline and tail set, good B/T jacket with ticking, moved ok. I feel showing him on a show lead and letting him stand free would be to his advantage.

3rd. Grand Boy (J Cox)

4th. The Joker Let's Rock and Roll to Fevstone (Mrs D Bullen)

VHC. Ravenside Churchill (Mr G & Mr D & Mr M Ingram & Alcorn & Lowry)

Yearling Dog. 12 (1)

1st. Mysulan Easy Street (Mrs V Hall)

Overall true to type and size, nice head and expression, ears a little big but well placed, easy span with a nice rib correct topline running into a good tail set, nice bend of stifle well let down, good harsh jacket and pelt.

2nd. Gwynfe Carreg Glas of Foxchapel (Mrs V & Mr W Davies)

Not so strong in head would have liked a shorter muzzle expression was ok, nice neck topline and lay back of rib and easy span, stood upright in the shoulder and standing very close in the front, good harsh jacket and pelt.

3rd. Beaconpike Dionysus (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

4th. Earthtaw Making The Day (Miss J Haydon)

VHC. Lairehope L'ile D'or (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

Post Grad Dog. 15 (1)

1st. Tyneotter Sun Stands Still (Mrs N Anderson)

He is very true to type for our breed not overstated in anyway. Typical in head, ears close to his cheek, a strong jaw and a good dark eye which gives him that lovely expression. Good reach of neck and topline good rib easy span right amount of bone and came to hand with ease, his jacket was harsh. Covered the ground well. Reserve CC.

2nd. Fisherbloom Don't Stop Me Now at Louajak (Miss C Gwilliam)

Overall picture well balanced dog and well handled, longer cast than the winner and lighter in frame and up to size. He had a strong head and jaw, ears well placed, racy with lovely neck and topline and well put together would have liked a shorter tail, good jacket and pelt.

3rd. Mysulan Easy Ryder (Mr B Jepson)

4th. Weststar Lone Ranger at Ardenholm (Mrs C Swain)

VHC. Raedwulf Alchemy at Vandamere (Miss J Singh)

Mid Limit Dog. 14.

1st. Lessien Buckle N Boots (Miss S J Pateman)

Won his class for breed type and size very typical in head with good ears great expression would have liked to see more length to his body to make a more balanced picture his topline and tail is good and I could span him, nice bone and feet good harsh jacket and pelt moved ok.

2nd. Kevrah Orion Seeking Orangebox (IMP USA) (Mr M & Mrs T Anscombe)

More racy in type than 1st nice breed type strong in head right amount of bone with a correct front, good length of body and rib spannable nice topline and tail set.

3rd. Mysulan Going Solo JW (Mrs S J Baxter)

4th. Farlacroft My Friend Walter (Mr M L Wait)

VHC. Otterpaws Muninn (Mr G & Mrs N Birrell)

Limit Dog. 15 (1)

1st. Barkanellie Blackadder (Mrs J & Mr I Taylor)

Standing showing naturally with ease. Typical in head with good expression, a little long in the muzzle but strong jaw. Standing he looked a bit deep, his rib and loin were well placed and easy span right amount of bone and neat feet, harsh jacket.

2nd. Achouffe Mckay’s Fable of Redesholt (Mrs S Mckay)

Really strong otter head and great expression, great reach of neck running into a super topline and great tail set, found him easy span, a little upright in shoulder when stood four square, great jacket and pelt.

3rd. Cashelrock Black Bush (Mr K H & Mrs D Moore)

4th. Thistlestone Glenfiddich (Miss J & Mr S May & Whisker)

VHC. Lairehope Duke Diamante (Mr P & Mrs K Lothian)

Open Dog. 13 (3)

1st. Ch Baillieswells Glengyle at Glebeheath JW (Mrs J Guvercin)

One can only say a worthy Champion, he fits the standard well he was presented in first class order, really like his dark eye and expression, stood slightly upright in front but good hindquarters and covered the ground well round the ring. Have judged him before at Champion show level - he won his minor puppy class, had no doubts of what I was seeing in the making. Nice to award him the CC.

2nd. Cedarhill Melt in The Mouth (Mrs C Dean)

Excels in breed type in every way. His head is like that of an otter with a great expression, his topline and tail set with the right amount of bone gives him an overall picture of balance, came to hand well and spanned with good coat and pelt. Moved ok.

3rd. Ch/nl Ch/de Ch/be CIB Brackenfell Instant Replay Jch/nlJch/deJch/be Vdh-Ejw'18Kft-Cw'19 (Mr P B G & Ms J R Storm)

4th. Ch Otterbobs Tolson (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)

VHC. Ch Dassett Last Waltz JW (Mrs S Spafford)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog. 8 (1)

1st. Weststar Lone Ranger at Ardenholm (Mrs C Swain)

Racy. Overall picture a well balance, blue and tan with plenty of ticking and harsh jacket. Strong in head, nice reach of neck running into good topline and tail set, right amount bone with good feet. Placed 4th in a PG class of 14.

2nd. Cedarhill Front of House (Mr F & Mrs H Freeman)

Lovely breed type lighter in frame to winner, would have like to see smaller ears but still had good Border expression good body lines, easy span, great coat and pelt overall good fit condition.

3rd. Otterpaws Mountain High (Mr G & Mrs N Birrell)

4th. Ankietaz One Two (Miss J & Mr A Windsor-Hichens & Lee)

VHC. Achouffe Aotearoa Fable (Mrs A L Stubbs)

Vet Bitch. 18 (6)

1st. Ch Cedarhill Wish Upon a Star JW (Mrs C Dean)

Worthy Champion and in super fettle for a 10 year old. Still retaining great body lines, she has a good head and expression even with a few white whiskers and with a strong jaw, she was an easy span with a great topline and tail. Right amount bone, neat feet one of the best turn of stifle and let down of hock today. Movement was sound. BV

2nd. Ch Remony Frosted Ivy JW ShCM (Mrs A E Gregory)

Another worthy Champion 9yrs old well balanced bitch more racy than winner, right amount of bone for size lovely topline and tail set good shape to rib and easy span, strong feminine head, good harsh jacket and pelt and the best feet seen today. Movement was sound.

3rd. Tojamatt Debutante for Dowgri ShCM (Mr W & Mrs T J Baird)

4th. Ch Cobstoneway Moon River at Clipstone (E & J Jackson)

VHC. Ch Cobstoneway Love Song JW ShCM (Mrs G Stevens)

Puppy B. 10 (1)

1st. Glenbucket Oor Wee Dottie (Mrs J M Alexander)

Liked her for type, super otter head and foreface, ears close to the cheek nice dark eye and right shape which gave a good expression. Right amount of bone good reach of neck, her topline just a slight rise over the withers, her carrot shape tail is well set on. Good harsh jacket and good pelt. Moved ok.

2nd. Chasseuse Bleue Achouffe (Miss J George-Ainscough)

Overall picture well balanced puppy, blue and tan jacket with ticking. Standing rather upright in shoulder and down on her pasterns. Nice and narrow easy span, good reach of neck and super topline, head feminine with a good eye and expression. Moved better behind.

3rd. Northborders Chianti (Miss J North)

4th. Thistlemead Scentsation (Ms M Heeley)

VHC. Fisherbloom Singin Hinnie (Miss G & Mrs G Adams and Maskell)

Junior B. 19

1st. Benattivo Silver Flame (Mr C & Mrs S Girling)

Liked her type and shape well balance and nice outline, good head, ears did stand off a little but did not spoil expression, good body and topline and easy span right amount of bone and she stands four square with right length of stifle and neat feet. Correct blue and tan jacket and good tail set.

2nd. Tarkaswell Highland Fling JW (Mrs C E Sansom)

Strong but feminine head with the correct length of foreface giving a lovely expression a little round in eye but nice and dark. Good reach of neck and topline narrow bodylines easy span, short in loin but overall balance of this bitch was good, great jacket and pelt. Well handled.

3rd. Emblehope One Wish for Cedarhill (Mrs C Dean)

4th. Picer Bess Pool (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

VHC. Mysulan Rhapsody in Blue (Mrs S J Baxter)

Yearling B. 19 (1)

1st. Emblehope Let's Dance at Redesholt (Mrs S Mckay)

This bitch stood out in the class for breed type, when standing naturally on a loose lead she looked very typical with no exaggeration, she was the right make and shape in the bodylines and overall picture well balanced, good head with the right expression, lovely reach of neck running smoothly into the topline and tail set, easy span and right for size and bone, good feet harsh blue and tan jacket with ticking and a good thick pelt. Moved around the ring well. BCC BOB

2nd. Otterwood Carolina by Brumberhill NAF (Mr S A Mcpherson)

Racy type of bitch good outline nice reach of neck and super topline and tail set, overall picture a little long cast, good rib carried well back and spannable, with no leg furnishings gave the appearance she was light in bone once on the table that was not so, head and expression was good. Blue and tan with good ticking enough evidence of a hard jacket coming through.

3rd. Earthtaw Making Magic with Clipstone (E & J Jackson)

4th. Tojamatt Seamstress (Mr & Mrs D Matthews)

VHC. Beaconpike Solstice (Mr S & Mrs K Golding)

Post Grad B. 28 (4)

1st. Mysulan Easy Going with Fryerfold (Mrs S J Stephenson)

Good breed type, well balanced throughout right for size, stands well on good hindquarters good shape to head and eye. Nice neck topline and tail set with a good shaped tail, easy span with a harsh blue and tan jacket with ticking.

2nd. Borderxpress Echo Beach (Mr R Wright)

Overall picture racy type, good shape to head, would have liked a little smaller ears they sat well to give right expression, good bodylines would like a shorter tail, rib well back and in proportion, span ok right amount of bone, thick pelt jacket just starting to break through and was harsh. Moved ok.

3rd. Borderrush Magic Bean (Miss A J Hall)

4th. Raedwulf Mata Hari (Mr M & Mrs V L Atkinson

VHC. Achnagairn Class Act (Mrs A Fraser)

Mid Limit B. 20 (3)

1st. Sweet Ebony Princess at Liatch (Miss L, Miss I Mrs & Miss S Malcolm, Glen & Knowles)

Stood out in this class loved her overall balance, strong but feminine head well-proportioned good dark eye her, jacket dark grizzle was like wire and a really thick pelt. Good clean neck good length of rib well back and an easy span, super topline right amount of bone to suit her size. RCC

2nd. Tarkaswell Sea The Stars (Mrs C E Sansom)

Overall a nice breed type. Her expression was ok broad in the skull but a little long in the muzzle with a strong underjaw, shoulder placement and good with a good reach of neck gave her a good topline, a little straight in stifle when stood but moved round ok, right amount of bone for size with good feet. Handled well to show off her best points.

3rd. Achnagairn Touch of Class (Mrs A Fraser)

4th. Barkanellie Flashheart (Mrs J & Mr I Taylor)

VHC. Thistlemead Harmony (Ms M Heeley)

Limit B. 16 (1)

1st. Valicetarn Velvet (Mrs V I Mason)

Liked her for type not overdone in anyway. Typical in head and expression good shape with the correct size eye. Nice reach of neck and length of back, looked a little deep when standing but on the table easy span and good shape and length to rib, excellent jacket and thick pelt, moved ok.

2nd. Picer Isabel Derby (Mr G & Mrs S Pickering)

Lovely shape and flow to the head, ears are a little big but sit close to cheek still has the right expression, good topline and tail set, would have liked more length to the back, easy span has right amount of bone for size, good feet and pads harsh jacket. Well handled.

3rd. Tarkaswell High Fidelity (Mrs C E Sansom)

4th. Smurfski Seismic Bliss (Mr J C B Yore)

VHC. Twigglestone Somethin Else for Lessien JW (Miss S J Pateman)

Open B. 9 (1)

1st. Ch Glebeheath Button It (AI) (Mrs J Guvercin)

Presented in first class order. Very feminine head and expression, good reach of neck and topline correct tail well set on. Came nicely to hand on the table well balanced in all departments. Harsh jacket with good undercoat and pelt, moved around the ring well.

2nd. Remony Cider Sparkle (Mrs A E Gregory)

More racy than winner she has a good blue and tan jacket with thick pelt. Strong in head a little long in the muzzle but ears close to cheek giving right expression. First look thought she was thick around the neck and shoulders but hands on it was all coat, clean neck running into a nice topline and tail set good bodylines and strong on the loin, spannable and good tight feet, moved ok.

3rd. Ch Bardenfox Tale As Old As Time (Mr I & Mrs J Broomhead)

4th. Ch Otterbobs Duchess (Mr J R & Mrs H Gilpin)

VHC. Marsirdan Jemima Puddle (Mr M Service)

Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch. 8

1st. Ch Benattivo Best Bet Karison (Miss K J Johnson)

10 years old and looking very smart, nice outline and well balanced, good head strong jaw with keen expression, good topline and narrow right through giving good bodyline easy span, well presented in good harsh jacket. A worthy Champion, credit to her owner today.

2nd. Thistlemead Harmony (Ms M Heeley)

Placed VHC in Mid Limit in a class of 17. Very nice for type not over done in any way, good ottery head good eye with lovely expression, good reach of neck and level topline, she spanned ok, good jacket and pelt were spot on, stood four square but down on her pasterns.

3rd. Twigglestone Somethin Else for Lessien JW (Miss S J Pateman)

Placed VHC in Limit in a class of 15.

4th. Hunted Thistle at Thistlewhiss (Miss A J Sutton)

VHC. Otterwood Aura (Miss A J Hall)

Judge: Mrs Margaret Curtis