• Show Date: 29/08/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: Margaret Brown Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Driffield Championship Dog Show

Breed: Retriever (Labrador)



Judge: Margaret Brown

BEST OF BREED: WOODLEY, Alkhamhurst Moment Of Truth

Dog CC: WOODLEY, Alkhamhurst Moment Of Truth


Sh Ch Halshimoor Pitch Battle at Shanorrell

Bitch CC: MINCHELLA, Abbeystead Psion of Haselorhill


Mattriella Maybe This Time For Dakross

Best Puppy: CHARLTON, Foxrush Joyfull

Best Veteran: FLOCKTON, Dylsonleigh Tickled Pink

Best Special Beginner: THOMSON, Strathhunker Gabrielle

Thank you to the Committee of the Boston Canine Society Driffield Championship Show for inviting me to judge and to my two stewards; I would also like to thank the exhibitors for such a lovely entry. 

I do hope the classification for this show is addressed. Novice and Graduate are now Crufts qualifying classes. It makes no sense that exhibitors do not have the opportunity to enter these classes. A limited classification may be fine for breeds that are not numerically strong. However, in a breed like Labradors, some excellent exhibits end up going home cardless, which is very frustrating for the judge.

Several judges have commented recently on the lack of depth of quality in the young dog classes, and I have to agree. As breeders, this surely has to be a real concern for the breed's future. 

There are a lot of exhibitors, for one reason or another, only keep bitches, and we never get to see the brothers. I appreciate times are different now. We don’t have the opportunity we had years ago when there was a choice of perhaps six stud dogs in kennels, and because these dogs were line bred, they would always produce their kennel type. 

However, we can always depend on the quality of the bitches. Some modern in type and some more classic. We only need a choice of amazing young dogs to breed them to.

Like everyone, I admire dogs and bitches from the ringside but try hard not to have preconceived ideas before judging. I only judge as I see the dogs on the day.

I was troubled by the sun today and wish I had worn a hat. However, I did enjoy going over all the dogs 

VD (2,1)

1st Cook’s Millroseglen Bona Fide - Black of lovely type, has an intelligent, alert expression with a kind masculine head, strong over the neck & shoulders, well sprung in ribs, powerful quarters with just the correct amount of angulation to give balance, good coat and tail. Handled very well.

PD (9,2) 

1st Givan’s Sudeo Standard Bearer - Pale yellow who showed and moved well; his head needs to develop a bit more, but this hopefully will come with maturity. He is a nicely balanced dog with good bone and substance and is very eye-catching in profile. He could perhaps have a slightly better lay of shoulder. He was handled exceptionally well and moved at a nice steady pace. A difficult decision here between 1 & 2; I preferred the head of two but the feet and front movement of one.

2nd McLennan’s Saranden Montgomery - such a lovely black with a well-balanced head, just right for his age. Pleasing in outline with a clean neck and firm topline, another very eye-catching in profile, handled exceptionally well; no doubt these two will change places as they mature. Moved out well with a free sound action.

3rd the dog shown on Higham Press 3570 was absent; my book says 3470. obviously is a mistake; apologies to the owner,

JD (9,2) 

1st Tulloch’s Tullochmohr Final Hurrah - I have to say that this young back gets better and better each time I see him. Shown to great advantage, he has a kind masculine head with an intelligent expression, has enough length of muzzle to balance his head, and has a kind eye, well-set ears and is strong and clean over the neck. He has well-placed shoulders, which are lacking in so many, a good depth of brisket, the correct degree of angulation in quarters, well-turned stifles and short hocks; He moved around the ring with style, has good forward reach and drives strongly from his rear. He carries an excellent coat, and his tail is well-clothed. He was a strong contender in the final lineup; he only needs a few more months, but he is a definite champion in the making. 

2nd Hopkinson’s Rocheby Havana - a lovely yellow, just out of puppy, full of quality and type, he has a beautiful kind head of balanced proportions, a good front assembly, equally well angulated behind without being over exaggerated here, carrying a double coat of the correct length, well-clothed tail, moved out soundly, he has a quiet disposition which is very appealing, another with promise, 

3rd Harvey Major’s Floki The Jester in Linjor JW - another lovely youngster, so unlucky to meet the above two today.

YD (8) 

1st Digweed’s Willokin's Whistle Blower - this yellow dog is so well balanced in profile and is handled to get the best out of him. Shown in excellent condition, quality in abundance, such a lovely head with a kind masculine expression, well developed in quarters without being over angulated, which I dislike intensely, ample neck with good length to the upper arm, well let down hocks, carrying an excellent short coat of the correct texture, he is sound in movement; however, I do wish he had a bit more enthusiasm and would stride out, lovely dog though—

2nd Morley’s Carpenny Paddy at Rockledge - so unlucky to meet one today. A young black I gave BP to when last I judged, he is of lovely type and was in first-class condition, balanced in outline with an alert masculine head and kind expression, clean over the neck and shoulders; perhaps he could have a slightly better lay of shoulder, is short coupled and has sufficient length of rib with ample depth of brisket, is good in second thigh, carrying the correct amount of weight for his size, frame and age, promising youngster, well handled.

3rd Bell’s Westerulston John - another quality youngster, shows a great deal of promise and just needs a bit more maturity, but it will come.

SBD (5) 

1st Crellin’s Aalin Carrey Let's Sing - lovely yellow boy to go over but can give his handler a hard time, does not always co-operate. He is possibly one that could be overlooked for this reason, really has to be worked on him to keep his concentration, however, he handled himself much better in this class; he has such a lovely head & expression, very balanced, with kind expression; he is well put together, lovely over the neck & shoulders. He carries a short, dense coat of correct texture. He moved with an easy positive stride.

2nd Haslam’s Manorwell Buckskin At Lynquest JW - well-balanced yellow, lovely type, liked his head, masculine with a kind intelligent expression, good feet and pasterns, firm in quarters, could perhaps lose a few pounds, but then couldn’t we all, he has a good coat and tail, moved well around the ring. Nice dog.

3rd Sadler’s Talifen Gentleman Jack

PGD (13) 

1st Woodley’s Alkhamhurst Moment Of Truth - DCC & BOB I have always admired this dog; he is not an overly exuberant showman, but he has a quiet, calm confidence about him. So importantly, he is of beautiful breed type, and he carries what we all consider are the main characteristics of a Labrador, head, coat, tail and temperament. His qualities become abundantly clear when you put your hands on him; he is so well constructed with an excellent outline, strong over the neck, with correct shoulder angulation. His forelegs are well-boned and straight from elbow to ground; his head is balanced and masculine without being overdone in any way, and he has kind and expressive eyes. He is short, coupled with well-sprung barrelled rib and an excellent topline. Such a good coat and a tail that is well-clothed. His quarters are strong and well-muscled, and movement was sound and positive with good forward reach. In the challenge for best dog, he was the one I was constantly drawn to. He looked fabulous in the Group. A bitch outside the ring was flirting with him, which certainly put him on his toes. I was delighted at how he went. This is a dog that deserves to gain his title.

2nd Druggan’s Balladoole Captain Tom - lovely head and expression on this fellow, alert and willing to please, good depth of brisket and correct shoulders, nothing exaggerated here, striking in profile, has a real presence in the ring, an excellent showman, very stylish dog indeed and one who moves very well with good reach in front, correct coat and as always from this breeder, shown in excellent condition. 

3rd Lesley's Sleddarwood Sako Flyer Over Steeleigh JW

LD (12,2) 

1st Ayres & Jackson’s Hannabee to Hull N Back with Musubi - this black was looking in tip-top condition, won a very strong class on his overall balance, good length of leg to body proportions. He has a lovely head, is masculine without being course and has an intelligent expression with well-set ears, He has good conformation overall with good depth of brisket and length of rib; he has enough angulation in quarters to give him balance, holds his topline well on the move, correct coat and wrapped tail. Shown to advantage and was at one with his handler. Not a dog you can overlook.

2nd Mills’Lembas Maui - I have always admired this black, but I felt that he was just carrying a little weight over the neck and shoulders, nevertheless a quality dog with a great coat and tail, a balanced masculine head, he has good depth & width in the chest, good bone and substance, moved around the ring with an easy stride.

3rd Coode’s Warringah's The Bluff

OD (8,2) 

1st Rawlinson & Balshaw’s Sh Ch Halshimoor Pitch Battle at Shanorrell - RCC I have watched this dog since I placed him as a puppy, I thought he had the most beautiful balanced outline then, and that has never changed; wonderful type and construction, most importantly, he is superbly balanced and was shown in beautiful condition, a combination of strength & masculinity; he scores in neck and topline; he is short coupled with good length to his well-sprung ribs, he stands on excellent legs and feet, has well-arched toes and well-developed pads. On the move, he holds himself so very well and is exceptionally good in profile, moving with a sound, free, easy stride, double coat of the correct texture and lovely otter tail. He is strong over the quarters with short hocks. It was a pleasure to judge him again. He is reminiscent of the beautiful dogs of the past, Sloane Ranger of Bulgenen springs to mind. 

2nd Druggan’s Sh Ch A Sense of Pleasure's El Toro at Balladoole, such a lovely black, he is another who shows so very well, no over exuberance, just knows what is being asked of him, a combination of strength and masculinity, lovely balanced outline, excellent depth of brisket and barrel rib, short coupled, beautiful compact feet & strong pasterns, is well developed in quarters with short hocks, firm top line and correct coat dense coat, moving with a free unexaggerated stride, very much at one with his handler who gets the very best out of him. So unlucky to meet one is such fine form.

3rd Hodge’s Sh Ch Naiken Elite Envoy (ai) JW Ir J Ch - lovely dog; I have always admired him and awarded him the Res CC last time I judged. Today he was not carrying his full jacket, which was the deciding factor, a quality dog.

GCD (1)

1st Kannagara’s Tweedledum Play it Cool - such a baby, just six months, pale yellow who was not quite sure what he was being asked to do, beautiful head though, with an excellent reach of neck and has well-placed shoulders, just needs to learn to enjoy being in the ring, he owner needs to relax more and let him be a puppy.

VB (4) 

1st Flockton’s Dylsonleigh Tickled Pink - BV

This yellow bitch, I have watched since she was a puppy, now a veteran & she still continues to please me, she is so well balanced and presents herself to advantage, stands four square and has excellent overall confirmation; I liked her head, very feminine with a kind expression, she has good feet & pasterns, has correct angulation both front & rear, unexaggerated & of lovely quality, I think this bitch has been very unlucky not to have picked up some top honours over the years, still looks wonderful and moved with drive and style

2nd Dodd’s Bonnieburns Bubblegum at Carriegame 

Such a lovely bitch, with a beautiful feminine head with a kind, willing-to-please expression, she is well balanced and carries an excellent coat; she has strength but remains very feminine with excellent depth of chest and well-sprung barrel ribs; she is strong over the neck with good shoulder angulation, moved out well, close up to one.

3rd Hooper’s Tullochmohr Dream of Me At Balcrist JW

PB (10,2) 

1st Charlton’s Foxrush Joyfull - BP - this breeder maintains consistent type in her kennel; this lovely yellow bitch won the class on her excellent construction; she has such a lovely head and expression, so kind and gentle, her front assembly is first class starting with excellent bone, tight feet and strong pasterns, she has the correct layback of shoulders and a clean, strong neck, well-ribbed body with sufficient length of loin and good width to her quarters, quiet and confident in manner, she held herself well on the move, and I was delighted to make her my Best Puppy Bitch

2nd Thomson’s Strathhunker Gabrielle - this yellow has wonderful ring presents even at this young age and demands attention, is strong but feminine, has a lovely head, she is so eager to please, and her standing profile is beautiful, uses her ears well and has a clean, strong neck, longer in loin than one, but this gives her a degree of scope. At this stage of her development, she has all the necessary essentials. She also won the SB class, and I was delighted to watch her being placed in the SB Group where she looked so good.

3rd Milligan’s Balladoole Lucky Dip

JB (12,3) 

1st: Edwards Kimbajak Miss Jazz Swinger JW - my notes say ‘picked herself’ in her class; she is a bit special, her construction and movement are really excellent, has virtually everything you would want in a bitch; there is not a thing I would change on her, everything is where it should be and the most important thing of all is she looks like a Labrador, still very young but has a degree of strength that allows her to carry herself so well on the move, she makes it look so easy, no exaggeration and has free positive hind movement, she was close up to my final winners, deserves to gain her title. Does not want nay moe weight on her though.

2nd: Steele Antonine Sweeter Than Candy for Stonielea - such a lot to like about this bitch; she has lovely type, perhaps not the head of one, but I liked her balance and scope in body, good length & depth of muzzle, clean, strong neck with long sloping shoulders, really good topline, length of rib and depth of brisket, in good condition and coat, moved soundly out and back, she has lots of maturing to do but has the scope in the body to finish well.

3rd: Hodge’s Naiken Glass Slippers

YB (14,4) 

1st Howard & Morton’s, Mattriella Maybe This Time For Dakross - RCC - a lovely bitch from any angle, she has superb ring presence and is so well presented by her handler, she stands four square, excels in outline, clean over the neck and shoulders with an excellent topline, she has enough bone and substance for her size and frame, feminine head with good length in muzzle, she is so unexaggerated, and I loved the way she carried herself around the ring, she has bags of style and moves positively with good reach and drive, she carried a good topcoat and dense undercoat, her tail is well wrapped, most importantly she has the distinctive qualities of a Labrador, her lovely quality won her an excellent class.

2nd Percival’s Wynfaul New Years Eve JW - young black I have admired for some time from the ringside, she is very eye-catching in outline, shows her qualities off to advantage, feminine head with an alert kind expression, she has a neck of good length and carries her topline well on the move, short coupled and short in loin, her coat is of the correct texture and shows good undercoat, has a wonderful tail, well wrapped and with a thick, dense coat, she has a lot of maturing to do but has the qualities to finish well. 

3rd Flockton’s Dylsonleigh Valentina

SBB (6,2) 

1st Thomson’s Strathhunker Gabrielle - BSB

2nd MacMillan’s Ebeshb Mistress of Magic - this chocolate won her place on her overall balance, she has a lovely head, strong neck, lovely disposition, of good construction, excellent coat and although her tail looked to be set on a little low it was the correct shape and clothed thickly all round, she has good width & depth to her chest and carries a good level topline both standing and on the move.

3rd Cook’s Steeleigh Love Song 

PGB (27,7) - what a class, so many lovely bitches that I really liked went cardless and when I came to the final decision, I was splitting hairs 

1st Percival’s Wynfaul Dancing Flame JW - lovely yellow bitch who has great ring presence, is so well presented by her handler, she stands four square and has a super outline, clean over the neck and shoulders with an excellent topline, she has good bone and substance for her size and frame, strong and firm in quarters without exaggerated angulation, moved very well, sound and positive covering the ground well with a free easy stride, not far from her best.

2nd Deane’s Abbeystead Glamour at Tanronens - another lovely bitch, unlucky to meet the winner, impressive pale coloured yellow, stronger than one but no mistaking her femininity, she has lovely dark pigment, a lovely head of good proportions, has a strong clean neck, excellent front with well-placed shoulders, she has a good length of rib, good angulated rear and strong well muscled quarters, well-set tail although the covering is a little untidy, she does carry a good dense coat and moved out extremely well, another to watch in the future.

3rd Hopkinson’s Irislav O'revolution at Rocheby (imp ukr) - lovely black that I liked very much, just needs time.

LB (17,2) - another really strong class of so much quality, the classification didn’t help and left some really lovely bitches unplaced.

1st: Minchella’s Abbeystead Psion of Haselorhill - BCC - I have underlined in my notes that “we don’t see many of her type and quality in the ring anymore” Nothing is exaggerated in this bitch, beautiful head and expression, her head is clean-cut without fleshy cheeks, her nostrils are well developed and she has good length and depth of muzzle, I really loved her head and the way she looked at me, kind and intelligent in expression, she may not be immediately striking and many preferring a more modern type Labrador would walk past her. However, she is of unmistakable quality; her front construction is superb, not too short in rib nor is she too long; she has a beautiful neck and shoulders and has a good length of leg-to-body proportions, which gives her scope; she has the correct depth of fore chest, level topline which she holds so well on the move, excellent feet and pasterns, she has sufficient angulation in quarters but has one better side than the other, reminds me of my own Rogue Trader who always had to be shown on his best side, she carried a first-class coat, short and dense, carries her tail well and it is well clothed. She moved so very well when viewed in profile, I loved her, and although there were many lovely bitches of quality in the final lineup, I couldn’t resist her. No “bells and whistles” just Labrador. Good luck with her third CC

2nd Torrance & Davies’ Maxrose Daisy Belle - I have admired this bitch for some time, such a lovely yellow, and on my first look around the ring was my winner; she is of such lovely construction, sweet pretty head with an appealing expression, she is of lovely quality and is handled so very well to get the best from her, she has the correct amount of bone and substance for her frame, lovely over the neck and shoulders, excellent topline and tail, she did nothing wrong today just was unlucky to meet the winner, moved so well, Will surely gain her title.

3rd Carpanini’s Carpenny Berry

OB (9,2) 

1st: Allen’s Saranden Santee Sioux Timouron - I don’t remember seeing this bitch before, but she is rather lovely, nothing is exaggerated in this black, she has the most expressive eyes, balanced head with good length and depth of muzzle, clean strong neck with correct angulation and layback of shoulders, has strength all through but still maintains her femininity, short coupled with excellent spring of rib and good depth of brisket, excellent bone which continues right through her pasterns giving her strength and flexibility, compact feet with well-arched toes, is not a showing fool just calm and confident, correct coat and tail, she moved with good reach in front and drive in rear. It was hot, and unfortunately, when she made the quick return to the ring she suffered from the heat. One to watch, though.

2nd Hopkinson’s Good Evening Rocheby, and black of such lovely type, placed in this very strong class on her balance and beautiful outline, kind feminine head and expression, strong over the neck with a good layback of shoulders, deep through the brisket with excellent barrel ribs, short coupled without losing any length in the body, strong firm quarters, has a lovely shape when viewed in profile, she has plenty of scope and good length of leg to body proportions, moved soundly, I really liked her, she was just my type.

3rd: Hodge’s Sh Ch Naiken Etoile (ai)

GCB (4,2) 

1st Dodd’s Carriegame Precious Jewel - I have watched this young black since she was a puppy and I have always been impressed with her clean lines and classical type, excellent outline in profile and good overall confirmation, her head is feminine with an intelligent, willing to please expression, she held her topline very well on the move, good development over the quarters with well-turned stifle, moved out well, shown to advantage by her handler, I think another six months will make all the difference to this bitch. Best of luck with her.

2nd Hooper’s Tullochmohr Dream of Me At Balcrist JW is such a lovely bitch to go over, so very sweet with a beautiful head and expression, clean neck with good depth of fore chest and well-placed shoulders, she is well developed in quarters with short hocks. Sound and positive back movement, pins a little in front but a lovely Veteran with a super temperament.