• Show Date: 18/09/2022
  • Show Type: Championship Show
  • Judged by: M Sian Gordon Contact Judge
  • Published Date: 28/07/2023

Darlington Dog Show Society Ltd

Breed: English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan)

English Toy Terriers (Black & Tan)

at Darlington Championship Dog Show

18th September 2022

Firstly, my thanks must go to the committee for their kind invitation to judge and secondly to the exhibitors who gave me the opportunity to give my opinion on their dogs and accepted my placings so sportingly.

It wasn’t the best weather conditions for judging English Toy Terriers as most don’t give their best standing around in a cold and windy marque.

Movement in my principal adult winners was, in my opinion, akin to the “extended trot”. I was delighted to see dark to black almond shaped eyes. Fronts on a whole were very good, nice tight elbows and chests deep with well sprung ribs. There were a couple of dogs who converged a little too much when moving towards. There were a few with dirty teeth, and long nails which does tend to detract from the overall picture/condition of the dog.

Class 2237 – Veteran Dog – 1 entry – 1 absent

Class 2238 – Puppy Dog – 1 entry

1st - Turner, Turner & Merrifield - Kinzie Anfield Anthem NAF & TAF – a six month old puppy who was a little over awed by his showing debut. Lovely head, long and narrow, nice almond shaped dark eye and good candle flamed shaped ears. Graceful slightly arched neck. Correct scissor bite with strong teeth. A little proud of his tail but as he gains confidence/experience and settles on the move I am sure he will present a better overall outline.

Class 2239 – Junior Dog – 2 entries

1st - Dennison - Ettology Bountious Barney JW – Wow. This 15 month old boy, for me, epitomises the breed standard. Sharp and attentive a terrier through and through I am sure he would be a force to be reckoned with in any rat pit. So nicely balanced and sound. Moved around the ring with such confidence and purpose. Exhibited in a fit for function condition. Well muscled, beautiful dark glossy jacket. Nice head, strong teeth. Good size, excellent tail set from gently rounded buttocks . DOG C.C. his second I am told and I am sure that his third won’t be too long in coming.

2nd - Turner, Turner & Merrifield - Kinzie All Leeds Are NAF & TAF – the litter brother to puppy dog. An elegant boy slightly smaller and more compact in the body. Lovely head, strong jaw, scissor bite, strong teeth, candle flame shaped ears. The handler did a really good job keeping him composed in an unfamiliar environment. A little unsettled on the move but that will come with more experience. BEST PUPPY DOG.

Class 2240 – Post Graduate Dog 3 entries 1 absent

1st - Howard & Howard - Lasagesse Supersonic – A four year old boy of good size. Masculine head. Well shaped ears and dark eye. Dense coat with rich tans and clear markings with defined thumbprints. Could have made more of himself on the move as he didn’t have the reach or drive from behind. Perhaps moving him a little bit faster would improve the outline.

2nd - Inch & Inch - Edalene Shadows And Light – Not as confident as one. Wasn’t happy in the cold and definitely didn’t give his all, which was a shame. Masculine head, wedge shaped and super candle flame shaped ears place high on the back of the skull. He had a good shape, rich thick black jacket and was shown in fit for purpose condition. Unsettled on the move.

Class 2241 Limit Dog 4 entries

1st - 6109 – Bennett - Edalene In A Silent Way To Capledrae JW – Exhibited in tip top fit condition with a dense black glossy coat, rich tans with faint thumb prints. Strong masculine head, with dark almond shaped eyes. Good front, deep chest and well bent stifles. Moved well going away and back but he tended to be a little bit complacent in his side gait occasionally lacking extension.

2nd - 6128 – Inch & Inch - Sharex Terrys All Gold Of Edalene – the sire of my winner and a lot of what I have said above applies here. This boy is truly stamping his offspring. Masculine head, dark oval shaped eye, rich chestnut tan, coat close thick and glossy. Slightly smaller than one, nice shape, balanced on the move demonstrating the required reach and drive.

3rd – 6136 – Whitehouse & Whitehouse – Twowayshouse Tudor King For Dalmonde

Class 2242 – Open Dog 5 entries

1st - 6116 - Dixon & Dixon - Ch Witchstone Mine's A Double at Lasagesse. Lovely wedge shaped head, dark eyes with candle flame shaped ears. Compact in body with gentle curve to his top line, deep chest and well sprung rib, well rounded loin leading to good turn of stifle and low set tail. Shown in a fit and well muscled condition. Rich tans and clear markings with defined thumbprints. Moved well demonstrating good reach and drive. A close up decision for the CC but just being pipped by the sharp and alert attitude of the Junior Dog. RDCC

2nd - 6108 – Bennett – Ch Witchstone Place Your Bets at Capledrae JW. A dog whose reputation goes before him but I didn’t feel that he was on top form today. Super long wedge shaped head with candle flame shaped ears set high upon the back of his skull. Good size and shape with a gently curved top line into gently rounded buttocks and into a low tail set. Exhibited in fit for function condition. Thick glossy black jacket with rich chestnut tan. Sound, balanced and moved with reach and drive but not quite the fluidity that I would have expected from him.

3rd – 6123 – Imrie – Ch Witchstone Black Hawk At Amalric JW

Class 2243 – Veteran Bitch – 1 entry

1st – Inch & Inch – Ariane Oh What A Night At Edalene Sh Ch – I am sure the late Larraine Errington would be thrilled to see the contribution that this bitch has made to the Edalene kennel. At 11 years of age she is balanced, sound and looking fabulous. Although her tan has faded and her thumbprints have gone she still has her dense thick black glossy jacket and was exhibited in a fit for purpose condition. She has an attractive wedge shaped head with dark eye and candle flame shaped ears. Her teeth are superb for her age. An elegant neck flows into a gently curving top line leading to a low set tail. It was such a pleasure to watch her moving around the ring so well and I was delighted to award her BEST VETERAN

Class 2244 – Puppy Bitch 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Love – Tettoy A Whole New World – A seven month old puppy bitch. Nice size, glossy black jacket and rich chestnut tan. Pretty feminine head with dark eye and candle flame shaped ears set high on the back of her skull. Presented a nice shape when stood. She was very unsettled and erratic on the move which I hope will improve as she gains more confidence and ring experience. BEST PUPPY

Class 2245 – Junior Bitch – 1 entry

1st – Inch & Inch – Edalene Court And Spark – this 16 month old bitch made a very impressive entrance into the ring carrying herself so well moving effortlessly around demonstrating her superb reach and drive. She did not disappoint on the table either. She was well muscled, looking fit for purpose in her glossy black jacket with rich contrasting chestnut tan. Very feint thumbprints, but they are there. Attractive feminine head with a lovely expression good strong white teeth and dark almond shaped eyes. Elegant arched neck flowing into a very slight curve from the withers to the loin carrying through to a gently rounded buttocks low tail set and well bent stifle. I couldn’t deny her the CC or representation of the breed in the best in show ring. BITCH CC & BEST OF BREED

Class 2246 – Post Graduate Bitch 2 entries 1 absent

1st – Inch & Inch – Edalene Court And Spark – as above

Class 2247 – Limit Bitch 3 entries

1st – Turner, Turner & Merrifield – Kinzie A Kept Promise – Another bitch that really caught my eye. She was a bit silly on times jumping up at her handler but when she put it all together she was sound, balanced and moved effortlessly demonstrating the required reach and drive that is synonymous to the breed. Lovely head and expression. Strong white teeth with a scissor bite. Dark almond shaped eye and candle flame shaped ears set high on the top of her skull. Good shape, legs falling straight from the shoulders with elbows close to the chest. Compact body with slightly curving top line from behind the shoulder to the loin. Low tail set, good bend of stifle and well defined thumbprints. RESERVE BITCH CC

2nd – Imrie - Amalric Storm Angels – a smaller bitch than my winner but lots to like about her. Lovely feminine head, nice small dark eye and candle flamed shaped ears. Presented a nice shape when stood. Exhibited in a glossy black jacket with rich chestnut tan. Moved ok

3rd – Reeve – Gillings Etta Mystical Maid

Class 2248 – Open Bitch 6 entries 2 absent

1st – Dixon & Dixon – Ch Lasagesse Californication – Good for size, well defined thumbprints. Presented in a fit for purpose condition with a glossy dense black jacket contrasting rich chestnut tan and feint thumbprints. Feminine wedge shaped head, dark almond shaped eyes and candle flamed shaped ears. Presents a perfect picture when stood. She has a slightly curving top line from behind the shoulder to the loin falling again to the root of the tail. Chest narrow and deep with well sprung ribs. I think the cold, breezy weather affected her performance as she was lifting slightly in side gait and narrowing coming towards.

2nd – Ramsden & Kagzi – Ch Pallisandre Pocahontas – Another lovely bitch nice for size. Exhibited in tip top condition with glossy black jacket, rich chestnut tan and well defined thumbprints. Pretty wedge shaped head, dark almond shaped eye, candle flame shaped ears and nice expression. Nice straight front with elbows close to chest. Moved well demonstrating good reach and drive. Splitting hairs between 1st and 2nd with 1st ‘s final stack just catching my eye.

3rd – Evison – Winter Star At Kikucki JW

Mrs M Sian Gordon - Judge